Newsreels 1944 pt. 2

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The quotes in these descriptions are from the Universal release sheets that were sent to theaters twice weekly. This Sept. 28, 1944, sheet is a xerox copy in the National Archives.
1944/06/30 - Saipan Is Ours (1) "The War on Two Fronts - Saipan Island: An American task force moves in on this strategic Jap island base within near bomber range of Tokyo's front yard. After four days of naval and air bombardment the Marines take over, suffering losses three times those at Tarawa, but Jap dead are more than ours and they lose 700 planes." (2) Deweys Meet The Press - Chicago, Ill.: Governor Dewey, Republican candidate for President, holds his first conference stressing his approval of the platform and denying he will resign his office as governor. Mrs. Dewey also meets the newspapermen saying she will make no speeches and leave campaigning to her husband." (3) Women At War - "Anzio, Italy: Answering General Mark Clark's call for more WACS in Italy, a fresh contingent arrives at this Italian port and settle into their new life quickly. Canadian CWACS and nurses are on the job, also, aiding doctors and surgeons in front line hospitals while under constant fire." (4) Victory on Cherbourg Peninsula - "Allied troops complete the conquest of the Cherbourg peninsula as reinforcements are flown in by air. 26,000 German prisoners were taken by the allies who either captured or destroyed the greater part of their equipment." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-308 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/07/02 - Cherbourg, Gateway to Victory (1) "The Capture of Cherbourg - while the British and Canadians are protecting their flank at Caen, General Bradley's First American Army lays siege to Cherbourg, key port on the embattled French coast. Following thunderous bombardment by artillery and from the air, Doughboys filter into Cherbourg. Snipers are laid low, and thousands of Nazi prisoners are herded into prison fields, where they are fed G.I. iron rations. General von Schlieben and Admiral Hennerke present an abject picture as they become prisoners of war of Major General Tora Collins. Russians become Yankee prisoners over the tearful remonstrances of their tag-a-long Russian wives. Yanks on reconnaissance, discover cleverly camouflaged tracks from which 'buzz-bombs' had been rocketed towards England. General Collins advances to city hall, where the local mayor is again restored to civil authority over this latest won prize of American arms. And various daughters of La Belle France open their arms in warm embrace, as they welcome the Doughboys to their liberated city." (2) Europe Shuttle Bombed - "Giant Flying Fortresses, based in England, roar over targets deep inside Germany. After dropping their deadly cargoes, they continue to Russia, where they are roundly greeted by their allies." (3) S.S. Benjamin Warner Is Launched - "Richmond, CA: The 519th Liberty ship to be built on the West Coast honors the entire motion picture industry as it is christened 'Benjamin Warner.' Various members of the famous movie family participate in the Henry Kaiser launching." (4) Dewey Family Portrait - "Chicago, Ill.: Republican nominee, Thomas Dewey, sits for a living portrait, surrounded by the adult members of his immediate family." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-309 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/07/14 - Roosevelt To Run For 4th Term (1) "Wash., DC: President Roosevelt summons the newshawks of the capital to announce that he will permit his name to be placed in nomination if the sovereign will of the American people demand that he run." (2) Success In Normandy - "As the Allied drive gains momentum in Normandy some very revealing sidelights on the ferocious activity there, are seen. We watch huge flailing machines, mine beaters, as they thresh lengths of chain into roadways suspected of containing Nazi anti-personnel mines. Huge streams of Nazi prisoners are marched to the rear, led by their pompous and stiff Generals. In the air, Allied aircraft display their prowess as they pin-point bomb Nazi road junctions, shoot up locomotives, and explode Nazi aircraft on the ground. The infantry is shown advancing step by step through piles of broken enemy arms and liberation of France proceeds." (3) Italy - "Stimson in Italy - U.S. Sec. of War spends the Fourth of July in Italy, inspecting Allied won positions. An unique and colorful ceremony is held in Rome." (4) Success in Saipan - "Furious artillery action, destruction of flimsy Jap headquarters, the terrific explosion of one command post - these things mark our conquest of this Jap Island. Yank planes land on the conquered air fields, fore runners of the swarms of planes that will more than repay America's debt to the 15,000 casualties that were sustained in this bloody victory." (5) Robot Bombs Fail To Panic British - "To gain first hand information on the grave '44 war-time problem of 'buzz bombs,' Winston Churchill visits an anti-aircraft field where he watches marksmen and air aces put up their blanket fire of defense." scenes include V-1 bombs, Mary Churchill. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-311 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/07/18 - Liberation Of France Forges On (1) "Independence Day in Europe - In France, General Eisenhower observes General Bradley fire a giant howitzer which signals our massed artillery into a massed crescendo of fire. Behind the lines, the French string 'Welcome' signs all over, improvise American flags, and a choral group of French children sing 'America.' They love our mow-oon-tains. Canadians Advance - After a well earned rest, following the landing battles in Normandy, the Canadians return to the thick of the fighting at Cariquet. So severe is the fighting that some of the Canadian camera crew were killed while filming these shots. In their sector, the Yanks are blazing through the hedge rows with grenade guns. In Rome - Old Glory is raised at the Piazza Venezia, near the Victor Emanuel Memorial, scene of Nazi retreats." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-312 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/09/28 - Battle Rages Along Nazi Wall (1) "Seizure of Eindhoven - An air train, over 285 miles in length, and containing over 2,000 planes and gliders, takes off from England for Holland. Near Eindhoven, thousands of chutists 'hit the silk,' floating down to join the glider troops. The air army is made up of American, British and Polish troops. 24 hours after the airborne army lands, armored units of the British 2nd Army pound their way into Eindhoven, joining forces with the skymen. The Dutch go wild at their liberation." (2) Allies Drive To Southern Gate Of Reich - "Allies Enter Germany - Roetgen, Germany, near the Eupen forest, is cool to the entry of the Yanks. Occasional families show forced smiles, and the children are trusting of the invaders. French forts in the Maginot Line, fortified with 105 mm. Krupp guns, are turned around by the Yanks. Then Nazi shells are lobbed over the Moselle River into the ranks of the Nazis. At Vittel, France, 2,000 British and Americans are abandoned by the Nazis in a huge internment camp." "From Lyons to Orleans - At Lyons, the Nazis take refuge in a huge hospital. The F.F.I. blasts them until the building is set on fire. "The Yanks march into Bourg where the women hang out "Thanks You" signs, then try to kiss every Yank in sight - and almost succeed. At Orleans, 20,000 Nazis march up to a gun pile, in formation, and throw down their arms. Then they enter a large prisoner compound." Newsreel The End Buy Bonds. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-333 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/11/02 - Newsreel intro with music. (1) 3rd Army blasts Nazi Strongholds - "Siege of Metz - Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Patton's American 3rd Army, on the battle lines at Metz. Tanks, mortars, bazookas, 155mm. artillery - all are used in battering at this Nazi location in the famed Siegfried Line." (2) Free Greeks Hail Allied Deliverance - "Athens Is Free - A British armada steams into the port of Athens, to be joined ashore by colorful bewhiskered Greek partisans. The undamaged Acropolis signalizes the eternal will of the Greeks to return to their rightful place in a world of nations." (3) Marines Take New Palau island - "Capture of Nglsebus - Nglsebus and Peleliu, in the Pulans, are completely occupied by the U.S. Marines in fierce fighting which features their use of flame throwers and dynamite charges." (4) U.S. Envoy To France Takes Post - "U.S. Embassy Opens - U.S. Ambassador Jefferson Cuffrey opens the American Embassy in Paris, as once again we are represented in a free France." (5) Hindu Leaders Hold Confab - "Gandhi Appears - In a vain effort to adjust the differences between the Hindus and the Muslems, Gandhi makes one of his rare public appearances in a meeting with Mohammed Jinnah." (6) Rumanian Bomb Ruins - "Ruins of Ploesti - General Eaker and General Twining visit the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania to survey the damage caused by the repeated air poundings which the U.S. Army Air Force had administered. (7) First Pictures MacArthur's Return To The Philippines - "Invasion of the Philippines - With his high command, General Douglas MacArthur sets sail for Leyte Island, in the Philippines, in the largest armada to ever ply the Pacific. Terrific naval and air bombardments precede the landings of amphibious craft. G.I.'s wade ashore, then Douglas MacArthur wades ashore with Pres. Osmena. "Jap equipment lies in ruins - Filipino natives are happy in the wreckage of their fragile homes. And at the ornate Provincial Capitol Building in Tacloban, Pres. Osmena speaks to his nation. [illegible] Crotchett and Irving Smith of Universal, were among the aces who filmed this history-making event." Newsreel The End. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-343 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/11/22 - RAF Sinks Tirpitz (1) "RAF Lancasters converge on the 45,000 ton Nazi Battlewagon, hidden in Tennsue Fjord in Norway. She is throwing tons of bursting steel skyward, but super blockbusters plummet down and she is hit. Winds blow away her smoke screen and again she is hit mortally. This time the smoke clouds mark her slipping beneath the waves, forever." (2) All Out Drive On Germany - "In the snows of Northeastern Europe, huge, lumbering 105 and 105mm. howitzers lay down their curtains of fire on the Nazis. At Konzen, the Nazis seem immovable until Yank artillery destroy their observation post, a towering church steeple. Idle ack ack crews are pressed into service in the Battle of Huertgen Forest. They level their gun barrels to horizontal, and pour continuous streams of lead into Nazi positions, enabling Yank Infantry to resume its advanture." scenes of Allies advance in snow and mud in Huertgen Forest, antiaircraft guns turned into artillery; (3) Nation Gets Behind 6th Bond Drive - "Los Angeles dramatically opens its 6th War Loan Drive with a 'covered wagon, prairie action' parade which stirs the youngsters, and heads the adults for the bond selling booths. Morgenthau Speaks - Washington, DC: Sec. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. states that the doughboys who are continuing to fight, expect the homefront to continue buying War Bonds." (4) Denmark Fights Back - " The resistance of the Danes to the pre-emptive Nazis is a 'war within a war.' Their sabotage is met with murder - their general strike with Gestapo destruction of irreplaceable plate glass. But the doughty Danes continue their resistance." scenes of Denmark defiance grew under Nazi occupation, Danish priest and martyr buried, King Christian is prisoner in his castle but flags flew for his 73rd birthday, Nazis smashed glass in shops and stores, staged general strike; Denmark still occupied but awaits the day of complete freedom. (5) Giants 24 Packers 0 - (Exclusive) - "Polo Grounds: 56,000 fans are thrilled as the N.Y. Football Giants upset the Green Bay Packers, pre-game favorites. Deadly tackling and the flashy work of the Giant backs feature the contest." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-349 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/11/27 - Newsreel intro (no sound) (1) Target Tokyo From Saipan B-29 Base - "Saipan (1,500 miles below Tokio) was seized by the Americans in June of this year. Since that time the Seabees and Aviation Engineers have been industriously re-shaping the face of the coral island, laying out a tremendous airfield. Coral hills are blasted into particles, then 'bull dozed' and trucked to the air field site, where they are rolled and hard packed. Then an asphalt surface is given the gigantic strip. In Washington, Gen. Hap Arnold sends a B-29 Super-Fortress on its way. Next we see it arriving at Saipan. The first of a mighty air fleet whose exploits over Japan are already becoming daily occurances." scenes of Saipan B-29 base built; B-29 bomber lands; loads bomb signed by soldiers, takes off; map shows attack on Japan; (2) Hull Honored By Variety Clubs - "Washington, DC: The retiring Sec. of State Cordell Hull is named the 'outstanding humanitarian of the year' by the Variety Clubs of America. Sec. Edward Stettinius in a fitting speech, accepts the award for Mr. Hull." (3) Negro Nurses In Britain - "A detachment of negro Army nurses arrive in England, to be greeted with good old American coffee and doughnuts. Then they entrain for assignment where required." (4) Eisenhower Tours Front - "General Eisenhower visits the 29th U.S. Division at the battle front, accompanied by Gen. Omar Bradley. They both display that sincere charm which produces such intense loyalty and devotion in their armies. later, Gen. Eisenhower is greeted by the Belgian cabinet in Brussels ... then he places a wreath at their Unknown Soldier's tomb." (5) Churchill Visits French Army Sector - "Winston Churchill and his daughter Mary, visit the French First Army in the company of Charles de Gaulle, just prior to the powerful French offensives in their battle sector." scenes of the soldiers in snow; (6) Ohio State 18 Michigan 14 - "Columbus, Ohio: 72,000 fans watch Ohio State win Big Ten championship as their backfield puts on an all-star performance against Michigan." The End - Buy Bonds. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-350 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/04 - Nazi Border Pierced By Allied Might (1) "British Enter Germany - Geilenkirrhen, pivotal Nazi fortress on the Cologne plain, is besieged by the British. Unending artillery barrages turn most of the town into waste and rubble. When the Allies enter the ruins, they encounter defiant Germans who won't capitulate. But ironically, around the next corner, streams of Nazi prisoners are marched along, and dazed German refugees are leaving for Holland." scenes of tanks fire, troops march on wet road, past ruins, bulldozer; (2) Jap Doom Foreseen By Adm. Mitscher - "The commander of the famous U.S. Task Force 58 tells of the fanatical fury with which the Japs fight, then predicts that the Yanks will chase them up their sacred mountain, Mt. Fujiyama." (3) Stettinius Sworn In - "Washington, DC: Justice Jackson swears in Edward Stettinius, Jr. as Secretary of State before a host of friends including General George Marshall." (4) Seven Die As Transport Crashed - "Van Nuys, CA: A domestic air-liner crashes near here, killing 7 and injuring 16. The City Manager of San Diego was among those killed." (5) Fire Sweeps Grain Factory - "Chicago: Huge grain elevators go up in a spectacular blaze, which grows in intensity until modern equipment quenches it." (6) Army Sinks Navy in 23-7 Victory - "Baltimore, MD: 66,000 fans fill The Stadium to watch the annual Army-Navy football clash. The corps of the two schools fill the gridiron with their presence and their cheers, before game time. As the game wears on, Army's 'squad power' begins to make its weight felt, and the Middie giants retire to the sidelines, injured. Then Army turns on the speed as Davis, Lombardo, Hall AND Blanchard race and bull their way along to a convincing 23 to 7 win. Shining in the Navy defeat is Hal Hamberg, quarterback. His passing, generalship and defense work, are outstanding." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-352 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/07 - Allied Vise Tightens On Rhineland (1) "Strasbourg, capital of Alsace-Lorraine, is captured by the Americans and the French. Flooded canals testify to the unruly weather being encountered. Tons of heavy equipment have been left by the Nazis in their headlong retreat. And swastikas by the thousand, are trod under foot by sullen Nazi prisoners. Various villages, including Baseweiler, are bombarded, then entered. Many Yanks are wounded. Following the scorched earth policy, the Nazis have applied the torch to many of the towns, forcing the natives to band into volunteer fire departments to save their homes." scenes of Infantry troops fight in buildings toward the Rhine, to Strasbourg, captured guns, fires in Miluese, French take prisoners; (2) Carrier Force Hits At Manila - "A huge carrier division steams towards Manila. After the pilots are briefed, they climb into the air, and the Nips begin their attacks on our queenly flat-top giants. Hits and near hits are registered, but heavy ack ack fire drives the Japs away...and our bombers paste Manila severely." scenes of Hellcat burns on carrier deck, US planes bomb (3) Somervell Calls on NAM for Materials - "Waldorf-Astoria, N.Y.C., The National Association of Manufacturers, in their War and Reconversion Congress, are warned that our armed forces need materiel." Gen. Somervell calls for more material; (4) Nation Needs Nurses Aids - "Girls over 18 are urgently needed as Red Cross Nurses' Aides in hospitals throughout the nation, not only to care for wounded G.I.'s, but to attend hospitalized civilians." (5) Basketball Season in Full Swing - "N.Y.U. 53, Rochester 39 - Madison Square Garden, 11th annual big time collegiate basketball season gets under way as these two stellar Eastern teams stage a thriller." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-353 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/11 - Army Needs Must Be Met NAM Is Told (1) "Waldorf Astoria, NYC: The War and Reconversion Congress of America hear Mr. F. C. Crawford, their board chairman, deliver a dynamic address. Mr. Crawford, just returned from a trip to Gen. Eisenhower's theatre of command, reveals that the war with Germany will last 1-3-6 months, or a year, depending on the sacrifice of 100,000 doughboy's lives - or the firing of thousands of tons of high calibre shells and the use of mountains of other materiel." Frederick C. Crawford speaks to NAM in New York; (2) Allied Drive Bogs Down In Italy - "Weather conditions facing the 5th Army in Italy are atrocious. Rivers flow through the streets and 6-wheeled trucks skid and slosh through muck and mire." scenes of bad weather and mud bogs down Allies in Italy; (3) A Nazi View Of The War - "captured Nazi films show wrecked American equipment, and prison pounds containing American prisoners." (4) Churchill holds talks with Stalin - "Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden terminate their conversations in Moscow with Joseph Stalin and Vyachesloff Molotoff." scenes of Churchill leaves by airplane; (5) Giants Rout Redskins - "Washington, DC: N.Y. Giants win Esstern Pro-football title, 31 to 0, as they catch most of their passes, and a few of Washington's as well." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-354 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/14 - Winter Push To Knock Out German Reich (1) "Pushing Back the Nazis - Allied ships enter the port of Antwerp carrying valuable war materiel...Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Montgomery and inspects the British 2nd Army...The Allies are confronted with the Mans River which is swollen seven times its normal size...elsewhere snow and mud provide obstacles...American rifles, machine guns and artillery are constantly in action...Allied wounded are many...and 5,000 Nazis are taken prisoner." scenes of Antwerp cleared and now open; Ike and Montgomery confer; Ike tours troops; but Mans River flooded, snow and mud stall Allied advance; map of drive on Cologne; stubborn resistance on 450-mile front; 5000 Nazis surrender; (2) Strife Torn Greece Gets Food Relief - "Athens: British General Scolde and Premier Pamandren supervise the distribution of food to the Greek people." scenes of first food aid arrives in Greece. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-355 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/18 - B-29s Rule Jap Skies (1) "At Saipan, after briefing, the members of the 21st bombing Command take to Super Fortresses and roar into the sky - destination Tokyo! They shower tons of bombs and incendiaries on the huge sprawling city as they hit factories, steel mills and docks. Mass civilian evacuation of Tokyo was ordered after this raid. Japs Raid Saipan - Saipan is attacked by Jap raiders, 14 of which are shot down, after they had started spectacular fires and caused minor damage." scenes of Japan fighter planes strafe B-29s on Saipan, but 14 of 15 raiders shot down, and B-29s take off on bomb raid; map of attack on Japan; "with Tokyo aflame the Superforts head for home" (2) Bombs Soften Manila for Final Drive - "U.S. Navy carrier-planes swarm in on Manila and give it a severe going over, from the shore-line deep into the heart of the city. Returning to their flat tops, some of the damaged ships make miraculous lands." scenes of US fighters attack enemy ships and planes around Manila; a Hellcat lands on carrier with one wheel gone, but safe; (3) Flying Plane Picks Up Soldiers - "U.S. Army Air Forces develop revolutionary air pick-up techniques to rescue stranded airmen. Subject in unique harness, is picked up by nylon rope from low flying plane into which he is reeled." scenes of special pickup system tested on sheep, then a volunteer parachuter, pulled up by nylon rope, in experiments by Air Technical Command; (4) Heavy Snow Blankets Canada - "Canada suffers worst blizzard in 72 years. Traffic is blocked, department stores close and pedestrians are up against it. But, the milkman gets through." scenes of near-record snow paralyzes parts of Canada; 50 lives lost; Toronto isolated; 20 inches on the ground; (5) Pro Football Champs - "Polo Grounds: Greenbay Packers out-pass and out-speed the N.Y. Giants to win pro flag, 14 to 7." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-356 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/20 - Allies Fight Fierce Nazi Counter-Blow (1) "Events within Germany leading to the present 'power drive' in the West, shown in captured German newsreels. Theaters are shut down, women are drafted for war work, trolleys tow trucks to save gasoline, robot bombs are launched, and at the front, the Nazi military carries on despite the appearance of American air fleets. Allied cameras show Yank heavy artillery in action, Nazi prisoners are collared, near St. Nazaire, France, an exchange of Allied and Nazi prisoners is effected through the American Red Cross." scenes from captured German newsreels show German preparations for offensive; Nazi tanks roll toward western front, V-1 weapons launched; 15 German divisions of 200,000 sent to attack; Yank artillery opens up on advancing Germans; (2) Rocket Firing Planes - "U.S. Army Air Base, Dover, Dela., A P-47 and a P-38 equipped with wing rockets, dive at 300 m.p.h. and discharge wing rockets at 600 m.p.h. into a Sherman tank, causing heavy destruction." scenes of tests at Dover airfield with rockets fired from P-38 and P-47 fighter planes; (3) Keep 'Em Sailing - "The U.S. Maritime Service needs officers and men from 17 to 50, according to Capt. Harry H. Dreany. Training scenes, loading and convoy scenes give an idea of the scope of the Maritime Service." (4) "Children's greeting - Children from foreign diplomats' families in Washington, D.C. voice their annual season's greetings to the people of the United States." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-357 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/22 - Newsreel intro includes music (1) Russians In New Drive - "The mighty Russian military machine lays siege to Vilna, capital of Lithuania. After five days of intensive fighting, including a cleanout of nests of snipers, the city is occupied. 5,000 Nazis are killed and 8,000 taken prisoner." (2) RAF Blasts Nazi Ships - "Norway, R.A.F. Mosquitos and British Beau-fighters dive from mile high levels to set enemy ships on fire with gun and cannon fire, and rockets." (3) Leyte School Reopened - "Private, public and parochial schools merge their classes and re-open in remaining school buildings." scenes of jeep brings students to school; (4) Movie heads plan 'March of Dimes' - "Washington, DC: Eighty motion picture executives, including Spyros Skouras and Nicholas Schenck, present Basil O'Connor with a resolution pledging the industry's support in the fight against Infantile Paralysis." (5) One Woman Lend-Lease - "England: Mrs. Carlotta Oppenheimer is host par excellence as she serves home cooked meals to groups of American soldiers, then sends them back to camp with bushels of fresh vegetables." (6) Fashions For The Beach (Exclusive) - "Hotel Pierre, NYC: Joseph Halpert presents his advance showing of distinctive character prints. Gorgeous models and unusual accessories complete the show."(7) Air Route to Russia - "Canada: A huge chain of inland air ports, co-operatively built by the U.S. and Canada, provides direct access to Alaska and Russia." scenes of US-built oil refineries supply fuel for the air route to Russia, 5000 US-built planes. The End with final music. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-358 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/27 - Yanks Clear Greenland of Nazis (1) "Nazi weather and radio stations in Greenland are located and destroyed by the U. S. Coast Guard who dynamites its way through the Arctic ice fields to reach the enemy. Sleek German trawlers are destroyed or captured, and the Nazis are driven from their North Atlantic observation posts." (2) Yank Shells Hit Kehl In Rhineland - "Yanks in Strasbourg shell Kehl, the Nazi city on the opposite banks of the Rhine, with telling effect." (3) Nazi Terror In Warsaw - "World War II opens in Poland as the Panzer divisions strike Warsaw and burn large portions of it. Peace is signed in a railway coach and starving Poles eat every shred of meat from the carcases of horses. The Poles go underground. They publish 110 newspapers, commit continuous sabotage, daub the city with signs of defiance and hang Hitler in effigy. In 1944 they arise prematurely and are smitten down. Their ghetto is completely destroyed." pictures filmed by the Polish underground and smuggled to London, of 2-month revolt but forced to capitulate to Nazis; printing presses turn out lists of atrocities by Nazis, carry our efficient sabotage; "Poland will never die." (4) New French Envoy To U.S. - "Washington, DC: Ambassador Henri Bonnet takes over the French embassy on behalf of the de Gaulle provisional government." (5) Britain's Home Guard Stands Down - "Hyde Park, England: The Home Guard, 7,000 strong, pass by the Royal Family in their final review before 'standing down.'" scenes of marching in formation in Hyde Park, patrolled roads and took over defense during England's darkest hour; (6) Mat Mammas Maul For Millions - "Houston, TX: Mildred Burke, World's Champion Woman Wrestler, defends her title against Mae Weston convincingly. The rule are thrown out of the ring, and so is Mae, three times." scenes of championship women's wrestling match, to raise money for war bonds; (7) Canadian local story [no sound] - Canada local official speaks; 2 Canadian soldiers win medals and return home (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-359 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/12/29 - Solons Visit Front [most of this newsreel is silent] (1) "Members of the Military Affairs Committee, including Clare Booth Luce, visit various fronts where our troops are engaged. And General Patton shows them part of his remarkable army, in action." (2) Blackout Gear Trains Air Pilots - "The Franks 'Blackout Suit' for airmen is demonstrated on a centrifuge machine at the University of Toronto. The liquid chambers within the suit counteracts the centrifugal pressure which a pilot encounters when diving and twisting in combat action." (3) Fashions Footsteps (Exclusive) - "Leave it to Delman, exclusive foot-war designer, to come out with 'footstools' of every description to add height to a gal's perspective. And the fabric ones are as chic as the beauties who model them." (4) Germans Halted - "The Nazi propaganda machine intensively goes to work on improving morale on the home front. Nazi newsreels (a captured portion of which is used herewith) are toned up, Hitler visits military hospitals and reviews pompous military parades, Captured Allied equipment is used as targets in military shows. The Push Begins - S.S. General Sepp Dietrich wheels the S.S. and the Wermacht into the attack. Swarms of camouflaged tanks and tank destroyers race into action, preceded by barrages from multiple rocket firers. Miniature doodle bugs (radio controlled) cross open fields and explode. Bazookas and flamethrowers blaze into action. Then, concentrations of captured Yank troops are shown. The Attack Stalls - When the weather clears, Allied planes zoom up and start knocking Nazi planes out of the sky. Then they uproot and destroy Nazi transport in some of the most spectacular scenes ever filmed." hospital scenes, rockets fired, tanks, flamethrowers, captured Americans [German sound starts midway then stops] fighter planes shot down, strafe trains and ground targets; (5) Canadian local [some sound]- Canadian soldiers awarded medals. (silent complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-360 National Archives, College Park MD

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