Newsreels 1951 pt. 3

1951/06/28 - Ridgway Tells Reds (1) "Tokyo: After a year of see-saw fighting in Korea, General Matthew B. Ridgway calls the Chinese Red objective of ousting UN forces from the peninsula a hopeless one." (2) Eric Johnston speaks, gets award from Council of Christian and Jews. (3) News In Brief - In France, Scarah Bey is a human pin cushion when darts are thrown at him. (4) A house is built in 3 hours 5 minutes in California (5) In South Carolina a pipeline is built under the Broad River. (6) "Berlin: After Sugar Ray Robinson fells his German opponent Gerhardt hecht twice, irate Berliners claim foul. Later the contest is called 'no decision'." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-469 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/07/02 - Peace in Korea? (1) "The free world anxiously awaits the outcome of startling new peace moves now pending between the UN forces and the communists. In Tokyo, General Ridgway receives the communist reply suggesting Kaesong as a meeting place for truce talks. But the scars of war will remain long in South Korea, and UN troops are on the alert to forestall any Red skullduggery." (2) "Albany NY: The only school of its kind in the nation, the NY State Civil Defense Rescue School, opens with volunteers learning training vital in case of atomic attack." (3) News In Brief - 50 die in airplane crash in Rocky Mountains; forest fire rages in Gila National Forest in New Mexico; film premier in Detroit of "The Prince Who Was A Thief" with Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie. (4) Sports - new sport of sand-planing at Southampton, Long Island; Hollywood Hell Drivers wreck cars in Canada performance. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-470 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/07/05 - Crisis in Iran (1) "Late news films from oil-troubled Iran, where the seizure of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company has brought the world close to war. With the company 'nationalized' by Iran, and the British refusing to accept the seizure, hopes are held for a last-minute peaceful settlement of a thorny question." (2) "Despite the talks of peace coming to this battle-scarred land, the plight of the homeless, the sick and the starving remains a grim reminder of the tragedy of Korea." (3) Trumans speaks in Washignton on the 175th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. (4) Sports - motorcycle race in Denmark; Yankees sign 17-year-old Ed Cereghino; Navy midshipmen tug for possession of a giant ball at Little Creek VA. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-471 National Archives, College Park also on DV269

1951/07/09 - Gas Blast (1) "Newark NJ: Dramatic films of the $5,000,000 blast that rocks Newark and jars the entire bay region of New York. 70 propane gas tanks are blasted and smoke and flame rise hundreds of feet in air. Far into the night, firemen battle to keep the blaze from spreading." (2) News In Brief - Helicopter views of Puerto Rico sugar crop. (3) "California: First pictures of the record-shattering Douglas 'Skyrocket' plane that flew more that 1000 mph at 63,000 feet. The 'Skyrocket' is released from B-29 mother plane for record flight." (4) Sports - "Wimbledon: Dick Savitt of Orange NJ wins the finals of the All-England tennis tourney, defeating Australia's Ken McGregor in straight sets, 6-4 all the way. Savitt's brilliant victory bolsters US hopes for Davis Cup comeback." (5) Albany, Oregon, timber carnival with log rolling and tree sawing and climbing. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-472 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/07/12 - Korean Envoys (1) "Late film just in from Korea shows UN envoys beginning the historic meeting at Kaesong with communist truce officers. Snag over newsmen who were barred by the Reds delays continuing conclave, but UN officials appear hopeful of an early ceasefire." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-473 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/08/06 - West Point Scandal (1) "Nation is shocked at disclosure that 90 cadets, including football players, face ouster from the Academy for violating the honor code and cheating in exams. Cadet not among 90 expresses views of main body of cadet corps." (2) News In Brief - Eisenhower with Gen. Lauris Norstad turns over US-built Thunderjet jet fight planes to Dutch in Holland. (3) "Pueblo, Colorado: Leopard-skin rug sent home from Korea by American soldiers creates international incident when Korea asks for rug back and Uncle Sam takes possession prior to shipping it back." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-480 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/08/14 - Hiroshima (1) "On the 6th anniversary of its atom-bomb devastation, Hiroshima prays for those who died and builds for those who live. Amazing rebuilding strides have been accomplished by this city which seeks peace on the ashes of war's greatest tragedy." (2) News In Brief - self-lighting cigarette in Italy; paralysed artist Gilbert Provencher of New Hampshire; Hollywood stars at benefit dinner for Damon Runyon Cancer Fund (3) Soap box derby in Akron, Ohio, seen by crowd of 60,000 at Derby Downs, race won by Darwin Cooper of Pennsylvania. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-482 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/08/16 - Air Tragedy (1) "Seattle: A B-50 bomber, designed to carry the atomic bomb to distant targets, crashes shortly after takeoff into an apartment building, enveloping it in a sea of burning gasoline. 6 crew members and 6 occupants of the building lost their lives." (2) News In Brief - Flash flood near Lake Como in Italy kills 19; amphibious jeep from Denmark to go around the world (3) President Truman dedicates American Legion new Washington HQ building; Kamakura festival carnival in Tokyo, Japan (4) "Oregon: High on Mount Hood amid scenes of breathtaking beauty, U-I's western epic 'Bend of the River' takes shape with stars James Stewart and Julia Adams. Location work gives a preview of the rugged action in this superb production." (5) Coews regatta of yachts in England. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-483 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/08/27 - Civil Defense (1) "Maryland: Gov. Theodore McKeldin appeals for volunteers for the state's Civil Defense program (Maryland only)" (2) Army maneuvers at Fort Bragg NC, with Gen. Thomas Hickey leading 82nd Airborne paratroopers (3) News In Brief - "Buenos Aires: Millions of Argentines parade to Independence Day Square to petition Juan Peron and his wife Evita to run for president and vice-president on a husband-and-wife ticket." (4) airplane crash in California kills 50 (5) "Palisades Park NJ: Marilyn Rich takes off in a helicopter for death-defying stunts over NY skyline. Daring lassie's stunt dramatized new clothes-for-Korea relief drive." (6) Sports - Sheriff's Rodeo at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; Little League baseball World Series at Williamsport PA. (7) Crusade for Freedom trailer with Ronald Reagan appealing for donations to Radio Free Europe, animated map. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-486 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/09/06 - Peace Treaty (1) "San Francisco: Big news from the Japanese Peace Conference at the Civic Center in San Francisco is the unified action by 48 of the pacific War allies to block the Soviet attempt to delay the pact signing. John Foster Dulles, architect of the humanitarian treaty, and State Secretary Acheson, lead the free world forces in setting up stiff procedural rules. President Truman addresses the opening session, telling the world that those nations that want peace will speedily sign the pact." (2) Buy Defense Bonds trailer. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-489 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/09/20 - Motion Picture Council (1) "Hollywood: With the House Un-American Activities Committee in the film capital quizzing suspected Reds, the Industry Council again affirms the stand of the film industry against subversives." scenes of Chairman Allen Rifkin reading letter (2) "A new South Korean army, the 9th Army, undergoes rigorous training for battle. Premier Rhee and General Van Fleet inspect the proud youngsters who have joined their country's fighting ranks in the battle against Red tyranny." (3) News In Brief - "Venice, Italy: A famous British statesman, who leads his Conservative party in new British elections soon, takes a swim at the famed Lido. The cameraman focuses his long-lens camera on the WWII leader" Winston Churchill; Truman received cake from film division of the UN Nations Day Citizens Committee; Foligno, Italy dresses up for medieval Quintana contest of cavaliers attempting to lance iron ring. (4) British air show at Farnborough shows new Valiant jet bomber, Hawker Hurricane jet fighter. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-493 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/09/24 - Korea War (poor quality) (1) Air Force Mustang fighters fire rockets and strafe enemy towns. (2) News In Brief - Al Jolson Memorial at Hill side Memorial Park in Los Angeles. (3) Truman greets Italian Premier DeGasperi in Washington, place wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-494 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/09/27 - Korean War (1) "Taking their part in the bitter fighting along the Eastern front, ROK troops proved their battle efficiency against Red forces dug in on hill top positions. behind the lines, Gen. Van Fleet awards the Silver Star medal for heroism to AP correspondent John Randolph. To San Francisco come ROK officers for training in this country. Pres. Truman makes them welcome with a brief speech." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-495 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/08 - Iran Crisis (1) "Premier Mossadegh of Iran arrives in New York to plead his case of oil expropriation before the United Nations, while at Abadan, the world's largest refinery British technicians are evacuated to avoid expulsion by the Iranian government." (2) "California: A host of film stars depart from the movie capital for a good-will tour of the country, to let the Nation become more closely acquainted with film-making and its personalities." on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first motion picture theater. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-498 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/15 - Iran Crisis (1) Premier Mossadegh appears before United Nations. (2) "Canada: After being cheered by countless thousands along their goodwill route, Princess Elizabeth and her consort, Duke Phillip, visit Niagra Falls and don raincoats for the trip down below the famous falls." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-500 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/18 - Mr. Republican (1) "Washington: Senator Robert Taft, 'Mr. Republican,' fires the opening gun in the 1952 presidential race by announcing his candidacy to Washington newsmen." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-501 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/23 - Ship Tie-Up (1) "New York: A strike halting vital war shipments to our fighting forces overseas threatens to spread to other East Coast ports, as union leaders are unsuccessful in getting stevedores to reutrn to their jobs, and pleas by military leaders are ignored." scenes of shape-up, possible racketeering by Anastasia brothers being investigated by Kefauver Committee. (2) Korean War - Big guns fire as truce talks resume, shell casings salvaged by the thousands, dead enemy. (3) News In Brief - baseball players arrive in Tokyo, Japan, including Joe DiMaggio; first Korean war bride of Sgt. John Morgan arrive in Seattle; new seasick pills tested by wave machine in England. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-502 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/25 - UN Anniversary (1) Secretary of State Dean Acheson speaks on 6th anniversary of United Nations. (2) Korean War - "Front-line action filmed by daring newsreel cameramen along the flaming East-Central front, South Korean and US divisions attack entrenched communists in hilltop positions, take many prisoners." scenes of Battle of Bloody Ridge by 7th Division in the Iron Triangle. (3) News In Brief - Truman lays cornerstone of DC chapter house of Red Cross blood bank. (4) USS Boxer aircraft carrier returns home to San Diego from Korea. (5) Sports - gymnasts from Denmark tour Germany, perform gymnastic exercises. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-503 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/10/29 - NATO Air Exercises (1) "The mounting air power of the Atlantic pact Nations is exhibited, as Americans, French and British join in a mass transport and parachute exhibition at strategic points." (2) News In Brief - "England: Britain returns Winston Churchill and his Conservatives to power by a slender margin of 19 seats in Parliament, after 6 years of Labour rule." (3) In Washington, AFL leader William Green and President Truman dedicate a square to Samuel Gompers, the father of the American Federation of Labor; Universal studio employees line up to contribute blood in Hollywood, responding to a plea by Col. James Edwards recently returned from korea. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-504 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/11/05 - Ike Returns (1) "Declining to discuss politics, General Dwight Eisenhower returns to Washington, to discuss with President Truman the expediting of arms to NATO nations in Europe. he also meets with high officials at the Pentagon." (2) "New York: The roller derby is back and the Big Town toes wild over the rough and ready antics of the free-wheeling competitors. The boys are tame compared to the girls, whose ferocity on the rink results in a brawl between two battling belles." this 2nd story is from release 507 of 11/8/1951. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-506 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/11/12 - Crisis in Egypt (1) "The grim struggle for control of the vital Suez Canal continues with the British reinforcing their garrison with troops flown in from Cyprus and other bases. Terrorist threats and reprisals force 'Tommies' to work as stevedores, and guns guard the vital seaway linking East and West." (2) "Korea: Despite increased enemy ground fire and threats of Russian jet interception, propeller-driven 'Mustangs' continue to blast enemy positions on ridges with rockets and jelly bombs. behind the front, a crippled B-26 bomber comes in for a belly landing after being damaged in battle." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-508 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/11/15 - Civil Defense (1) "New York: In a spectacular test of its Civil Defense forces, the world's biggest city 'digs out' after a simulated atomic attack. Rescue of injured and battle against burning buildings highlights the dramatic drill." (2) News In Brief - GI Jane Joins Up - "New York: Hundreds of young women rush to join up in one of the four branches of service open to their sex, following colorful parade of WACs, WAVEs and other snappy marchers in recruit drive rally." (3) "Sacramento CA: Gov. Earl Warren, VP on Dewey's 1948 ticket, announces his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, becomes second avowed candidate in race marked by Eisenhower silence." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-509 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/11/22 - Suez (1) "New focal point of world tensions, Egypt seethes with turmoil as reinforced British garrisons prepare to fight for the vital Suez Canal, lifeline of Empire. Civilians are evacuated as the British take stern measures to curb violence." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-511 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/11/29 - Korean War (1) "Reports that the UN Allies and the communists had begun a 'no-attack" truce along the front are brought to a dramatic halt. After the cease-fire rumors had been scotched, big guns open up along the front. Meanwhile, VP Barkley arrives for an inspection trip on his 74th birthday." (2) News In Brief - In Japan, Hirohito visits a pearl farm; In Austria, smoke and fire from an exploding oil depot; In Germany, former Nazi air raid shelters are discovered under Berlin's Tiergarten; In Washington, John Foster Dulles presents ratified Japan Treaty to envoys; In Ciudad Trujillo, models put on a fashion show. (3) "New York City responds quickly to its first air raid rest. in a matter of minutes, the streets are cleared and pedestrians herded into shelters. Until the sirens sound the all-clear, the world's biggest city looks like a ghost town." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-513 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/12/24 - 1951 Year of Stalemate - highlights of the year include (1) Korean War and the Matador guided missile with JATO-assist takeoff (2) Near East Crisis in Iran and Egypt (3) Disasters (4) Kefauver Probe (5) Politics. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-520 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/12/28 - Coal Mine Blast (1) "West Frankfort IL: 119 coal miners lose their lives in one of the worst mine disasters in recent history. Only one man is brought out alive, and officials comb the area in an investigation aimed to prevent future catastrophes like it." scenes of Gov. Adlai Stevenson (2) Korean War - "Spectacular battle scenes along the fighting front in Korea. With the truce talks bogged down, South Korean forces go into action following a mortar barrage. Scores of prisoners are taken. Meanwhile, Cardinal Spellman, on a visit to the front, cheers wounded soldiers at a base hospital." (3) News In Brief - "Chicago: an 8-inch snowfall, coming on top of two feet of snow already fallen, cripples the Midwest and ties up Chicago for many hours. Hundreds are marooned at the height of the terrible winter storm." In France, Prime Minister Winston Churchill visits French and Ike and NATO; In Astoria, Oregon, the Danish freighter Erria ran aground. (4) Sports - skiing in French Alps; Los Angeles Rams defeat Cleveland Browns for pro football championship. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-521 National Archives, College Park MD

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