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                                                             "Deardorff Camera Historical Web Site"
                                                                                      May 6, 2001
                Photojournalism truly started with the beginning of Time-Life Magazine. The equipment and knowledge before hand, was not advanced enough to make it a really big part of journalism. Although now it's considered a major part of portraying world and local events, it has its real history in capturing Wolrd War II. During the war years, this was a major information relayer for those back in the United States who could not see first-hand how the military was really responding in certain situations. 

    There were several photojournalist that were truely able to capture such vital pionts in history, through a single film negative. Eventhough there are many important journalists here are just a few worth mentioning:

              Robert Capa

                      Alfread Eisenstaedt

             Carl Mydans

            Margaret Bourke-White
                                                               "Ensign Catalogue1939",
                                                           ,   May 6, 2001.


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                                            Jessica Feldman
                                                            May 8, 2001