Newsreels 1953 pt. 1

1953/01/15 - Truman Valedictory (1) Truman speech from his office bidding goodbye. (2) Surfing in Australia. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-431 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/01/21 - Eisenhower Inaugurated (1) scenes of inauguration ceremony (silent) (2) Ike and Nixon take oath, Ike makes speech (no narration) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-433 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/01/26 - Dulles Outlines U.S. Policy (1) "Washington, DC: In his first public statement as Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles says the United States will never start a war but it will never be conquered or intimidated." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-434 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/01/29 - Ship Disaster (1) "England: The 20,000-ton luxury liner Empress of Canada burns to the waters edge and capsizes in Liverpool harbor." (2) "South Africa: Another maritime tragedy involves the 10,000-ton Dutch ship Klipfontein, which strikes a submerged rock in the Mozambique channel." (3) Nixon and Dulles in Washington, DC (4) polio victim in iron lung (5) March of Dimes fashion show in NYC; donation given by Mamie Eisenhower in DC (6) new plastic waterproof clothing for GIs in Korea (7) fish caught off Africa thought to have been extinct 200 million years ago (8) Sprots - ski jump and bob sled in Germany. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-435 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/02 - State of the Union (1) Eisenhower speaks to Congress (2) Formosa alert by Navy, carrier USS Wyndam Bay delivers planes to Chiang Kai Shek (3) Refugees from East Germany stream inot West Germany (4) "Italy: Secretary of State Dulles stops first in his tour of western Europe to re-appraise its economic and military needs." (5) "New York City: On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the city's founding by the Dutch, Prince Bernhard consort of the Netherlands pays a formal visit to the early landmarks." (6) "Italy: The fabulous ruins of Pompeii, playground of the Romans, stand almost revealed by a complete state of preservation after 200 years of excavation." (7) Santa Anita Maturity horserace (8) "New York City: 1500 members of the motion picture industry attend mass at St. Patrick's cathedral and later a breakfast at the Waldorf at which Clare Booth Luce is the principal speaker." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-436 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/05 - European Floods (1) 2000 perish in floods in Holland, England, Belgium. (2) Swiss bobsledder killed, but U.S. team won bob sled winter sports championship in Germany. (3) Brotherhood Week speaker ex-Marine Sgt. Jay Hall speaks, urges support for Ike. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-437 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/09 - Flood Toll in Europe (1) Europe flood recedes, 1400 Dutch died, U.S. Army helicopters spearhead rescue operations (2) Cyclone devastates Madagascar (3) Dulles and Stassen return from NATO meeting (4) Independence town gives welcome home dinner to Mister Harry Truman (5) Mardi Gras in Italy (6) Sports - pee-wee hockey, Palm Springs rodeo. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-438 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/11 - Dulles Reports (1) Dulles meets with Senate Foreign Relations Committee on recent 11-day tour of Europe; Dulles points to large Europe wall map, but does not speak. Only Chairman Wiley speaks. (2) In Korea, Gen. Maxwell Taylor replaces retiring Gen. Van Fleet. (3) Photoplay awards in California to Jimmie Stewart for film 'Bend of the River' and to Universal production chief William Goetz. (4) Boy Scouts visit Ike (5) London women show off hats (6) Sports - boxing, Westminster dog show. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-439 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/16 - Stevenson Tells His Party (1) "New York: Adlai Stevenson, Democratic Presidential Candidate, addresses the party's Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. In his first major speech since the campaign's close, he counsels the party to be an enlightened opposition, and to give Eisenhower's administration a chance to prove itself." (2) "New York: Christine Jorgenson, the ex-GI who went to Denmark and changed his/her sex, returns home to a clamorous reception by eager newsmen." (3) Greek soldiers return home to Greece from service with the UN forces in Korea (4) Girl Scouts with Mamie Eisenhower in White House (5) "San Francisco: The world's largest Chinatown celebrates New Year, with the traditional Lion Dance, and an untraditional fashion show from Old Cathay." (6) Mardi Gras in New Orleans (7) Sports - AAU track meet in New York. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-440 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/19 - The Presidency (1) Ike press conference, meets with Adlai Stevenson, invites him to weekly Congressional luncheon at White House (2) News In Brief - Baltimore wharf fire, Alabama airplane crash kills 41, Mardi Gras in New Orleans (3) Children model latest child fashions (4) Sports - boxing in London, trick pistol shot in Australia. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-441 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/22 - Atoms for Peace (1) "A veil of secrecy is partially lifted at several of the Atomic Energy Commission's plants. methods of handling 'hot' metals by remote control are particularly interesting. A remote control microscope operates with 15 feet between eye piece and lens." (2) Navy jets from USS Oriskany attack in Korea (3) Models show off Italian leather handbags by Josef aboard the Andrea Doria. (4) Art Tokle wins ski jump championship at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-442 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/02/26 - United Nations (1) "New York: Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, newly appointed chief of the U.S. delegation, hurls a challenge at Russia's Vishinsky, charging the Soviet can stop the war in Korea. It's the start of what may be one of the UN's stormiest sessions of the General Assembly." (2) News In Brief - Cheap beef from New Zealand on sale for 10 cents per pound. (3) Juan Peron of Argentina visits Chile (4) Austria voters reject communists and neo-Nazis in parliamentary elections (5) "New York: Exhibits at the International Motor Sports Show include Hitler's armored car, venerable old-timers, and a spectacular Spanish touring car, valued at $30,000." (6) "Maryand: Electronics' constribution to anti-aircraft defense is unveiled. It's the Skysweeper - 75mm gun that locates and tracks its target by radar, and fires automatically. It's now guarding U.S. cities." (7) Sports - Tokyo Giants baseball team in U.S., 41st Bowling Congress in Chicago. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-443 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/02 - French in Indochina (1) "Indochina: French veterans of World War II underground train Vietnamese commandos in their rough-and-ready tactics. Practice under a hail of live ammunition completes the grueling training of these silent, deadly warriors against the Communist insurgents." (2) Ike urges support of Red Cross (3) "Virginia: Late-model U.S. fighter-bombers bearing the tri-color insignia are loaded aboard the French carrier 'Dixmunde' for shipment to France. New air strength for our NATO ally." (4) "Georgia: Master golfer Bobby Jones is presented with his portrait by the country's most distinguished amateur artist - President Dwight D. Eisenhower." (5) "Hollywood: The 1952 Look Magazine Motion Picture Award for industry achievement goes to William Goetz, in charge of production at Universal-International Studios." (6) Sports - K of C track meet in New York, ping pong trick player in France. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-444 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/05 - Stalin Is Dead (1) some sound missing - scenes of Stalin and Russia (2) "Washington, DC: General James Van Fleet is welcomed by top Pentagon officials. At the White House, he is decorated by the President." (3) "New York: Britain's Foreign Minister Anthony Eden arrives to discuss 'trade, not aid' with President Eisenhower." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-445 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/09 - Action in Korea (1) "Korea: Some of the most gripping pictures yet to emerge from battle zone, show the softening up of an enemy strong point by artillery and plane action, and the charge of infantrymen up the heights, flame throwers in hand." (2) Saucer submarine in California (3) "New York City: The Scandinavian clubs of New York choose Christine Jorgenson 'Woman of the Year' - as the man who became woman through science." (4) Sports - baseball spring training, boy boxers of New York Boy's clubs. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-446 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/12 - MIG Downs U.S. Plane in Europe (1) "Germany: A marauding Red MIG attacks U.S. jets 15 miles inside the American zone, and downs one. The pilots tell the story of this latest act of Cold War aggression." (2) "Korea: Gun camera films showspectacular action scenes as U.S. fighters blast Red MIGs, action that may be grimly echoed halfway across the world, as tension mounts after European air combat incidents." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-447 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/16 - Refugees From Reds (1) "Berlin: Thousands of Eastern Germans seek sanctuary in West Germany from their hopeless fate under communism. Daily they cross the border into West Berlin, often at the risk of their lives. Here they are screened for disposition throughout the Bonn Republic." (2) Ike gives Medal of Honor to Marine Corp. Duane Dewey (3) Ike's three grandchildren play on the White House lawn with their Scotty dog, Skunkie. (4) "Nevada: Just released films show unusual behind-the-scenes close-ups of secret research in the last series of A-bomb tests. Spectacular shots of an actual atomic bombing run, and a rare close-up of the 'atomic mushroom'." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-448 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/19 - Strategic A-Bomb (1) "Nevada: In the 35th nuclear blast in American atomic history, soldiers huddle safely in trenches 2 miles from 'ground Zero.' Houses and cars are placed in the explosion area to determine their ability to withstand shock and radiation." (2) GIs test new cold weather suit in New Hampshire (3) Tito in England - "England: The Yugoslav dictator receives a royal welcome from Prince Philip, Prime Minister Churchill and Foreign Minister Anthony Eden as he arrives for a week's visit." (4) "At Sea: 2 are killed and 15 injured as bomb from a landing fighter explodes on the flight deck of the carrier Oriskany. One of the dead was the cameraman who made the pictures." (5) Women's spring hats fashions (6) Sports - Indiana wins NCAA basketball championship from Kansas. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-449 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/23 - Aftermath of Atomic Blast (1) "Nevada: Automatic cameras show a typical U.S. house smashed at the AEC's latest series of atomic tests. Inside the fire-cloud, you see the A-bomb's fiery impact crush the dwelling." (2) news In Brief - Plane crash in California kills 35 AF personnel. (3) Adlai Stevenson visits Korea (4) Harry Truman with Bess and Margaret sail for Hawaiian vacation from California. (5) "Chicago: The proprietor of a local book store is unmasked as Reinhold Pabel, an escaped German prisoner of war. Since 1945, he married, built up a business and is the father of an 8-month old child. Now, he faces deportation." (6) The Mighty Mite vehicle is tested in Virginia, to be successor to the Jeep. (7) French hat fashions (8) "First films show the new all-wather Sabrejet, armed with a battery of lethal, radar-guided 'Mighty Mouse' rockets, sudden death for any enemy bomber crossing this interceptor's path." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-450 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/03/26 - Queen Mary Dies (1) Dowager Queen Mary is dead at the age of 85, widow of King George V, had 1 daughter Mary and 4 sons; The first son, Edward, Prince of Wales abdicated to marry the American woman Wallace Simpson; her second son became King George VI and married Elizabeth who gave birth to Prince Charles, Mary's first grandchild. (2) Atomic research at Oak Ridge lab on fish and livestock yields new methods of cancer treatment. (3) News In Brief - Carpentry gadgets for girls (4) Rolligan military vehicle with big balloon tires can go where any burro can go (5) Paris fashions made affordable by New York company (6) annual Seattle fishing derby attracts junior Izaak Waltons. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-451 National Archives, College Park MD

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