Newsreels 1946-1949

release sheet
The quotes in these descriptions are from the Universal release sheets that were sent to theaters twice weekly. This Oct. 20, 1947, sheet is a xerox copy in the National Archives.
1946/09/13 - Monty Comes To U.S. (1) "Britain's famed 'Hero of El Alamein' receives a royal welcome as he arrives for a United States tour. First stop is at West Point, where he reviews a full dress parade by the Cadets. Washington, DC: Met by General Eisenhower at the airport, 'Monty' goes to call on the President at the White House, and later places a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington." scenes of Montgomery visits West point, then to Washington DC, greeted by Ike and Omar Bradley. (2) Japs Man Yank Ships - "Seattle, Washington: American ships were manned by Japs during repatriation of other Japanese from conquered islands and ports during the war. Now through with their jobs, they are brought to home ports by their Jap crews." scenes of Liberty ships used to repatriate Japanese. (3) Death of a Sea Queen - "The Normandie: Once-proud queen of the seas, now awaits the scrap pile at her New York mooring. These dramatic pictures show the rise to fame of the famous liner, and her fall from power which begans with the disastrous fire in 1942." scenes of the passenger ship that had arrived in 1937, caught fire 1942, now scrapped in 1946 (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-537 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/09/19 - Sec. Wallace Stirs Foreign Policy Debate (1) "Washington, DC: Commerce Secretary Wallace, following his soft-terms-for-Russia speech, goes to the White House, where he agrees to cancel further talks for the present. Paris, France: Secretary of State Byrnes, whose dealings with foreign powers have put the U.S. in the van of those nations combatting the spread of Communism, is shown during an important meeting with his advisory staff." scenes of Henry Wallace who says he will not resign (2) Displaced Persons - "Upper Austria: Fifteen hundred refugees of Jewish descent live in this UNRRA-sponsored camp at Admont, dreaming of the day when they can go to Palestine. They raise most of the food they eat." scenes of the camp in Austria, seek to go to Palestine. (3) Koreans Celebrate Liberation - "Seoul, Korea: Hailing the first anniversary of their liberation from the Japs thousands of Koreans jam the city to witness an impressive parade by U.S. Occupation forces and native troops." scenes of Gen. Hodge representing U.S. (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-539 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/09/23 - Gen. Clark Honored at Salerno (1) Gen. Mark Clark honored, bust made (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-541 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/03 - Pittsburgh Paralyzed By Strikes (1) city crippled by strikes (2) Harriman Here For New Post, to be new Secretary of Commerce, Averill Harriman speaks (3) San Marino Decorates U.S. Admiral, world's smallest republic honors Admiral Stone for helping Italy (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-543 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/08 - 21 Nazi Chiefs Guilty (1) Nuremberg trials, 21 Nazis to learn fate at end of 10-month trial (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-544 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/10 - Byrnes Denies Atom Threat (1) Jimmy Byrnes speaks (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-545 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/14 - Truman Lifts Meat Price Controls (1) Truman speaks (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-546 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/17 - Byrnes Wants All To Share Peacemaking (1) Byrnes returns from peace conference, at airport with his wife, meets with Truman, Byrnes speaks (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-547 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/21 - Navy Day! (1) officers of tomorrow's navy trained, new radar-controlled glider bomb shown for first time, air-dropped sonar buoy with sub animation, transmitted to destroyer for depth charges (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-548 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/10/31 - Soviet's U.N. Proposals Answered (1) Molotov speaks in Russian at UN General Assembly in Flushing Meadows, Warren Austin speaks in English (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-551 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/11/04 - Big 4 Resume Peace Talks (1) at Waldorf Astoria in New York, Molotov and Byrnes and others meet at round table (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-552 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/11/21 - White Sands NM V-2 rocket with camera makes film of earth as rocket rises and spins, 65 miles down, shows curvature of earth, "An observer in the rocket could have seen San Diego, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and San Antonio" (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-557 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/11/28 - Britain's Roosevelt Memorial at Grosvenor Square, FDR statue (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-558 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/12/16 - U.N. and Big 4 Adjourn (1) UN has picked N.Y. site for permanent 18 acres site (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-564 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/06 - 80th Congress Convenes (1) "Hears Truman Address - Washington, DC: For the first time in fourteen years, a Republican-dominated congress assembles to hear the presidential message on the state of the Union. He asks for moderate labor legislation and urges speeding of peace settlements." (2) Miami: Orange Bowl Parade (3) Bowl Games college football (4) Pasadena: Tournament of Roses (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-02 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/09 - Marshall Succeeds Byrnes (1) Washington, DC: "Because of poor health, State Secretary James Byrnes steps down after the arduous task of fighting for peace. General Marshall, returning from China, is named to succeed him." (2) NY harbor pier fire in Weehawken; Tokyo fire (3) Ike Denies Political Ambitions - Eisenhower speaks (4) Skiing Thrills - snow skiing, slalom, ski jump at intercollegiate meet (5) British Chelsea arts ball (complete newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-03 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/13 - U. S. Will Keep Faith Says Byrnes (1) Byrnes speech for peace, pro-UN (2) Tokyo reds demonstrate (3) War Hazard Eliminated - sodium chemical disposed in lake explosion (4) New Safety Fire Escape device (5) All-American Air Spectacle - air show, jet takeoff (6) Amateur Sluggers - golden gloves boxing (complete newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-04 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/16 - New Head Of Church Installed (1) Episcopal Bishop Installed - "Washington: Impressive religious scenes mark the installation of the Rev. Henry Knox Sherrill as presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Churches of America. Hundreds attend the impressive rites." Sherrill speaks; (2) March of Dimes - "America falls in stel with the march of Dimes! In Washington, the First Lady and Margaret Truman officially open the drive by placing theirs, and the President's contribution, in the Missouri bottle. In New York, mayor O'Dwyer opens the nation-wide drive to aid infantile victims. Little Nancy Drury is the campaign's 'Dimes' girl." (3) "Skokie IL: After police have rounded up confiscated pin-ball and slot machines, they toss the devices onto a junk pile and set the business on fire with gasoline. The flames 'hit the jackpot'!" (4) "Washington: The first motion picture theatre on rails, the C. & O. 'Chessie Theatre,' inaugurates its regular motion picture program with a premier of the new Universal-International hit 'Swell Guy.' (5) "Colorado: Flying in a special ski-shod plane, two daring hunters take the 'high' road to coyote-hunting, zooming down on the marauding critters to blast them with shotguns. It's thrilling and dangerous." (6) Indochina - "Saigon: In these scenic pictures from Indochina, where Vietnam forces are battling French troops, France's Overseas Minister Moutet arrives by air to speed his nation's defense of its Far Eastern possession." (complete newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-05 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/20 - Army-Navy Agree On Merger (1) Secretaries Forrestal and Patterson plan merger (2) Greeks Suffer Losses - fighting on Greek - Bulgaria frontier (3) Byrnes Says Farewell - signs treaties (4) Governorship Feud - Georgia dispute between Ellis Arnold and Herman Talmadge (5) Finery For Small Fry - child fashion show (6) Local: Fashions in Furs - mink fox in Vancouver (complete newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-06 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/02/20 - Hitler's Heyday (1) Hitler Eva Braun private pictures (no sound) (2) Show biz Humanitarian award to Byrnes (3) Holland MI: Dutch tulip festival, parade (4) chimp circus (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-15 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/05/19 - Runyon Cancer Drive (1) drive opens May 19, with Walter Winchell (2) pledge of allegiance in Central Park (3) fiesta in Valencia Spain (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-40 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/02 - 94 Die Airplane Crashes (1) scenes of airplane crashes (2) Memorial to Anzio dead (3) Polish girls to Canada in labor exchange (4) Phalanx wins Belmont horse race (5) Indy 500 auto race (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-44 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/05 - West Point Graduation (1) "West Point NY: Colorful scenes of graduation exercises for 310 new 'Shavetails,' and full-dress review by the entire Cadet corps. Gen. Eisenhower and other celebrities take part in the commencement program. Grid stalwarts Davis and Blanchard receive degrees." (2) Caterpillar Landing Gear - "Wright Field, Ohio: Tractor-type landing gear, developed by the Army for quick air transport to unpaved fields, is tested. A light bomber, equipped with the endless-belt gear, takes off and lands safely." (3) 37 Dead in Tornado - "Arkansas: Nature's latest rampage takes a toll in human life and property, Scores are dead following the twister which swept through a wide area, and the damage to homes and farms runs into the millions." (4) WWII Balloon Sites Found - "Japan: A war-time terror device is trailed to its secret lair in Japan. The balloon-launching sites, from whence were sent the bomb-laden balloons over Canada and the U.S., are inspected by Army investigators." (5) Hand-Painted Swim Suits - "Miami Beach: Artist Jimmy Rosen enjoys his job during a display of the latest bathing suit creations. It's his task (?) to paint flowers and fish on the suits, with the pretty wearer inside. Not bad, eh?" (6) Rodeo in Manhattan - "New York: At Yankee Stadium, baseball takes a back seat and the circus stars and rodeo riders hit a home-run with the fans. Ken Maynard and his troupe of bronco busters and thrill stars put on a bang-up jamboree." scenes of rodeo, man who hangs himself (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-45 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/20 - Hollywood 'Red' Probe Begins (1) "Washington: Hearings begin before the House Un-American Activities Committee, on charges of communist infiltration in Hollywood, Chairman Thomas outlines the scope of the probe; while Eric Johnston, head of the M.P.A., denies the threat of communist influence and states that the Reds will never succeed in Hollywood." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10 (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-84 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/23 - U.S. Films Fight Reds (1) "Washington, DC: "An all-star cast, including actors Robert Montgomery, Adolph Menjou, and Producer Sam Wood, take the stand to tell the House Un-American Activities Committee that Hollywood is fighting to keep communism out of motion pictures." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10 (2) U.S. Marks Navy Day - "The Navy reveals new methods of warfare, as the U.S. celebrates Navy Day. Film round-up shows out 'first line of defense' girding to carry on historic function. Scenes of firing V-2 rockets from carrier Midway, and other thrills." (3) Novel Glider Tow Tried - "Dayton, Ohio: The Army Air Forces demonstrate a new method of towing gliders. A tow-bar is used in place of the longer cable, with greater control and safety for flight in all kinds of weather." (4) Jet Flying Wing Flown - "Hawthorne, CA: The AAF's huge boomerang-shaped YB-49 flying-wing bomber takes to the air on a spectacular maiden flight. The mammoth craft climbs quickly, smoke pouring from its eight jet engines." (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-85 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/07/22 - Berlin Siege. Gen. Clay Returns To Report On Red Crisis (1) The World Crisis - "Berlin: While the Western Allies increase their aerial shuttle into Berlin, Russia's refusal to negotiate leaves issue in doubt. The threat of a show-down brings the world close to war. East Anglia: Landing on fields used by our 8th Air Force during the war, sixty Superforts arrive on training mission. Berlin crisis lends significance to huge bombers' arrival. Washington: Gen. Lucius Clay, commander of U.S. forces in Germany, arrives by plane for top-level conferences on the 'cold war' crisis with official Washington. Secretary Royall and Gen. Bradley meet him at airport." - coal cars stand idle, power turned off in West Berlin, but 450 flights daily, and 60 B-29s arrive in England; (2) Gen. Hershey Gives Draft Instructions - "Washington: Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, wartime head of Selective Service, has been appointed to head up this country's new draft. He explains the new set-up in a newsreel interview, and stresses that all men between 18 and 25 must register." - Hershey speaks about draft registration beginning August 30 (3) News In Brief Top U.S. Communists Seized - "New York: Moving swiftly in a surprise round-up, government agents arrest the top-ranking communists in this country. William Foster, Ben Davis and other accused foes of U.S. democracy are arrested under provisions of Smith bill." - 12 communists arrested, including Eugene Denis, William Foster, John Williamson, Fred Stoeckl (4) Turkey Gets U.S. Submarines - "Izmir, Turkey: Turkey takes formal title to four undersea craft, veterans of Pacific fighting, turned over by the United States. Turkish and U.S. officials take part in impressive ceremony, following arrival of craft from U.S." (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-163 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/10/21 - (1) Clay speaks on Berlin Airlift (2) Dewey urges unity for peace (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-189 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/10/25 - (1) Berlin Airlift increased (2) UN delegate speaks (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-190 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/10/28 - (1) Ilse Lock war crimes trial in Germany (no sound) (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-191 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/11/22 - Navy Tests Twin Jet Fighter (1) "Patuxent, MD: The Chance Vought XF7U, odd-looking jet fighter plane, goes aloft for spectacular test flights. Swept-back wings and absence of conventional fuselage give the speedy craft a wierd appearance, on the ground and in flight." (no sound) (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-198 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/12/06 - Red Spy Films. Chambers Farm Yields Top Secret Documents (1) "Washington: Evidence found on the Maryland farm of Whittaker Chambers, forging a new link in the chain of spy data, is examined by Congressman Nixon and Chief Investigator Stribling of the House Un-American Activities Committee. The film may answer a lot of questions the country is asking." - Nixon looks at microfilm, the so-called pumpkin papers, Chambers says "Hiss is lying", pictures of pumpkin patch (no sound) (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-202 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/12/09 - Cuba President in U.S. (1) News In Brief - "Washington: Cuba's new President, Carlos Prio, arrives by plane for a five-day visit. Pres. Truman, who invited him, is on hand to greet him at National Airport as Senor Prio steps off the 'Independence.' - Truman speaks at airport; (2) Holland: "The 'Hangmen of Amersfoort,' Nazi criminals who put scores to death in infamous concentration camp, go on trial before a Dutch tribunal. Once vaunted supermen cringe as justice hold their fate in the balance." (sound in German) (3) Spy Probe. Chambers-Hiss Papers Barred From Public - "Washington: Should the U. S. public be let in on the secrets of the stolen micro-films? Former Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles, appearing before Un-American Activities Committee, says the papers should be barred, while Congressman Mundt calls for a full public hearing on the case." (no pictures of Chambers or Hiss) (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-203 National Archives, College Park MD

1949/12/26 - 1949 In Review (mostly silent) (1) Highlights of the Year - "Politics" - Truman Presidential Inauguration; at formal dinner Truman imitates Kaltenborn announcing the wrong election results (sound of Truman speaking) ; "Cold War!" - Bonn Republic took its place; "Communism!" - Tito saluting, Chiang Kai-shek, spies arrested; animals in heavy snow; airplane crash, ship fire; "Weddings!" (2) "Atom Bomb!" - UN meeting, man speaks of impasse on international control; film of bomb explosions (intermittent sound on this mostly silent complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 22-312 National Archives, College Park MD

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