Women and World War II

Would life ever be the same?

I. Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • The Traditional Women's Role before World War II

    II. A Call to Arms
  • The propaganda used to urge women to work.
  • The inequality women faced when they went to work.
  • The jobs that Wartime Working Women had.

    III. Wartime Roles
  • Women as homemakers.
  • Women as homemakers and workers.

    IV."Rosie the Riveter"
  • A typical day in the life of a Wartime Women Worker.
  • The burden of being a wartime worker with chlidren and a husband abroad.
  • The feelings that American Women had about the war.

    V.The Effects of the War on Women.
  • The effects that the war had on women's roles.
  • The way that life changed for women after the war.

    "The More Women at Work the Sooner We Win!"
    Though this poster suggest women are needed
    to work for the war industry, the jobs listed are
    considered "women's work." (i.e. waitress and typist.)

    NWDNS-44-PA 234 - NAIL.

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