Air War 1944

Boeing B-17 (NLR-PHOCO-8658)

B-24 Bombers (NLR-PHOCO-65343B)

Bombing campaign. Europe & North Africa (NRE-338-FTL(EF)-2802(6) )

An Air Transport Command plane flies over the pyramids in Egypt. Loaded with urgent war supplies and materials, this plane is one of a fleet flying shipments from the U.S. across the Atlantic and the continent of Africa to strategic battle zones, 1943. (NWDNS-111-SC-179564 )

Awaiting final flight tests, an impressive number of other B-29's fills the Boeing-Witchita parking apron during the ceremony (NLR-PHOCO-47964900(16))

A Chinese soldier guards a line of American P-40 fighter planes, painted with the shark-face emblem of the `Flying Tigers,' at a flying field somewhere in China, ca1942 (NWDNS-208-AA-12X-21)

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