Newsreels 1933 (all silent)

1933/03/13 - (1) Long Beach, California: scenes of west coast earthquake. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-127 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/16 - (1) Tornado Hits Southern Towns - scenes of destruction caused by tornado (2) Admiral Leish Views Ships (3) Washington brewers celebrate (sound of man talking), bottles of beer manufactured, horse-drawn cart carries barrels of beer, people drinking at bar. (partial silent newsreel, story 3 has some sound) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-128 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/20 - Five Dead As Worst Flood In Many Years Sweeps Ohio Valley (1) Cincinnati, Ohio: steamboat, flooded streets (2) surplus corn to make gasoline (3) police march (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-129 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/23 - Ban On Beer Lifted As President Signs Bill Legalizing Beer (1) Washington, DC: FDR signs bill, bartender slides glass of beer down bar (2) protest march of veterans (3) ice and snow in Chicago (4) Palo Alto, Calif.: Hoover returns home (5) floods in Midwest (6) Eleanor Roosevelt rides horse in woods (7) lion gets bath (8) earthquake and tidal wave in Japan (9) baseball (10) Nazis Into France Denounced By Jews - New York, NY: big rally (11) battleship launched (12) smokestack demolished (13) Lebrun in France (14) floods in England (15) alligators (16) passenger liner (17) sinks at dock (18) prosperity scrip used for money in store. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-130 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/04 - Death Toll Mounts (1) Little Rock (2)Thousands Acclaim Dedication - Cincinnati, Ohio (3) Long Beach CA: new water sport (4) train wreck (5) Trojan football (6) robot track repair (7) Press Club (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-133 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/20 - Steam Plane Sensational Success On First Trial Flights (1) Oakland CA: "An amazing demonstration of a new type of aircraft, with its revolutionary power plant, which is almost noiseless and which flies 200 miles on a dollar's worth of fuel." (2) 4 Dead, Several Hurt When Florida Flyer Jumps Track In Cut - "Cartersville, GA: Remarkable views of the unusual wreck in the Altoona Mountains where hundreds of passengers, aboard the 'Flamingo Limited,' crack tourist train, miraculously escaped death." (3) Hi-Jackers Foiled As Sheriff's Police Guard Beer Trucks - Chicago, Illinois: "In a determined effort to prevent gangland from forcing its way into the legal brewery business, armed escorts are supplied for trucks delivering 3.2 beverage to Cook County roadhouses and restaurants. (4) Convicts Mobilized Tp Combat Floods As Rivers Overflow - Glendora, Minnesota: "With thousands of lives threatened and hundreds of acres inundated, prisoners work frantically to stem the waters of the Tallahatchie River, as heroic casiques mark the evacuation of towns and villages. (5) New World's Record Set In Fast Running Of Classic Marathon - Boston MA: "Displaying amazing endurance, young Leslie Pawson, of Pawtucket RI defeats veteran rivals to win the historic race over a 26 mile course in 2 hours, 31 minutes, 1.3 seconds, lowering the 13-year-old Olympic record." (6) Lone Eagle and Mate Take To The Air Again For 'Round U.S. Flight - Newark NJ: "Lindy and his wife at the controls together for the first time since their return from the Orient as they takeoff into the rain and mist on the first leg of a two-month transcontinental tour." (7) Surf Boat Oarsmen Risk Lives Battling Against Giant Waves - Melbourne, Australia: "Remarkable scenes of life guards launching their frail craft into heavy seas whipped into huge mountains of water. A daring exhibition of seamanship." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-138 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/24 - (1) Pope Pius XI in Rome, Italy, gives papal blessing at St. Peter's (2) Forestry Unit Starts Work at Luray VA by young recruits under the Roosevelt unemployment relief plan (3) High Speed Camera developed by Electrical Research products reveals secrets of science (4 ) Seaplane Shatters World's Record - "Lake of Garda, Italy: Amazing views of the Air Corp's 2480 horsepower Macchi racer being flown at the remarkable speed of 424 miles per hour, smashing all flying records and outdistancing the former mark, held in Britain, by 14 miles an hour." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-139 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/27 - (1) Lumberjacks compete in the Third Annual Chopping and Sawing Contest for the Championship of the Pocono Mountains at Skytop, PA (2) Denver snow storm (3) One Dead, 20 Hurt, In Labor War - "New York, NY: Wild scenes are enacted in crowded city streets as thousands gather to see the police battle with rioters in the office of a fur workers' union. One man is killed and a score injured by flying bullets and knives during the clash of opposing factions." (4) Blasts Used In Giant Carvings - "Rushmore, SD: Remarkable views of a mammoth figure of George Washington being carved by dynamite in the face of a towering granite cliff in the Black Hills to create one of the world's largest memorials." TNT used at Mt. Rushmore (5) Firemen Show Gymnastic Skill in drills in front of City Hall in Paris, France (6) Baby Foxes Adopted By Cat in Ohio (7) Big Swords Flash for Tourists - "Hsifenkow, China: Extraordinary scenes of around-the-world travelers visiting the Great Wall regardless of the armed conflict now centering there, and of the famous sword equipped Chinese troops in a rehearsal of their recent successful counterattack against Nipponese invaders." (8) Angler Lands Record Sturgeon - "Montreal, Canada: A huge fish measuring 6 feet 8 inches in length, one of the largest ever caught in the St. Lawrence River, is landed after a terrific four hour battle by Arthur Lepensee, who weighs almost fifteen pounds less that his 173-pound catch." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-140 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/05/01 - (1) 50,000 Reds Mass in Rally - "New York, NY: Amazing scenes in Manhattan's famed Union Square, as an unprecedented crowd of Communists assembles for a gigantic May Day celebration, staged while the police stand by, prepared to cope with any disorder. (2) May Day Bombs Terrorize City - "Chicago IL: Chaos and panic follows a series of terrific blasts damaging Loop business buildings and throwing thousands into turmoil. Indescribable scenes of demolition and debris as the $150,000 wreckage toll is cleaned up." (3) Freed Britons Home From Trial - "London, England: Unusual screen portraits of the industrial engineers whose indictment by Soviet Russia on charges of espionage and sabotage held the attention of the world, and the rousing welcome they receive at the hands of their countrymen." (4) College Girls in Annual Fete - "Wellesley, MA: In a picturesque campus ceremony hundreds of girls roll hoops in a hectic race along the cloistered walks. The one who wins, according to the tradition, will be the first to marry." (5) Upside Down Ace Sets Record - "Rome, Italy: Startling pictures of Captain Raffaele Colacicchi as he pilots his plane over the Eternal City to set a new mark for inverted flying, by speeding head-down in the air, 42 minutes and 37 seconds." (6) martial Law in Farm Riot Area - "Le mars, Iowa: Impressive scenes of the Plymouth County mortgage 'war' as the National Guard establishes military rule and arrests the suspected leaders of the mob of farmer sympathizers that invaded a courtroom and abducted and beat a judge in protest against foreclosure proceedings." (7) Drivers Risk Lives - "Monte Carlo, Monaco: Speeding through the streets at a mile-a-minute pace, daring auto drivers battle for honors in annual Grand Prix Contest, taking hairpin turns on two wheels and thrilling the crowds by a remarkable exhibition of skill and courage." (8) Baby Camels Born In Circus - "Chicago, IL: Unique views of 'Sunday' and 'Monday', latest additions to the menagerie of a wild animal show, as they toddle about on their first morning stroll." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-141 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/05/04 - (1) Minden, LA: 100 killed; (2) Queer Pagan pageant (3) Remarkable Models of American Cities (4) King and Queen of England (5) Yakima sheep (6) motorcyles (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-142 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/05/08 - (1) Lindy Forced Down By Storm - "Glendale CA: Unusual closeups of Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh as they take off on the Eastbound flight on which they ran into a blinding sand storm and were forced to camp out all night in the Texas Panhandle." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-143 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/05/11 - (1) Vanguard of 2nd BEF (2) Chicago World's Fair (3) Jews anti-Hitler in New York (4) Dayton cycles (5) Lindbergh appears in Washington DC (6) Niagra Falls and Wellington NZ (7) New Army Bombers (8) troops in Vienna Austria (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-144 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/10 - (1) "Londonderry, Ireland; Striking scenes at Lough Foyle where the twenty-four flying boats commanded by the Italian Air Minister present an impressive sight arriving from Amsterdam on their way to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago." [Issue 5-159 of July 3 reported from Orbetello, Italy: "Striking scenes of the hop of Il Duce's famous Air Minister, as his fleet of twenty-five Savoia-Marchetti flying boats roars into the air on their historical trip around the top of the world to the Century of progress Exposition at Chicago."] (2) floods; ship fire; Tyrol riflemen (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-161 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/12 - (1) Wimbleton tennis; Irvington NJ buried alive (2) Germany train wreck; Vesinet, France cyclists (3) Rye Beach NY beauty contest; Flagstaff pow-wow (4) Venice Oregon dog laundry; Chicago bridge players (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-162 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/17 - (1) Brooklyn, NY ocean fliers killed; Cheltham England craze (2) Princeton NJ track meet; Vienna army (3) Post On Round The World Hop - "Floyd Bennett Field, NY: Impressive views of the start of the American Ace's record-breaking flight, as the veteran pilot takes off in his famous monoplane the 'Winnie Mae', on the epochal globe-circling trip, with Berlin, Koenigsberg, Moscow and Novosibirsk as the far-flung stopping points on his route back to New York." followed by story on Sen. Huey Long and bride. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-163 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/19 - (1) cactus; rowing (2) Duce inspects; Atlantic City woman and blimp; Elmira gliders (3) Glen Ridge ugliest home; Chicago fire (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-164 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/26 - (1) NY parade (2) Roosevelt son marries (3) Bridgeport - Mollison; Jones Beach swim (4) Floyd Bennett Field - Wiley Post (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-166 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/08/09 - (1) Machado Decrees State Of War - "Havana, Cuba: Dramatic scenes follow the President's declaration of martial law, with troops taking possession of the city, clashing with rioters, clearing civilians from the streets and leaving a large toll of dead and wounded and intimate views of General Mario G. Menocal, exiled chief-executive, directing from Miami the activities of the rebel forces in the bloodiest revolution of the Island Republic's history." followed by story on dam; prehistoric skeleton (2) Ireland plane; San Francisco bicycles; 50,000 homing pigeons (3) Mollisons Attend Odd Party - "New York, NY: Exclusive pictures of a unique celebration aboard a giant airplane, high over the metropolis and enroute to Atlantic City, as the intrepid British aviators are honored by Amelia Earhart, noted American flier, and a group of distinguished guests including Gene Tunney, former heavyweight boxing champion, Howard Chandler Christy, the artist and George Palmer Putnam, the publisher." followed by story on Bridgeport auto; Venice swimmer and beauty contest. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-170 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/08/14 - (1) Budapest story first; followed by story Woman Drives Car Thru Wall - "Maywood Illinois: An amazing demonstration of nerve by Mrs. Frieda Mais, who speeds down the track at a mile-a-minute, crashing through a heavily boarded fence without injuring herself or damaging her automobile." (2) Pilot Sets New World Mark - "Inglewood CA: Remarkable views of Lieutenant Tito Falconi, Italian Army Ace, flying upside down from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and return, in two hours, eight minutes and 54 seconds, breaking the previous record for inverted flight by almost twenty-six minutes." (3) Cuba Pres. Machado Flees As Rioters Kill Many During Loot Of Capital - Editor's Note: Universal Newsreel presents dramatic pictures obtained by David Oliver, its staff cameraman, at the risk of his life. Oliver's seizure and arrest by the police, while photographing these scenes, was headlined by newspapers throughout the nation." followed by story " Havana, Cuba: Hectic scenes as wild mobs, overjoyed by President Gerardo Machado's resignation, sack the city and loot stores and government buildings; with an unusual screen portrait of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, who has been named Provisional President of the Republic and intimate views of Sumner Welles, American Ambassador, who acted in the role of mediator between the revolutionists and the Machado government." (4) model boats (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-171 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/08/16 - (1) Havana Cuba (2) Italian passenger liner (3) bootleg coal industry; Priests Bless Autos (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 05-172 National Archives, College Park MD

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