Mary Had a Little Lamb

Edison in West Orange office
1879 tinfoil cylinder at NMAH

These words were recorded by a Fox Movietone newsreel camera at Edison's Glenmount home in West Orange NJ on August 12, 1927. Edison re-enacted his historic invention of the tinfoil phonograph for the Golden Jubilee of the Phonograph ceremony 50 years after the original words were spoken on tinfoil. According to the Edison National Historic Site, the 1877 tinfoil recording was not preserved and no longer exists. The photo 14220000 and sound file EDIS-SCD-02 are from Edison National Historic Site collections of Historic Photographs and Documentary Recordings. The photo of an 1879 tinfoil cylinder shows the indentation method of recording sound that Edison used to make his 1877 tinfoil recording.

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