Newsreels 1944 pt. 1

release sheet
The quotes in these descriptions are from the Universal release sheets that were sent to theaters twice weekly. This June 12, 1944, sheet is a xerox copy in the National Archives.
1944/01/03 - Jap planes Blasted By Navy Guns [this newsreel is silent] (1) "Yank Marksmen Bag Jap Planes (A flaming spectacle which elicits gasps from seasoned film goers) - As an American task force steams along to prosecute a raid on the Marshall Islands, Jap torpedo planes soar into view to destroy a Yank aircraft carrier. From her expansive flight deck we see some of the most spectacular action scenes of this war. Sailors fall prone to permit sprays of bullets to belch upwards at the attacking Japs. One of the celestial planes streaks in alongside out ship and he is hit with a torrent of lead. He sinks into the ocean and his foul ship explodes. Another Jap nips into view, on his close run for the kill. He gets his baptism of lead, and suddenly, one of his wings is shot right off, and he falls in flames, headed straight into Davey Jones's locker." (2) Ships of Concrete - "Georgia: 'Concrete No. 8,' an 11,000 ton tanker built of concrete, hits the ways, with the reputation of being 'unsinkable' and capable of lasting forever." (3) Italian Front. [silent partial newsreel, located at the end of this DVD53] SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-256 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/02/17 - Newsreel intro, silent (1) Battle for Rome - "While action see-saws at the Italian Front, hordes of Germans are shown marching in one direction, to our rear. They are prisoners of the Yanks and of the French. Nor is their stubbornness diminished by the sight of numerous German dead." (2) Nazis Wreck Warehouse - "Nazi bombers set off a fire which consumes one of our warehouses in Italy. In a tight squeeze, a truck full of G.I. shoes are saved." (3) Bomb Rome Rail Yards - "Flying Fortresses fly over Rome, then blast selected outlying districts, in another of their precision raids." (4) Rooms of Tomorrow - "Toledo, Ohio: The House of Tomorrow is filled with mirrors which lend dimensional depth to the interior, and set off to particular advantage any beauty who reclines in their range." (5) Boys' Pennies Buy Canteen - "The Boy's Clubs of America earned $2,500 at odd jobs here and there. Without fan fare the youngsters turn over the funds to the American Red Cross for the purchase of a deluxe Mobile Canteen." (6) Roller Romp - "Roller skating really goes big time as a huge skaters' review is staged for a capacity audience in Madison Square Garden. The beauty and ease with which things roll along, will please you." (7) Colored Paratroops - "Fort Benning, GA: Graduation jumps are made by the first all-colored parachute unit, who have just completed their training." (8) Springboard To Truk - "As the American victory mounts, island by island, in the tremendous Marshall campaign, we watch the Marines in some of their high-powered handling of the resisting Japs, at Kwajalein. The Devildogs pour lead into burning block houses, and the shrinking remnants of the garrisons come reeling out, to surrender. So many dead Japs are lying around that hurried arrangements are made to bury them. And broken to bits, lying all over the ground, are new Tojo type planes and Zeros. The American dead are interred at a military cemetery. America's new hero, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, rides into view in a jeep. Accompanying him are Admirals Hoover and Turner, and Generals Holland Smith and Harry Schmidt. Shortly after the Stars and Stripes are placed in postiion over the Atoll, the electrifying news from Truk comes in, and a fuller significance is given to this marvelous victory in the Marshalls." [silent partial newsreel, located at the end of DVD53] SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-269 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/02/28 - Thanks for the Dimes (1) "Sue Ann, a juvenile infantile paralysis victim, limps to the camera to thank all moviegoers for their contributions in the recent drive." - March of Dimes girl with crutches speaks [sound] (2) Recapture of Kiev - "Russia's armies roll on. Stalin's dependence on artillery is dramatically demonstrated as huge batteries of guns roar into action against Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Russian infantry creeps into the outskirts of the metropolis, which the retreating Nazis had put to the torch, and Soviet tanks speed into the city, with the populace shreiking its welcome. Returning native women wail in anguish at the murder and the atrocities which have been committed by the enemy. But Kiev is captured." [sound, Russian] (3) Help Save Rubber Now. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-272 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/13 - MacArthur in Battle (1) "General Douglas MacArthur, after 19 months of creeping warfare, is seen on the bridge of a plunging flagship, heading into one of the boldest moves of his South Pacific campaign. And a new type of landing operation is up for trial - dependence is to be placed on surprise, rather than on pulverizing naval bombardment. Los Negros Island, in the Admiralties, is sighted, and the 5-inch guns of Uncle Sam's destroyers bark into action. Low flying bombers carefully drop their bombs, then race away. Landing barges are chugging ashore, filled with the unmounted ranks of the U.S. 1st Cavalry. Landed, they leap into the brush and proceed to exterminate Japs. Their kill runs to over 3,000, and Momote airfield is captured. Soon, we see Gen. MacArthur ashore, disdainful of snipers. He inspects the entire area, which has been so quickly captured. Then we learn one secret of this 3-star general's tremendous popularity with his men. He is sincerely grateful for their prowess at arms - and he tells them so. Rabaul is doomed, and the Philippines are endangered." (2) China's Air Force Grows - "'The Composite Wing' - Southwest China - Young Chinese aviators, under joint Yank and Chinese leadership, are visited by Generalissimo and Mme. Chiang Kai-shek. This air group is a nucleus for the growing air strength against Japan proper." (3) Nazi London - "Bombing of London - While London rocks to ack ack fire, Nazi bombers start some spectacular fires in the metropolis. Populace takes it manfully - and is visited by the King and Queen." (4) 20 Children At Once - "Kids by the Score - Kent, Wash., Wilber Arketa and wife, fresh from their missionary work in Alaska, bring 20 assorted children, ranging from 2 to 18 in age, into the States with them. Adoption completed, they plunge into the vegetables. And they all acknowledge that Arketa is their daddy." (5) Deadliest Explosive - "Ottawa: Canada announces successful production of R D X, the most powerful military explosive in the world. Dramatic tests force T N T to take second position." (6) Where Scrap Paper Goes - (Exclusive) - "Whippany, NJ: Huge paper mill of McEwan Bros. shows how scrap paper is re-processed into boxboard to provide packaging for war shipments and essential civilian goods." (7) News in Hair Do's - (Exclusive) NYC: Appropriate hair do's for women's various activities of the present day are presented. Stealing first attention is the '7th Column,' a lacquered pompadour, which is designed to insure hair safety for war plant workers." (8) Our Mighty Navy Grows - "Ship of Two Cities - Quincy, Mass.: Hull of U.S.S. 'Springfield,' a 10,000 ton cruiser, is jointly sponsored by Miss McCurley of Springfield, Ill., and Mrs. Bertera of Springfield, Mass., as the ship is named for both cities." (9) Blimps Fly In Formation - "In California, they do it the hard way again, U.S. Navy training blimps are flown in precision formations, despite their unwieldiness." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-276 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/16 - Preview To Invasion (1) "Great Britain: General Eisenhower, Air Marshall Tedder and General Montgomery view the tons of supplies which have accumulated, they join the troops who are engaging in mass maneuvers. Piat guns destroy tanks, new machine guns split into action from tanks, and masses of tanks give off salvos of artillery fire. Overhead, huge formations of transport planes sail into view and hundreds of parachute troops literally fill the sky. The Generals are satisfied." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-277 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/20 - Blast Berlin By Daylight (1) "We accompany one of the 2,000 American plane formations that are bringing ruin and panic to Berlin. Miles of vapor-streaks are trailing after the huge Flying Fortresses, winging through the frigid sky. Crews are 'on oxygen.' Then Berlin is sighted and the bombs start cascading downward. The scene below is like a field of mushrooms. Flak comes up, and one of our motors goes dead. We head back to Blighty. Some shops drop flares announcing wounded aboard, and instant medical care is waiting, when the ships roll to a stop. Colonel Mumford interviews some of the other participants in the raid. They give their crisp, spicy version of this one, and ask for return assignments." (2) Prisoners of War in U.S. - "Michigan: Nazi prisoners of war volunteer for forest duty in the north woods. Warmly clothed, they work like beavers. Then they devour their food, and return to the recreation rooms for checkers, ping pong and music by a Germand band." (3) Nazi Rubber Captured - "Fortaleza, Brazil: Native fishermen ask no questions as they haul in bales of valuable rubber wafted to their shores by sea currents in which Nazi blockade runners had been sunk." (4) Women In The News - "A giant U.S. Army transport lands at a Caribbean base and out steps Eleanor Roosevelt on a good-will mission in this vital defense area. 'H.M.S. Bataan' New South Wales, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur very appropriately launches this defiant new Australian destroyer." (5) Task Force Routs Japs - "Our cameras open on a huge task force. War ships plunge through the waves, and a liberal sprinkling of big, graceful aircraft carriers races along. Truk has just been abased by a similar task force. The goal for this force is Saipan and Tinian Islands, in the lower Marianas (only 1,500 miles S.E. of Tokio). The Japs roar out to meet us. Hundreds of our carrier-based planes are awaiting their onset, and the killing drum fire of a staggering number of American ack ack guns starts taking its toll of the skulking Japs. They plummet into the sea like meteors. Some of them explode under water, adding fire works to their death at sea. And secondary explosions are caused as huge Jap bombs are flung upward by the sinking Jap planes. The sky is clouded with flak bursts, and streaked with tracer bullets. Box score - 29 Jap planes are shot out of the sky." (6) Irish Have Their Day - "Fifth Avenue: The lovely Irish take over on St. Patrick's Day. O'Brien and Kelly were there, Doran, LaGuardia and Sweeney, too. Sure the harp got a bit wet, and some of the lads wobbled a bit - but wasn't it a lovely day? Yes it was." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-278 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/23 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Stilwell's Burma Push - "Exemplifying the highest type of American military leadership, Lt. General Stilwell sends his Chinese army on the march. 'Vinegar Joe's' army gets supplies by parachute, while the Japs are relying on rafts and elephants. Lt. Colonel Seagrave displays fortitude and ability of the highest order in attending the wounded. And cub planes fly the seriously wounded out, to recuperative havens." (2) Action in Anzio - "Every single minute of every day and night which is lived in the Anzio beachhead, is lived within range of Nazi artillery. Despite this pall, the Fifth Army carries on valiantly. We show the day-to-day activities of the many army units that are in there. Air Forces, Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, Engineers, Ordnance, Infantry and others. It is a stark picture of rugged manhood performing assignments under terrible war conditions." (3) The World of Sports - "Muncie, Ind.: Frankie Frisch sends his Corsairs into a spirited conditioning program, with Truett Sewell showing the rookie flippers how to flip. Cairo, Ill.: Pepper Martin enlivens proceedings for the National League champions as he returns to the Cards. Prognosticators are carefully watching this animated team. Bloomington, Ind.: The Cincinnati Reds loosen up their rusty muscles by running, batting, throwing - and believe it or not - by doing the Conga." (4) Plane Made From Scrap - "Seattle, Wash.: When Alvin Austin wants to fly, he puts on his aviator's outfit, gets into his quarter horsepower backyard plane, and whirls about at the dizzy speed of 14 miles per hour. And the neighbor kids turn green with envy." (5) Ration Free Shoes, Girls - (Exclusive) - NYC: Delman, designer of deluxe shoes, turns out wooden-soled 'fun shoes.' The uppers are so ecstatic in their variety and attractiveness that they turn the heads of the models - who in their turn - cause many a head to turn." (6) Stepping Up The Air War - "This is a pictorial explanation of the recurring phrase - 'American medium bombers were out in strength today, bombing obje4ctives on the invasion coast.' Marauders of the U.S. 9th Air Force, based in England, are shown taking off. Over the continent, they literally fly through paths of flak, which are bursting 'plane high.' Flak helmets are adjusted...and airports in Holland are sighted. Tons and tons of bombs are spilled on these Nazi aerodromes, with marvelous effect. We race home and watch a belly landing of a damaged ship which is piloted by a 19-year-old youngster. This raid definitely cuts down Nazi bombing power, and life in London becomes more tenable." Newsreel ending with music. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-279 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/27 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Hara Kiri in Admiralties - "General MacArthur stated to his troops in the Admiralties 'it is imperative that we hold this position against any attack.' We watch LST boats, bristling with Yanks, scrape to a stop at water's edge, in Los Negros. Supporting their advance, naval guns blast into action, and damaging hits are recorded. Our infantry advances and we see scattered Jap corpses. Manos airfield is reached, and the action livens. Our wounded are hastily brought out as the Medical Corps springs to their aid. Transfusions are given and the surgeons operate in field tents. Jap reinforcements from nearby islands enter the battle, then we stumble unto one of the starkest scenes of this war. Piles of Jap corpses, in grotesque positions are discovered. A high percentage of them are victims of the fanatical Jap self-destruction rite - Hara Kiri. Yank hand grenades and machine guns exterminate the remaining Japs. Los Negros, Mamote airfield and the valuable Manos airstrip are taken, and General MacArthur's orders are carried out." (2) Parachute Supplies In Jungle War - "Huge C-47 Troop Carrier planes drop parachute-bales of food to isolated units, from low levels, with Norden bomb sight accuracy. Elaborate smoke or cloth panel signals reveal the presence of Allied troops, whereupon transport crews heave and kick the bales overboard, out of their tail-assembly's way. A dramatic instance of Yank air supremacy playing an effective role in the Burma drives." (3) New War Machines - "Fort Benning, GA: U.S. Army reveals a mystery weapon, a grenade attachment for the .30 calibre carbine which increases the destructive power of a U.S. Carbineer in numerous ways." M-8, Auto Tank - U.S. Army discloses another secret weapon - a 7-ton, high speed, 6-wheel, armored truck, with a 'turtle top,' armed with a 37 mm. cannon and a machine gun. Ford Motors mass produces these vehicles, then submits them to the punishing 'proving ground tests.'" (4) Basketball (5) Kelly, One Man Army Honored - "Sergeant Charles Kelly of Pittsburgh accumulated a variety of weapons in Italy, then single-handed, in one day's fighting, he killed 40 Germans. General Mark Clark rewards this hero, by personally decorating him." (6) Dewey Gives Press Oscars - "NYC: Press Photographers hold their annual exhibit and Governor Dewey distributes the prizes. Exhibit is crowded with choice news pictures and some excellent novelties." (7) Hero Nurses Honored - "Guadalcanal: Flight nurses are decorated with the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Clusters for their heroic work in the tropical outposts." Newsreel ending with music. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-280 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/03/30 - Newsreel intro with music (1) We Blast Truk, Jap Fortress - "The U.S. Navy makes history as a huge task force assembles to attack the highly publicized 'impregnable fortress of Truk.' Planes zoom from expansive carrier decks, and before long, Truk is observed, stretched out below like a diagram on a drafting table. Cocky Jap interceptors bear in for the attack, and they are blown out of the skies, by uncanny machine gun fire, and clouds of rising anti-aircraft fire. Then our planes dive on acres of grounded Jap planes and riddle them to Kingdom Come. They dive on oil tanks and spew lead streams into them, until they burst into flames. In the harbor, freighters are split in two and destroyers are destroyed, as the craft are zealously strafed and bombed. Back on a carrier, we watch two damaged U.S. Navy planes land, one comes in on one wheel, and from the other, a seriously wounded pilot is carried away. Over 200 Jap planes are destroyed, forty vessels are sunk or badly damaged, and Truk is proved vulnerable to superior American equipment and men. What a 'sweet day' for the U.S. Navy." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-281 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/03 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Jungle War In Burma - "Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander-in-Chief of the Southeast Asia Armies, sends his forces down Burma's western shores in a master plan to regain Burma from Japs. We got a bird's eye view of the difficult terrain, then we watch the Tommies slither through the jungle brush, as their tanks blaze forth with supporting fire. Formations of Allied bombers spew their bomb loads on the resisting Japs and British artillery and machine guns finish the 'clearing out' job. The infantry cautionsly advances to carefully examine the prizes of their victory. Heaps of Jap guns and helmets and other war materiel are taken, together with Nipponese battle flags and communications. Shrinking Jap prisoners are hauled out of fox holes, and the seriously wounded are littered to the rear for treatment. All of which forms an interesting insight into the difficult task which confronts the Allies in reconquering Burma, a land infested with Fifth Columnists and spies." (2) Arabs Form Desert Unit - " Arabia: The British have welded a tough native fighting unit, which utilizes mechanized equipment that matches their fighting zeal, in ruggedness and dogged determination." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-282 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/06 - Eire Cut Off By Allies (1) "Lest secret information of the Allied moves be smuggled into neutral Eire by Axis agents, Yank and British patrols are on the double alert on the border of North Ireland, Ulster and Eire. The innocent native folk cheerfully produce their identifications, amid the rustic beauty of their quiet countryside." (2) Bombs fail to crack Cassino - "2,500 Tons of Bombs on Cassino - (These historic pictures will be studied by military students for generations to come) - Stubborn Germans are so strongly entrenched in fortress city of Cassino that the Allies turn 550 huge bombers loose on a target area measuring 1,400 yds. by 410 yds., the heart of the city. Stick after stick of gigantic bombs fall into the area, and debris flies sky high. The surface town is reduced to rubble. Then more bombers roar over, and reduce it to powder. But the Germans went deeper into their caves and successfully resisted Allied infantry when the bombings ceased. Impressive services are held at American graves, and finis is not written to the Cassino action yet." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-283 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/10 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Rout Jap Naval Force - "Rabaul Harbor: Marvelous air pictures of a trim Jap cruiser getting the 'setting sun' bombed out of it. Our attacking plane knocks the wing off of a Jap fighter plane, then the Nip cruiser below is mercilessly attacked with high explosive bombs. We see hits and near hits, and leave the spoiled sea beauty, wreathed in smoke." 4. "Movies in War Bond Drive - (2) Movie Report On 4th Loan - "NYC: Sec. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. accepts giant record book from Charles Skouras, Movie Magnate who directed the Motion Picture Industry's 4th War Loan Drive to success. Book gives graphic record of the entire drive." (3) Easy On The Eyes - (Exclusive) "College Inn, Chicago: Stunning girls delightfully pose in latest type bathing suits, divided into two pieces. A flash-back reveals early 20th century bathing beauties, buttoned up from chin to shoe tops. Hidden or exposed, there is an abundance of allure, in both cases." SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-284 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/17 - MacArthur Renews Vow (1) "What of MacArthur? - 1944, an election year, finds America buzzing with the question 'What about MacArthur?' The General appears as a personage in our reel, who is being banqueted in Australia, the continent which he saved from the Jap. He speaks with all conviction and honesty of which a human being is capable, reiterating his promise that he will return to the Philippines. But our study brings more than a mere statement - it gives the movie audiences of the nation a long sought opportunity to study this American dwelling in far off places, to adjudge his character, and to form an individual estimate of his calibre as a man among men." (2) Mighty Plane Sets Record - "Constellation Record Maker - Washington, DC: the new Lockheed C-69 crosses the U.S.A. in 6 hrs. and 58 min., non-stop. Powered by four 2,200 horsepower Wright radial engines, with a troop capacity of 100, this huge 'Flying Shark' now enters upon U.S. Army transport duties." (3) Heroes Are Decorated - "Halloran General Hospital, NYC: Paratrooper Leonard of Buffalo and Private Zyeh of Staten Island receive Purple Hearts from Major Jeannette Bleeh." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-286 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/24 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Campaign in Burma - "In Burma we see Admiral Lord Mountbatten, the late Major General Wingate and the ace air-director, Colonel 'Flip Corkan' watching Colonial troops depart for heavy action. We move out into the muddy combat areas and watch air transport drop bales of rice and munitions. Allied tanks and infantry are slogging through. Further afield we encounter General Stilwell's Chinese armies (armed with Yank equipment), then we watch them advance through the jungle country. The refugees pour in, and they hungrily seize the rice issued them. All of which gives one a better insight into these vital Burma campaigns which are aimed at driving a wedge into the present Japanese Empire. 'Vinegar Joe's Birthday - North Burma: General Stilwell, 61, receives a birthday cake with the inscription 'Happy Uncle Joe.' He slices it and hands a chunk to a Colonel, his son. Then the entire staff pitches in." (2) Plane Parts Salvaged - "Alameda Naval Air Station, CA: Damaged combat planes provide tons of valuable parts, in huge salvage program. And Butch O'Hara's famous bullet riddled plane provides inspiration as well as salvage parts." (3) The Italian War Front - " At Anzio, the British press their speedy rocket guns into action providing eerie, flashless night pictures. Shamrock Decorations - Cassino Front: General Alexander engages in the ceremony of the shamrocks, on March 17th, with an Irish Regiment." (4) Victories At Sea - "Shipan Island, Marianas: A Yank task force meets Jap air opposition. Long rows of anti-aircraft guns blaze away, 5-inch guns on the carriers roar. The sky is filled with tracers and flak bursts, and we see Jap planes diving head on, deep into the Pacific Ocean. Explosions mark their watery graves. Nazi Sub Battle - A Nazi sub surfaces in the Atlantic, and begins a battle royal with a U.S. Navy seaplane tender. The sub loses." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-288 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/04/27 - Newsreel intro with music (1) A Great Day For The Kellys - "Commando Kelly Returns Home - Sergeant Charles Kelly, 23, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for exterminating 10 Nazis in one day, finally returns to Pittsburgh, Pa. His whole excited family is there, Mom and his six brothers, and apparently everyone in the Smoky City. Pittsburgh gives its hero the keys to the city, then a parade takes place, to end all parades. Our microphones caught the globe-trotting Sergeant at Washington, D.C., in his simple recital of a fighting soldier's creed - 'they all are fighting to come home.'" (2) War Ballot Applications - "G.I. Vote Applications - Washington, DC: 37,000,000 postal card applications for November voting ballots roll off the U.S. Government printing presses." (3) Tirpitz Bombed - "Norway: A mighty Carrier Force unleashes scores of planes which straddle the hiding Nazi battle wagon with 8 tons of bombs. 24 direct hits are made." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-289 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/05/08 - Newsreel intro with music (1) The Arsenal For D-Day - "Equipment for Invasion - In a U.S.A. port we see the materials of war being feverishly loaded into vessels. Planes are lifted to the decks of bulging ships, ships that are loaded to the water line with freight for the invasion. Slowly, then, the ships converge, to set sail in convoy. In Britain we come upon acres and acres of piled up materiel and equipment, for the invasion armies on the Second Front. Tires, soap, tobacco, candy and refuse cans form part of the military chattels. Rolling stock (for continental railways!), tanks, ducks, pontoons, trucks, ambulances, guns and bombs are seen. The unending rows of planes show that the battle of production has been won in America. Now the military takes over." (2) Lend-Lease Flat Top Gets Planes - "Canada West Coast: Aboard one of the 38 Yankee-built aircraft carriers of the 10,000 ton class (which the U.S. has furnished the British Navy under Lend-Lease), we watch a cargo of Yankee-built planes swoop aboard their new nest. They fold their wings and take the elevator to the storage deck below." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-292 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/05/22 - Newsreel intro with music (1) War News--All Good - "Modern Yank Artillery - In Italy, enemy positions are plotted out in checkerboard style, then pattern barrages are laid down, in which each gun destroys its particular target square. Eisenhower with the 9th - In England, General Eisenhower accompanied by Lt. Gen. Spaatz and Lt. Gen. Brereton, inspects the U.S. 9th Air Force. From the cockpit of a fighter plan he fires the wing guns exuberantly, then he watches Marauder formations take off for invasion objectives. Air War in Europe - Sight Aiming Point cameras reveal Yank daylight destruction of Nazi fighters and transport planes, and merciless strafing of Nazi planes at enemy air bases. Ground flares sputter a lighted path for the returning Yank planes at dusk. Then, huge British Lancasters lumber out to enter upon their nightly tasks of destruction. At Sables Sur Sarthe, France, the Lancasters set off an ammunition dump. The resulting explosions turn night into day for the unhappy Germans far below."(2) Capitol Hails Yank Air Aces - "Washington, DC: Captains Don Gentile and John Godfrey, are destroyers of Nazi planes, are honored by their mothers, and official Washington." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-296 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/05/25 - (1) Cameramen Ready For Invasion - "Heroes with the Camera - In England, Universal Newsreel pays its respects to the heroes who risk their lives to film the war. We see groups of the Navy camera men, Army combat photographers, aerial combat camera men, and several of the ace newsreel men. Each has his steel helmet adjusted and his camera loaded. Their feats of the past will be surpassed by their efforts in the future." (2) Invaders From The Sky - "Lauringburg-Maxton Army Air Base, NC: With D-day approaching hourly, an unusual interest attaches to America's air borne troops as they apply the 'finishing touches' to their training. We watch camouflaged men file into gliders, ground crews stow jeeps and other mobile equipment into other gliders. Nylon ropes for towing, are adjusted. Then giant C-47 transport ships take up two gliders at a time. Over destination, parachutes plummet out of the gliders, then more chutists pour from the transport ships. Other gliders swoop to earth like angry impatient birds. Fully equipped carrier troops leap out to instantly spring to their assigned tasks. American soldiers from the sky are more than ready for invasion." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-297 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/05/29 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Advance on Rome - "With tremendous armies poised on all of Germany's borders, the signal is given the Allied armies to the south, to being their destruction of the Nazis in Italy. Protective smoke clouds veil intensive bombardments of Nazi positions by enormous concentrations of field guns, howitzers, mortars and machine guns. Heavy Allied equipment rumbles forward, helping to carve a path for the advances. The air cover is crushing in its effectiveness, some of the best precision bombing ever seen, is screened. The British break through the Gustav Line and capture destroyed Cassino, with the broken walls of the gutted Benedictine Abbey overshadowing the desolate scene below. Air pictures cause one to think he is flying over the ruined cities of ancient civilizations. French troops break through and capture Castelforte (little Cassino). The Americans push up the Tyrrhenian and engulf the Nazis in operations which resulted in a junction being effected with the troops from the Nazis beachhead. Thousands of Nazis are captured, and bedraggled natives return to their towns, to get in line at the soup kitchens. The allies seem infused with new fire and drive, the captured Nazis look dazed and war weary." (2) Devastation Of Berlin - "From Nazi films we see the devastation that has been wrought in Berlin by the continuous Allied bombings. Herr Goebbels looks on in alarm." scenes of city ruins from captured German films. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-298 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/01 - Allies Close On Rome (1) "After the ruins, which had been Cassino, are entered, we see the Allied Generals Alexander, Mark Clark, Truscott, Juin et al in conference. As we roll forward with their troops, significant signs mark out enemy mines, booby traps...and the road to Rome." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-299 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/06 - Newsreel intro with music (1) Eve of Battle - "Universal Newsreel, in full co-operation with the War Department, presents official pictures of the final military preparations for the launching of D-Day. A host of nations engage in the huge task. The invasion, in truth, is a United Nation's effort." Reel 1 [11 min.] and Reel 2 [9 min.]. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-300 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/12 - First Pictures Invasion of France (1) "The Greatest co-ordination of arms ever portrayed on any motion picture screen in the world. Every scene made during the greatest victory of Allied power, to date.) 11,000 Allied planes plant their tons of pulverizing bombs on shore installations, strategic roads and bridges, then swoop down to strafe enemy trains, ships and planes. In England, the daredevil paratroopers sail away to their designations and the air-borne troops follow in their gliders. 4,000 ships set sail for the Cherbourg peninsula. The guns of the invasion navy roar into action. Assault boats bounce through the heavy sea...shore is reached and the intricate Nazi defences are penetrated. Nazi prisoners are rounded up, and the many Allied and Nazi wounded are treated and returned to England. Allied heavy equipment rumbles by and the French natives welcome their liberators. Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower visits the scene and is welcomed by Generals Montgomery and Bradley. The air poundings continue, and the mop-up search for snipers is on. The invasion is successful." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-302 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/15 - First Pictures Of Rome's Capture (1) "The Fortunes of War at Rome - Beneath the century old Colliseum in Rome, the Nazis are shown triumphantly parading American and British prisoners, captured in the ferocious action at Anzio. Field Marshal Kesselring takes a good look southward through his field glasses, where the Allied drive is. A forced evacuation of Rome is ordered. Beneath the same century old Colliseum in Rome we see Allied heavy equipment rolling in, with General Mark Clark, the center of attention for all the cheering Romans. The allied advance rolls through Rome, and we see the effects of Allied naval shelling. Nazi heavy equipment is utterly destroyed, becoming dead symbols of a dead cause." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-303 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/22 - Aviation In The News (1) B-24 Liberator rolls off San Diego Consolidated - "San Diego, CA: Off the assembly line comes the 5,000th B-24 to go to war. The famed bomber, nicknamed the Liberator, is ready to be off to the wars and further victories for the plane." (2) First Movies Of Gen. Tito Of Yugoslavia - "Somewhere in Yugoslavia: For the first time, Marshall Tito is photographed by the motion picture camera. His Partisans have been a thorn in the Nazis' side since the day the Germans over ran the country." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-305 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/26 - The Battle of France (1) "Allies Advance in France - With the Allies in France, Shortly after United Nation troops establish their beachhead, King George visits the front and General Charles De Gaulle is cheered by local populace. Thousands of prisoners are captured as take Cherbourg." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-306 National Archives, College Park MD

1944/06/29 - German Rocket Bomb (1) "Germany's 'Secret' Weapon - England: Here are the first motion pictures of the Nazi robot bomb, launched from the French coast and scattering death and destruction over a large section of southern England. Anti-aircraft fire brings the rocket bombs down as home defenses are tightened against this new menace." (2) The Allies Take Elba - "Veteran French commandos and colonial troops supported by Americans. British and French warships invade this island off the Italian coast famed as Napoleon's home-in exile. Meeting fierce resistance, the invaders kill 500 Germans and take nearly 2,000 prisoners." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 17-307 National Archives, College Park MD

This DVD53 includes 2 hours of Universal Newsreels reproduced from reference cassettes at the National Archives, College Park MD, and is available from the University of San Diego Bookstore.
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