Women Airforce Service Pilots

WASPS in uniform
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    The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) were formed during World War II to help with the shortage of non-combat American pilots.  The Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron (WAFS), used to ferry planes from factories to Air Bases, and the Women’s Flying Training Detachment (WFTD), a training program for pilots that would be used by the WAFS, would merge to form the WASPs.  These young women rose up, with their brothers and asked what they could do for their country in its time of need.  They strove to protect the freedoms they valued so greatly.  During the two years the WASP program existed, the women were promoted from flying light, small planes to the frontline fighters.  These pilots showed the military and the world that women were capable to fly under any conditions as well, and sometimes better, then men.  The brave women of the Women Airforce Service Pilots should be remembered and celebrated for the sacrifice and the courage they showed while the world was at war.  The whole concept of women flying for the military would not have taken place without the leadership and the vision of Jacqueline Cochran and Nancy Harkness Love…

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Written by: Karrie Watton ~ May 1999