Ethiopia invaded by Mussolini

Mussolini 1936
Hailie Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
from ILN 1941/02/01
Mussolini and League cartoon
from Fortune, 1936
Ethiopia map 1934 - bg
Italy map from ILN 1940/06/15
Europe map 1930-39 - bg
Mediterranean from ILN 1941/04/19 - b - top - bott
map of "The Levant: Battleground of the Empire Today" from ILN 1940/11/16 - LS - bg

Italy lost its Ethiopia colony in Africa at 1896 Battle of Adua

On Dec. 5, 1934, a skirmish at Wal Wal (Ualval) involving an Italian garrison 80 miles inside the Ethiopian border was used by Mussolini as a pretext for demanding compensation and preparing for war.

Jan. 3, 1935 - Hailie Selassie appealed to League

Jan. 7 - Laval agreement with Mussolini

Feb. 23 - Italy sent large forces to Ethiopia - only mild protest by Stresa Front

June 23 - Anthony Eden, British minister for League Affairs

Oct. 2, 1935, Mussolini ordered the bombing of Adowa by planes and the beginning of the invasion of Ethiopia by Marshal Badoglio Oct. 3 who was authorized to use poison mustard gas and destroy civilian villages.

Oct. 5 - FDR invoked Act in Ethiopian conflict, but followed middle-road course

Oct. 7 - League declared Italy the aggressor

Oct. 16 - Hearst newsreel "Ethiopia War Special!" with Edwin C. Hill and Floyd Gibbons on Adowa attack.

Nov. 14 - Tories won British election on platform of League sanctions against Italian aggression

Nov. 18 - League sanctions began: arms embargo, financial embargo, nonimportation of Italian goods

Dec. 10 - secret Hoare-Laval agreement revealed in press

Dec. - England concentrated its navy at Alexadria, but poorly prepared

Feb. 1936 - League could not agree on critical oil sanctions

Feb. 12 - Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Thomas 14-month extension bill to the Neutrality Act

Feb. 29 - FDR signed Thomas bill that became the 1936 Neutrality Act

  1. mandatory arms embargo on belligerents and new belligerents entering a war in progress
  2. discretionary travel restriction
  3. mandatory ban on loans to belligerents but short-term credits exempt
  4. South American Republics exempt

Mar. 23-Apr. 8 - FDR went on Bahama cruise

May 5 - Italy occupied Addis Ababa - annexed all Ethiopia May 9.



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