Newsreels 1953 pt. 2

1953/04/27 - Exchanged Yanks On First Lap To States - "Korea: the paths of UN and Red convoys cross peacefully at Panmunjom, as the last group of UN prisoners are exchanged, under the current agreement. At Freedom Village, tales of malnutrition, disease and brutality shock UN medics." (2) Korea: "As truce talks proceed, U.S. Thunderjets take to the air in a withering assault to stymie any Red plans for a build-up." (3) News In Brief - "Good neighbors meet as the Governor of Rio de Janeiro and is wife, aughter of Brazil's President, are feted on a U.S. visit by notables including U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas and Eric Johnston." (4) Ambassador Luce in Italy - "Arriving in Naples, Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce gets a wildly enthusiastic reception from the people of Naples, a good omen as one of the most attractive diplomats in history takes up her post." (5) France - solar furnace of giant mirrors tested (6) Columbia University pipe-smoking tournament (7) Horse Racing - Native Dancer wins the Wood Memorial in New York. (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-460 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/04/30 - Korea Truce Hopes Rise at Talks in Panmunjom - Gen. Harrison talks to newsmen; but in Seoup crowds parade for unification of all Korea (2) Burial at sea for 81 Turkey sailors who perished in sinking of former U. S. submarine (3) News In Brief - "Colorado: New life is brought to ghost towns that roared during gold rush days, by the discovery of rich uranium lodes at Central City, once called the richest square mile on earth." (4) Blind kids visit New York zoo. (5) Illinois: Dedication of first House of Worship for followers of the Bahai'i faith (6) Spaghetti Contest - "New York: The season's first and only 'Spaghetti Derby,' a bevy of belles chomping away with no silverware, no hands. First to polish off the pasta wins the crown, and how!" (7) San Francisco: Families greet first plane load of POWs to return from Korea (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-461 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/05/04 - Korea Prisoners in Loyalty Parade - "New York: The first exchanged Korean PWs to reach New York review the annual Loyalty Day Parade of which Mrs. Robert Vogeler is Quenn. The two soldiers and Captain Eddie Rickenbacker are honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (2)England homes collapse over railway tunnel (3) Ike greets Lt. Mildred Rush named Woman of the Year by the Washington Press Club for service as nurse in Korea, also greets 23 women from 14 South American nations (4) Holland's Queen Juliana celebrates 44th birthday (5) Japan's Hirohito celebrates 52nd birthday (6) Austria fashion show for junior girls (7) Dark Star defeats Native Dancer to win the Kentucky Derby horse race (8) DC local - "The Shenandoah Valley's annual Apple Blossom Festival sees Nancy Eisenhower, niece of the President, crowned Queen. Celebrities on hand included Gen. Van Fleet, Arthur Godfrey and Hopalong Cassidy." (complete sound newsreel except Dallas local) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-462 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/05/07 - Canada Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent visits Ike in White House (2) "Korea: Air Force Capt. Joseph McConnell becomes our 6th jet ace, racking up his tenth MIG kill, in sensational air combat scenes. On the ground, a crippled tank is hauled from under the enemy's guns in a daring action by a tank recovery team." (3) In France, a mysterious fire sets 20,000 tires ablaze (4) "NJ: The Army tests a versatile new plastic. A heavy truck rolls over acid carboys, but fails to crack them. The same plastic is fashioned into weather balloons, and shellcase liners. The same balloon pillows of polyethylene film are used to carry Crusade of Freedom messages behind the Iron Curtain." (5) New York formal fashions (6) Two Kings Crowned in Middle East - "Iraq: King Feisal II ascends the throne. As crowds cheer the 18-year old monarch, he faces grave problems, for his oil-rich land is plagued by nationalist fanatics, and Red agitators. Jordan: Feisal's cousin, King Hussein is crowned the same day. These young new faces bring hope to the turbulent Middle East. In the future, the two Kings' fates may continue to be linked as in the past." (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-463 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/05/28 - Korea Helicopter Lift - "As rains and mud take over the Korean roads and trucks bog down, the faithful helicopters come to the rescue and move tons of supplies to all parts of the far-flung battle lines." (2) Holland airplane crashes but 34 aboard escape (3) "Spain: Generalissimo Franco stages one of the most colorful welcomes in recent Spanish history for president Francisco Lopes of Portugal (4) "Seattle: 11-year-old Song Yong Cho, legless orphan of the Korean war arrives in America to begin a new life in Boys Town. He was rescued by GIs and sent to America to begin a new life." (5) DC: "President and Mrs. Eisenhower along with government dignitaries play host to 1700 sick and disabled men and women of the armed forces." (6) "Japan: Airmen of the Strategic Air Command, required to be in top physical condition, learn the ancient art of Judo from Japanese instructors." (7) New Jersey lawn mower gadget keeps going around and around the grass plot (8) "California: Army officers watch the Rolligon go through its paces on enormous tires which spread out so widely the truck can climb the side of a building and run over the inventor without injuring him." (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-469 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/06/01 - Dulles Report - "Secretary of State Dulles returns with Mutual Security Administrator Harold Stassen after a tour of trouble spots" in Israel, Egypt, India, but Dulles does not speak. (2) "Korea: After savage fighting and heavy casualties on both sides, United Nations troops repulse a mass attack on Seoul. Allied artillery pours a curtain of fire on enemy positions." (3) "Moscow: Charles Bohlen, new ambassador to Russia, presents his credentials to Klement Voroshilov, president of the Russian Praesidium. He assumes his post in atmosphere of diplomatic cordiality." (4) "California: Lawrence Wahlstrom of Los Angeles took 7 years to built it. It works fine, it starts and stops and accomplishes absolutely nothing." (5) Ethiopian Vet - "NJ: Private Gabremicail Tumebo lost a leg in the Korean fighting but in New Jersey he's fitted with a new one and gets around mighty spry." (6) "NJ: Bill Outten hops off a 125-foot tower into a puddle of water 6 feet deep. He does it every day and lives." (7) BillVukovich wins the Indianapolis 500 auto race. (complete sound newsreel except New York City local story) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-470 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/06/03 - Coronation of Elizabeth II - "The greatest pageant of the 20th century unfolds before London and the world as Elizabeth, Britain's winsome young queen is crowned amid the splendor evolved over a thousand years." (2) In Westminster Abbey the Archbishop of Canterbury annoints the Queen and she receives the crown of St. Edward. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-471 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/01 - Drought - Gov. Thornton of Colorado makes tour (2) Seattle: old steam locomotive placed in Woodland Park. New York: kids on vacation from school (3) "Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, AF chief of staff retires with impressive ceremonies after 30 years of service. he is succeeded by Gen. Nathan Twining, who receives the congratulations of predecessor." (4) "Venezuela: Milton Eisenhower, brother of the president, arrives in Caracas on his fact finding tour of South America and is greeted by President Jimenez who shows him the modern city his capital has become." (5) Chicago premier of U_I technicolor film "The Sioux Uprising" (6) Aurora, Illinois: model of belt conveyor that may replace subway service in New York (7) Fox Hill Grove motorcycle race in Illinois. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-479 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/06 - Japan Floods sweep island of Kyushu (2) Lewis Strauss sworn in as chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (3) Adlai Stevenson in Greece (4) California teenagers take driving test (5) Lady mayor takes over in Burnsville, Mississippi (6) Miss Universe candidates arrive by airplane in New York (7) Wimbledon tennis matches won by Maureen Connelly and Vic Seixas. In Yakima, Washington, the Ridge runners jeep drivers race obstacle course. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-480 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/09 - Spotlight on Aviation (poor quality) - "A dual-purpose plant in Kansas City produces automobiles and jet planes on assembly lines side by side. The first F-84-F Thunderstreak jet emerges from the plant ready for testing. In France, the finest in European-designed planes do their stuff at a thrilling air show at le Bourget. At Fort Bragg NC 1,008 paratroopers hit the silk in the biggest mass jump in history." (2) Junior Miss beauty pageant for girls 4-6 in Long Beach, and Jane Ruble, age 4, wins title of Miss California Junior (3) Fashion Show in New York of expensive items. (4) Miss Universe candidates tour new York City, see Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building and Radio City, and get whistle from Ed Herlihy. (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-481 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/13 - Big Three Meeting - "Washington DC: State Secretary Dulles meets with French and British envoys to plot cold-war strategy in light of unrest in satellite countries and ouster of Russia's No. 2 man. Beria. President Eisenhower is host to group at White House." (2) Ike promises aid to dought areas in southwest (3) News In Brief - "New York: Charles Bohlen, U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, sho called the turn on the purge of Lavrenti Beria in the Kremlin, returns by air for top-level talks on the entire East-West picture." (4) "San Francisco: American League slugger Ted Williams, now a Captain in the Marine Corps, returns from Korea after 39 combat missions as a flier. he hopes to return to baseball action next year." (5) Glacier park, Montana: "Boy Scouts enroute to jamboree in California stop off at Blackfeet Indian pow-wow." (6) Long Beach CA: Miss Universe contestants arrive for beauty pageant (7) Ben Hogan wins British Open golf tournament (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-482 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/15 - Reds Pierce UN Lines As Korea Truce Drags - "Heavy fighting along the lines underscores dragging truce talks. Intense artillery barrages and combat casualties are the scenes from the front as President Syngman Rhee, reconciled to a truce, promises to cooperate. In Washington, President Eisenhower's envoy, Walter Robertson, reports on his negotiations with Rhee." (2) News In Brief - "California: The SS Hawaiian Pilot, almost 30 feet of her bow ripped away, limps into port, after a collision that sank the freighter Jacob Luckenbach. All aboard were saved." (3) "Formosa: President and Mrs. Chiang Kai Shek see the landing of the first consignment of U.S. Thunderjet fighter-bombers for Chinese Nationalist forces." (4) Shriners parade in New York down 5th Avenue (5) Sportswear fashion show (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-483 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/22 - Air Show (poor quality) - Royal Air Force in Coronation Review for Queen Elizabeth (2)"California: Hi-speed cameras record spectacular scenes of flight research, deceleration tests, rockets firing and bomb dispersion patterns, at Air Force Flight Test center on desert." (3) "President Eisenhower poses on White House steps with ex-Pres. Herbert Hoover, who will head up new commission to recommend government reorganization. Quantico VA: The Leathernecks demonstrate the latest vehicle for amphibious warfare, a reconnaissance boat that inflates in 30 seconds, can navigate in heavy seas or fast running rivers." (4) "Princeton NJ: Amazing model auto which passes other cars, or stops to avoid collision, all by electric impulses, is tested at research center. Tomorrow's driver will be able to sit back and relax." scenes of Howdy Doody doll, with cigarette (5) Sports - European kayak race on Vczerc River in France; Tour de France bicycle race in France; Ben Hogan gets triumphant Broadway reception returning from Scotland where he won the British Open golf match. (complete sound newsreel except San Francisco local story) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-485 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/27 - Truce in Korea - "At Panmunjom, the signing of a truce agreement by UN and Communist negotiators marks an end to 3 years of bitter combat. The Red aggressors hold less territory than before their troops marched, but the cost to both sides has been fearful. Neutral observers arrive to oversee the armistice, as in Washington, President Eisenhower formally announces the truce to America, and counsels against over-optimism in the face of the major problems that remain." (2) Silver Star medal awarded posthumously to Sgt. Raymond Taylor (3) NATO air show in Holland to mark 40th year of Dutch air force (4) Running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain (5) "Congressman Noah Mason, sponsor of a bill to repeal the 20% tax on movie admissions, comments on the passage of his bill, which now awaits Presidential action." (6) Jerry the chimpanze romps in California backyard pool with Mary the duck. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-486 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/07/27 - First Films of Korea Armistice - "At Panmunjom, Communist and UN delegates sign the truce in the newly built Peace pagoda. Gen, Mark Clark also signs at a nearby camp behind the lines, making official the historic agreement." (2) First parcels of $15 million worth U.S. food handed out in West Berlin for 200,000 East Germans who crossed the Iron Curtain (3) News In Brief - Monsoon weather and floods in Japan as U.S. planes drop food and supplies; In West Germany, Czechs show home-made armored car used to escape across border (4) Sen. Knowland comments on the achievements of Congress about to adjourn; rodeo in Joseph, Oregon. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-486 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/08/03 - Tribute to Taft - "America's leaders unite in tribute to the late Sen. Robert A. Taft, respected by political friends and foes alike. Led by President Eisenhower, hundreds file through the Capitol Rotunda, where the deceased Senate Majority Leader lies in state." (2) "Korea: After 3 years of savage conflict, the guns are stilled at last. Both sides move rapidly to fulfill truce conditions, moving back from front line positions, and returning prisoners of war. Gen. Mark Clark arrives in San Francisco, en route to report to the President, and receives a hero's welcome." (3) "On a mission of good will as President Eisenhower's personal emissary, his brother Milton Eisenhower is received by Argentina's President Peron. Back in Washington, Dr. Eisenhower reports on his mission at the White House. At Langley Field, engineers unveil a flying model of a unique vertical-rising aircraft, with wings like a four-slat Venetian blind, a new type of aircraft that may revolutionaize air transport, and air war." (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-488 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/08/24 - New Sultan in French Morocco - "Uneasy peace descends on tension-racked Morocco as a new Sultan is named. Violence is in the air as supporters of his exiled predecessor are searched for weapons before installation ceremonies." (2) "Iran: A popular uprising ousts Premier Mossadegh 2 days after the Shah's flight abroad. Mobs backed by the loyal Army oust the ailing Premier. The Shah returns to popular acclaim, as his foe waits trial." (3) Balloting in UN on Korean peace plan, with rare display of humor by Russia's Vishinsky. (4) News In Brief- "Indochina: French Union forces thrust an armored spearhead through Red-held territory. A score of Viet-Minh strongholds are crushed." New York: Red Cross blood drive on USS Antietam aircraft carrier. Annapolis: preseason football training. "A new age in aerial combat dawns with the disclosure that the huge B-36 intercontinental jet bomber can now launch, and recover in midair, an A-bomb-carrying Thunderstreak jet." (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-495 National Archives, College Park MD

1953/08/27 - "San Francisco: More tangible results on the home front of Operation Big Switch. heartfelt scenes of joyful family reunion as a Navy transport docks with 437 returning Korean ex-prisoners of war." St. Louis: American Legion convention. News In Brief - Ike on vacation in Colorado, scenes of trout fishing with youngster. Canada: Mother Goose characters at Vancouver's Stanley Park Zoo. Germany: Conrad Adenauer seeks re-election. (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 26-496 National Archives, College Park MD

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