Newsreels 1943 (silent)

1943/07/12 - Sicily Invaded (1) "In the biggest coordinated movement of all time, the Allies begin their huge invasion of the 'saft under-belly' of Europe by directing their furious might at the historic island, Sicily. Gigantic and continuous air bombardments demolish shore installations, plow up air fields and demoralize all communications. Glider squadrons and transports of parachutists swarm over the island. The giant guns of the fleet break out and send their tons of steel into the feeble shore defenses. The troops wade ashore, and Old Glory is planted on italian soil." scenes of bombers dropping bombs on coast of Sicily to begin the invasion; fleet of ships fire naval guns at night; parachute troops dropped from airplanes; troops wade ashore from landing craft; Ike salutes (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-206 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/07/15 - Softening Up For Invasion (1) "The U.S. 9th and 12th Air Forces direct terrific aerial bombardments on Italian soil. Blockbusters scatter destruction. Even the near hits in the sea are valuable, since they set off mine fields." (2) Fire Brigade Foils Japs - "Washington State: 2,000 high school boys comprise the Civilian Fire Fighting Corps, formed to protect Washington's vast forests from Jap fire bombs, while their adult relatives are at war." (3) Scientific Sky Dragons - "In little Rhode Island they fly the largest kites in the nation. Designer Jolbert demonstrates them, and sends his daughter aloft as a passenger." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-207 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/07/26 - Mussolini Finished (1) "The explosive career of Mussolini comes to an inglorious end, as his many exhortations from italian balconies only lead to Italian collapse in every war arena. King Victor Emmanuel and Marshall Badoglio seize the reins of state and Italy reaches the most decisive moment in her history." scenes of Mussolini shown in various speaking poses, with Hitler at table; crowd fill public square; (2) Flat Tops On Parade - "Lady Halifax launches one of our new miniature aircraft carriers, of the type which is proving so effective in driving Nazi subs back to their native lairs. Aircraft Carrier At Chicago - The pleasure steamer SS 'Seeanbee' has been converted to the USS 'Wolverine.' Hundreds of 'flat-top pilots' will get their sea-air wings from her decks." (3) Bread For The World - "Eye filling scenes of harvest days in Washington as a bumper wheat crop is brought in. Scores of horses haul the combine harvesters, thereby eliminating the use of tons of gasoline." (4) Blind Dates - "Movie stars had better look to their honors as these shapely gals parade in the 'prettiest leg' finals at Palisade Park, NJ. And the gals needlessly pull sacks over their heads to draw attention to their lower extremeties." scenes of beauty contest of women with bags over heads, legs through cardboard poster. (5) Whoops My Dear! - "At Camp Edwards, Mass., they place their ocean going soldiers in unique oscillating machines which induce sea sickness. After exhaustive tests with these machines, a successful Motion Sickness preventative is developed." scenes of aircraft simulator rocking back and forth; (6) The Dogs Of War - "Trained dogs and horses prove of tremendous aid to the U.S. Coast Guard, in detecting the presence of any enemy who may have made a sneak-landing on out shores." (7) Jumping Jeepers - "In Australia, the Aussies take our jeeps out and put them through paces that would put any kangaroo to shame." scenes of Jeeps crossing rugged terrain, bounce over hills. End title - "Victory for America" (silent complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-210 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/08/26 - King Farms For Victory (1) "Sandringham Farms: King George sets a royal example for his Empire as he converts his beautiful floral gardens at Sandingham Palace to British Victory Gardens." (2) Yanks Take Munda Base - "The tropical campaign directed at Munda comes to a successful conclusion for the battle-seasoned Yanks. The yard by yard nature of the advance is observed as the tricky Jap resistance is rolled back." (3) Taps For Hero Dead On Attu - "American hero dead are fittingly honored by their comrades as services are held in the military cemetery in this arctic outpost." in the Aleutians (4) 50,000th Tank Leaves Plant - "At an East Coast tank depot, where armored units are assembled for battle action, prior to being shipped abroad, the 50,000th war vehicle is sent on its way." (5) Death By Air Rains On Axis - "Allied bombers roam the length and breadth of a war-sickened Italy, as huge air fleets roar out of England to spread their ruin in occupied France. The devastating action of 'earth waves' (bomb concussions) is clearly observed." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-219 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/08/30 - Axis Loses Again (1) "Defying flak-filled skies, Axis bombers strike at dawn over the harbour at Palermo, hittingGenerals Patton and Montgomery in Sicily (2) War's End For Axis Captives - "Italian and German prisoners of the Sicilian Campaign relax at a North African prison camp. After being re-oufitted and checked in they are transported to permanent camps in England and U.S." (3) Heroes Honored - "General Eisenhower awards Brigadier General Howard Craig the Legion of Merit, while in Yunoan Province, China, Major General Chennault receives a silver trophy from Chinese merchants." (4) A Fish Fry - "A free-for-all at a drained 500-acre mill pond provides citizens of southern Georgia with more than 15,000 lbs. of choice fish fry." (5) War Bride Fashions - "Top-ranking designers show what the well dressed bride will wear when she marries the soldier, sailor or marine. The display includeds replicas of uniforms and bridal constumes of six previous American wars." (6) Air Troopers Get New Base - "One of the greatest and newest training stations for airborne troops is dedicated in the Middle West. Parachute troops and their dogs thrill crowds with daring demonstrations." (7) Air Raid Drill in Vancouver (8) Film Bulletin - Rosalind Russell in "One Day Sooner" - she watches newsreel clips on movie screen (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-220 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/09/02 - Kiska Back In Our Hands (1) "Combined operations by Canadian troops and the Yanks, wrests Kiska from the Japanese grasp and rids the American owned Aleutians of the last remnants of the Jap invasion force." (2) Honors for Blitz Heroes - New York, NY: "Three-hundred-fifty Tommies, members of a crack British AA battery, who heroically defended London against the Luftwaffe, parade up New York's Broadway. They're in America to exchange information with the U.S. soldiers in anti-aircraft units." (3) Reunion In Sicily - "A young boy left his family and home town in Sicily for the U.S. Coming of age, he was drafted and later took part in the Sicilian Invasion as a corporal in the U.S. Army. In Mezzojulsa he is reunited with his parents and sister, ending one the strangest and happiest tales of the war." scenes of soldiers in jeep arrive in town, embrace townspeople; (4) A Matter of Form - "In the sixth annual married women's beauty contest held a Palisades Amusement Park, a Kalamazoo, Michigan housewife is crowned 'Mrs. America.' And she is awarded a fur coat. What a relief to hubby!" (5) US Gets New Shangri-la - "The eighth U.S. Navy vessel to bear the proud name 'Hornet' is launched. The new aircraft carrier replaces the famous flat-top from which Jimmy Doolittle and his flyers bombed Tokyo and which was later lost to the Japanese." (6) World of Sports - Los Angeles diving; some dives filmed in slow motion. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-221 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/09/06 - Italian Bases Bombed (1) "Vibo Valentia and Vertigo, vital Italian airbases, are blasted by American bomber squadrons as British invasion of Italian mainland presages Allied incursions in Hitler's Europe." (2) Churchill At U.S. Shrine - "Accompanied by her subaltern daughter, Mary, Mrs. Churchill lays a wreath on the tomb of America's Unknown Soldier at Arlington. Later, Miss Churchill shows up at Daytona Beach, Fla. to enjoy a day at the WAC cantonment there." (3) Coolies Build Base - "Thousands of coolies pull gigantic rollers over pulverized rock to provide a cementless runway for American bombers, which now stand poised to take a crack at Japan proper." (4) War Sinews For MacArthur - "Assembly in the Antipodes - Huge assembly plants in Australia recondition war-torn aircraft for return to duty, as well as supplies of every description." (5) Air Power Dooms Japs In Pacific - "MacArthur Advances - Fleets of Yank bombers hurl concussive bombs on Jap base at Salaronna, New Guinea as MacArthur's concerted South Pacific push gets under way." (6) Movie Stars On Bond Tour - "Movie stars from Hollywood get the Third War Loan Drive off to a flying start as they engage in a transcontinental entertainment tour." (7) Film Bulletin No. 2 with Churchill (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-222 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/09/09 - (1) Italy Quits - "To save herself from advancing ruin, Italy signs armistice terms agreeing to unconditional surrender, and lays down her arms. Il Duce is mocked in his ruin, and the masterful strategy of General Eisenhower secures the willing co-operation of a conquered but not a subjugated Italy." (2) Light and Fantastic - "The graceful Viennese waltz ushers in the annual Harvest Moon Ball at Madison Square Garden. But brother, just see those jitterbugs shove it around at about 80 to the bar." (3) Movie Stars Sell Bonds - "The 'Hollywood Bond Cavalcade' of screen luminaries arrives in Washington, DC, to do their part in getting the 3rd War Loan Drive under way." (4) South Pacific War Front (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-223 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/11/22 - (1) Rocket Guns Blast Nazis - "The Russian armies converge before Korschev to unleash a terrific offensive. As they lay down their blinding barrage, strange flashes are observed. Careful examination proves them to be Russia's deadly new weapons in action, rocket guns. As the infantry leaps forward to pursue the fleeing Nazis, the toll exacted by these new weapons is seen. The ever familiar faces of Nazi dead greet us, and the wreckage of German equipment impedes the way temporarily. But American-built Lend-Lease jeeps bounce into view, bristling with Soviet troops, and Korschev is entered." (2) Bryansk - "The smoke of battle rises from Bryansk as the Reds cautiously advance on this important rail center, which also served as a jumping off spot for the Nazi drive on Moscow. Terrific explosions rend the scene, but the Russians roll forward and enter the prize city. Civilians get the tidings, and with sheep drawn vehicles, they bring their religious trappings and personal effects back to their home city. And they demonstrate their gratitude to the liberating troops." (3) London Tragedy - "London: Dancers were oblivious to Nazi bombers in a recent nuisance raid, then a crumper caved in the whole dancing edifice. Strewn wreckage and piles of unclaimed wraps tell a stark story." (4) Richelieu Back In War - "This 35,000 ton French battle wagon arrives in Mediterranean waters after her complete refitting in the USA. General Giraud inspects the fighting giant as she prepares for 'the main event.' scenes of Free French battleship. (5) Stamping out "Der Fatso" - "Seattle, WA: Boeing Aircraft employees plaster a paper-man caricature of Hermann Goering with defense stamps. Then they turn blow torches on the stuck-up personage and offer a burnt offering to victory." (6) First British women rest in Arlington (7) Princess Juliana in Guiana - "The heir to the Netherlands throne visits Free Dutch territory for the first time in three years. The natives are exhuberant in the reception they gave her." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-244 National Archives, College Park MD

1944 - Army-Navy Screen Magazine No. 31 (includes sound) - "Reel 1, Marlene Dietrich speaks and Irving Berlin sings on a 5th Army radio station. Men in the field listen to the program on portable radios. Wounded are evacuated to the U.S. Describes problems confronting the veteran returning to civilian life. Reel 2, a veteran is interviewed by a representative of the U.S. Employment Service. Explains mustering-out pay and job training available to veterans. An ex-boxer, who lost an arm, marries and works on a defense job. Pvt. Snafu (animated cartoon) has a nightmare in which his outfit is destroyed because he has violated censorship. " SOURCE: 111SM.31 National Archives, College Park MD

1944 - Army-Navy Screen Magazine No. 57 (includes sound) - Reel 1, A Few Quick Facts - Japan starts a cartoon shows Hirohito shoving Hitler aside and proclaiming himself the greatest conqueror, the operation of thought control in Japan, and U.S. aid to Japan during the 1923 earthquake. Shows troops from Europe showering, drawing new clothing, and preparing to embark for the Pacific theater. Reel 2, Sing With the Stars - Bing Crosby sings accompanied by a Navy band, including bouncing ball song Don't Fence Me. SOURCE: 111SM.57 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/08 - Private Snafu, in Spies (includes sound) - "A cartoon in which Snafu, while drunk, reveals military secrets that allow the enemy to torpedo his ship." (released August 1943) SOURCE: 111SM.929 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/12 - Private Snafu, in Rumors (includes sound) - " A cartoon comedy illustrating the effect of rumors. Taking a chance remark that the weather is good for bombing, Pvt. Snafu starts a rumor, becomes increasingly panicky, and is finally confined in a psychopathic ward." (released Dec. 1943) SOURCE: 111SM.930 National Archives, College Park MD

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