Newsreels 1941-43 (silent)

1941/06/05 - Universal Newsreel intro (1) Test Biggest War Plane - "Santa Monica, Calif.: The entire world awaits the take-off of the famed Douglas B-19 bomber, largest ever! The 76-ton aerial dreadnaught, which will be able to carry 28 toms of bombs to Europe and back, undergoes 'taxi' tests preparatory to the first flight." (2) Richmond, Va., scenes of aluminum scrap drive, girl scouts collect pots and pans (3) Fort Benning, military show (4) Baton Rouge, bridge (5) "Greek Navy Fights With British - units of the Greek fleet that escaped destruction reach safety in British-held Mediterranean ports. They're going to keep up the fight! A day with British mine-layers will show you how they enjoy their task of sowing the deadly explosives - and hope for good results!" (6) Ex-Kaiser Dies At 82, (7) San Andreas, Calif., seismic testing. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-986 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/10 - Sabotage Suspected (1) "Jacksonville, Florida: Towering columns of smoke billow out of waterfront piers in a disastrous blaze. Sabotage is suspected! Firemen, aided by sailors and marines, battle the fire for hours." (2) "Vancouver, B.C.: The new Boeing plane factory, turning our warplanes for Britain, is threatened by a blaze that destroys the administration building, but luckily the flames are confined and assembly lines are spared." (3) Gibraltar: caves for troops, guns made ready (4) "Camden, NJ: Another huge warship slides down the ways, ahead of schedule. The USS South Dakota, called 'better than the Bismarck' by Secretary Knox. Immediately, the keel is laid for another warship!" (5) "Yokosuka, Japan: Japanese demands on the Dutch Indies are backed up by a pictorial display of naval strength, intended for consupmtion abroad. Battleships, cruisers and other warships take part in maneuvers, while ashore, new recruits undergo stiff training." - scenes of soldiers training, naval ships (6) Army Seizes Plane Plant - "Englewood, Calif.: Steel-helmeted troops take over the strike-bound North American factory after C.I.O. strikers disregard pleas by union spokesmen to return to work. On orders from President Roosevelt, the epochal step is taken to assure delivery of vitally-needed warplanes for the U.S. and Britain." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-987 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/12 - Army Ends Plane Strike (1) Army Guards Plane Plant As Strikers Return To Work - "Inglewood, Calif.: All is quiet on the 'strike' front, as almost all the 20,000 No. American workers are back on the job, under surveillance of Army troops. President Roosevelt's epochal move, though drastic, is hailed as a blow to Communist agitators." (2) West Point, cadet graduation (3) Hoboken NJ: "Admiral Harry Yarnell, former Asiatic Fleet chief, Wendell Willkie, and Guy Vaughan of Curtiss-Wright are among those given honorary degrees as Stevens Institute holds commencement exercises." (4) ZamZam Survivors Reach U. S. - "LaGuardia Field, NY: Three survivors of the ill-fated liner arrive by Clipper after being released by their Nazi captors. A 'deliberate, premeditated' deed is their opinion of the incident." (5) New York, NY: "Rubber life-saving garb, inflated with air, that will hold a person up for days, is tried out in the East River by pretty models. A U.S. concern will build them, some for the Coast Guard." (6) Dallas, TX: "First contingents of thousands of RAF trainees who will receive instruction in this country arrive for ground work and flight tests. After trial flights, the boys go native! And how!" scenes of women pilots. (7) Falmouth, MA: "Uncle Sam's 'Regulars,' 1,000 strong from Fort Devens, plunge waist-deep in a thrilling assault demonstration. They're ready for anything!" scenes of troops practicing beach landing. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-988 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/16 - All Saved On Robin Moor (1) "The sinking of the SS. Robin Moor by a U-boat in the South Atlantic creates nationwide reaction as survivors place blame squarley on the Nazis. Thirty-five feared dead in lifeboats have been rescued by a British ship." scenes of map that shows route of the Robin Moor sunk by submarine (2) Washington, DC: "Harlan F. Stone, newly-appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, poses for newsreel cameras. The two new appointees to the court are Senator James F. Byrnes and Attorney General Robert Jackson." (3) "New York, NY: Mayor LaGuardia, Civil Defense Chief, shows the new uniforms for pretty defense workers. Nurses, wardens and others will be right in style with swanky new outfits for the emergency." (4) Aviation In The News - "Washington, DC: Begun in 1938, the new National Airport is a tribute to its designers and builders. Equipped with modern devices and large runways, it cost over $16,000,000 to build." Lockland, Ohio: The great new Wright plant, built in a year at a cost of $37,000,000, is dedicated by Orville Wright, air pioneer, and OPM Chief Knudsen. By June, 1942, the plant will turn out 1,000 'Cyclone' engines a month. Joliet, Illinois: The object lesson of Crete provides the stimulus for adaptation of the new form of modern warfare. Officers at the Lewis School get ground instruction behind novel 'wind' machines." scenes of giant fans testing glider (5) Canada local: Torch of Victory enroute to Britain. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-989 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/19 - 1st Pictures Of Sea Fight (1) British Warships Corner Bismarck - "First dramatic 'on-the-spot' pictures of the chase and destruction of the Nazi battleship, and the arrival of German survivors in England, while British ships celebrate victory." (2) Ethiopia: "First pictures showing the 'Lion of Judah's' triumphant return to the throne he was forced to abandon six years ago. Now he heads a native army helping Britain regain his lost country." scenes of Hailie Selassie. (3) "Boston: John Roosevelt, youngest son of the President, reports for duty as an ensign in the Navy. he has been assigned to the Navy Supply Corps School at the Harvard Business School." (4) "Washington, DC: Phillip Johnson, 3rd secretary to the U. S. Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, returns with inside information on the sinking of the Robin Moor. He interviewed survivors!" (5) "Norfolk, Va: The SS. America, largest luxury liner in U.S., is ready for service as a transport for the navy. her luxurious fittings have been taken out and bunks put in for 5,000 men." (6) Philadelphia, PA: "A new and deadly weapon for defense, a novel bomb, is now being turned out in mass production for our armed forces. Secret device makes the momb more powerful than any!" (7) Fort Benning, GA: "Troops of the 29th Infantry show the new tin hats which may be adopted for our armed forces. Lighter and tougher, the new bonnets allow great freedom of movement." (8) Chicago, Ill.: "Spectacular scenes of tragic blaze in big lumber mill plant where three firemen meet death and others are injured as the flames roar over a vast area." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-990 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/23 - 39 Lost in U.S. Sub O-9 (1) "Portsmouth, NH: Despite heroic rescue work by veteran deep-sea divers, all hope is given up for thirty-three officers and men on the sunken submarine, 0-9, trapped in 440 feet of water. Memorial services headed by Secretary Knox are held for the victims." (2) King City, CA: "60,000 troops and hundreds of mechanized vehicles begin record-breaking maneuvers. Scenes show new defensive and offensive camouflage ideas, as well as novel 'spider holes' that are taking the place of trenches." scenes of troops train, machine gun, mines, jeep, undercover in ground (3) The Battle of Britain - "In the Atlantic: Life aboard a ship on convoy duty requires steady nerves and stout hearts. Attacks by enemy planes and submarines keep these brave mariners on their toes. In England, Britain's new heavy tanks go into action in spectacular tests. The big units bust their way right through brick buildings - and just watch 'em take the water jumps! In England: Britains new heavy tanks go into action in spectacular tests. The big units bust their way right through brick buildings, and just watch 'em take the water jumps!" (4) World of Sports - Cypress Gardens, Fla., water skiers. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-991 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/26 - The Battle Of Britain (1) "Gibraltar: British warships arrive with detachment of re-inforcements for the 'Rock.' The 'land' troops enjoy their trip enroute. England: Wrecked Nazi bombers attest to perfection of new night-fighting planes from U.S. Special radio devices are helping combat Nazi menace! Meanwhile, men and women ferry pilots are praised by new Minister of Aircraft production." (2) New York, NY: "In response to appeal for technicians to operate radio planes spotting devices in England, hundreds of men and women enlist in special corps for service overseas." (3) National Defense - "Niagra Falls, NY: The great new Bell facory, first plant completed under the new defense drive, begins turning out fighter planes for the U.S. It boasts a conveyor system for speeding production." (4) "San Diego: First lesser Pandas born in the U.S. - and twins! The double 'debut' at the zoo rouses great interest. The mother is from China." (5) World of Sport - self-defense, diving (6) Cardinal Opens Catholic Congress. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-992 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/30 - F.B.I Grabs Spy Ring (1) "New York: Thirty-two alleged spies or saboteurs, three of them women, are rounded up in a dramatic series of arrests, here and elsewhere, by Government agents. Some are Germans; all are held on charges of stealing vital defense secrets. Several are linked with the Army's famed bomb-sight." - FBI arrests spies, taken into court (2) National Defense - "Pascagoula, Miss.: First of three, 17,000-ton passenger and freight vessels for South African 'run' is christened and slides down ways. All-welded construction, and built in record time!" scenes of ship African Comet launched. "Ft Belvoir, VA: Spectacular scenes of 'attack' on pillbox, with protable flame-throwing devices developed for Uncle Sam's army. Demolition squads make things 'plenty hot' for the other side! Downey, CA: Interesting scenes show new speed-up at Vultee plant, where overhead assembly conveyors speed production of trainers for U.S. Modern science plays new role in national defense. Quantico, VA: Oh! For the life of a Marine! Twenty-one gorgeous New York models arrive by plane for a visit to the Leatherneck base. What a welcome sight for the Devil Dogs, as the lassies go swimming!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-993 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/07/28 - Crisis in the Pacific (1) U.S. In Move to Halt Japs - "Japanese military activity in Indo-China, with swift economic retaliation from the U.S. and Britain, brings fears of war in the Pacific. Face with trade reprisals, what will Japan do now?" (2) Red Military Mission in U.S. - "Washington, DC: Purchases of American supplies for the Russian army head list of duties of Soviet mission, headed by General Golikoff, which is escorted to State Department by Russian Ambassador Oumansky." (3) Navy Launches Fastest Cruiser - "Quincy, MA: The USS San Diego, new-type cruiser said to be speediest ever built, slides down ways after christening by wife of San Diego's mayor. Others to follow will provide Navy with new wallop afloat!" (4) Magicians Show Latest Tricks - "Seattle, WA: 350 prestidigitators arrive, many by plane, for annual convention, and even whil leaving the plane, they display their newest tricks and stunts that will amaze you!" (5) World of Sports - Tunney Trains Navy Recruits - "Norfolk, VA: The former bosing champ, now a Lieutenant Commander, heads physical fitness program that is increasing stamina and endurance of thousands of recruits. It's no push-over, as you'll see." 263 Yachts in Race Week Finale - "Larchmont, NY: Colorful scenes mark final day of 43rd annual Race Week Regatta, with hundreds of sailboats, big and small, getting away with spanking breezes in a last bid for yachting honors." Whirlaway Beaten In Classic - "Arlington Park, IL: First upset in seven starts for the 'Big Three' champion. 50,000 turf fans see the Derby winner finish second in the $10,000 Classic Stakes, with Attention the surprise victor! The upset of the year!" (6) Canadian and Philadelphia locals (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-1 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/08/29 - Aircraft Workers Cheer Duke (1) Middle Rover MD: The Duke of Kent, in his Air Commodore uniform, gets rousing welcome from workers at Martin plant, turning out bombers for U.S. and Britain. He also tries his hand at the wheel of a new 'jeep' car; - "Middle East: Dramatic pictures of the final days of the Syrian campaign. Spectacular scenes show actual air bombardment by Australian fliers, as well as the wild armistice celebration on the part of Syrian natives." - British planes take off, drop bombs on Syria in Mideast - Baton Rouge, La: Construction is started on the 1200-mile pipe line to the East, to help ease threatened shortage. Crews working at top speed must lay two miles of pipe a day to complete the job by January." - oil pipline under construction in Louisiana - "New Orleans: While planes roar overhead, Naval reservists and Marines in 50 landing boats 'seize' a bridgehead on Lake Ponchartrain. It's no easy-going but the 'gobs' go through their paces like veterans." - landing craft demonstrated; Higgins boats, amphib tank; - "Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love welcomes thousnds of Veterans and their wives, on hand for the 42nd National V.F.W. Encampment. Marching is the order of the day, as hundreds of thousands cheer." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-10 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/09/15 - Armed Nazi Raider Sunk (1) "In the Baltic: Actual pictures of sinking of Nazi armed freighter! Torpedoes and depth charges sealthe doom of the marauding vessel, right before your eyes." torpedo fired at Nazi raider surface ship, lifeboats with survivors, ship sinks. (2) "Washington DC; Members of President Roosevelt's fact-finding mission to the Soviet, headed by W. Averill Harriman, confer at the White House on eve of departure. They'll speed 'Lend-Lease' aid to Russia." - Averill Harriman with others; (3) Record War Game Starts - "Louisiana: Biggest War Games Underway. Uncle Sam's Second and Third Armies, comprising hundreds of thousands of troops, hundreds of tanks and planes, begin record maneuvers. Scenes show dramatic attack by 1st Armored Division, supported by speedy attack bombers. Cavalry units are also 'under fire'." - motorcycles and trucks start war games, troops and cavalry, artillery and tanks, airplanes fly over; (4) "Ft. Cronkhite, CA: New battery of two 16-in. guns is tried out for the first time. Crews consisting mostly of selectees operate the huge 'rifles,' which guard the Golden Gate." (5) "Washington, DC: Gen. John J. Pershing, noted American Army chief during the World War, marks his 81st birthday quietly and without fanfare. he is undergoing annual 'checkup' at Walter Reed Hospital."; (6) "Los Angeles: 'Pop' Patten, 52 years old, couldn't stand being idle with his seven boys all active aboard the USS Nevada. So he joins with them during ceremonies aboard the battleship." (7) "Milwaukee, WI: When the American Legion 'hits' town for its annual convention, the place is in for a round of good-natured fun and gaiety unequalled by any other gathering in the world. No exception is this one!" (8) Mothers Get Break In Beauty Contest For "Mrs. America" - "Palisades park, NJ: "Winner is pretty Mrs. Ruth Lieklider, 19-year-old New York matron!" - beauty contest for Mrs. America 1941; (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-15 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/10/20 - Convoy To Iceland (1) "U. S. Turning island Into Fortress - Dramatic pictures of convoy enroute to Iceland! Troops, supplies and munitions for the island fast becoming a North Atlantic fortress. A air-raid alarm finds U.S. troops and machines on the qui vive!" scenes of cargo of meat and potatoes; Gen. Marshall; air raid drill on Iceland; (2) On the War Front - "The Battle Of Britain - Spectacular scenes of the new Hurricane in action! With its four wing-mounted cannon, the craft attacks Nazi ships in the North Sea. Dramatic, actual pictures - right before your eyes. Britain's new long-range bomber, the Short Stirling, can carry the air war to points 'East' hitherto immune to attack. A Nazi U-boat, captured by a Coastal Command plane, is brought to port after the amazing encounter in the Atlantic. War wreckage! 1,500 Nazi prisoners, badly wounded, are put aboard a ship destined for a French port, but the exchange plan falls through. A pitiful event!" includes night scene of wounded boarding ship; Brit fighters attack ships by strafing." - night scene of wounded boarding ship; air crew takes off in Brit bomber; Brit fighters; attack ships by strafing; submarine; politicians; (3) Camera Barrage Greets Windsors On Big Town Visit - "New York, A barrage of cameras greets the royal couple as they arrive at their Waldorf-Astoria suite. New Yorkers hardly knew the Duke and Duchess had arrived, but the cameramen were right on the job." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-25 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/10/27 - Canadian Troops Board Ship. (1) Canada local: Dominion troops sail for England in record convoy. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-27-loc National Archives, College Park MD

1941/11/03 - Troops Occupy Factory (1) "Bendix, NJ - Acting on Presidential orders, troops take over the Air Associates factory to break a strike crippling defense production. With Army officers in charge, strikers return to work." scenes of army keeping plant open despite strikers, guard workers inside factory; (2) airplane crashes at St. Thomas, Ontario, and another at Moorhead, Minn., due to bad weather, 34 dead; (4) "Lancaster, CA: The first 50 British flying cadets, trained in the U.S. by American instructors, get their wings and take off for a thrilling demonstration. They'll soon be going home." scenes of pilots commissioned, take off in planes; (5) New U. S. Cruiser Launched - "Camden, NJ: The USS Cleveland, first of a new class of 10,000-ton cruisers, slides down the ways at the New York Shipbuilding company yards, none months ahead of schedule." (6) Philadelphia, PA: monkeys in the zoo enact the launching of a ship, firing of a canon. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-29 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/11/24 - Another Battleship Launched (1) "Newport News, VA: The world's most powerful battleship hits the waves! The USS Indiana is the 3rd dreadnaught launched this year. A $70,000,000 insurance policy for defense!" - New 'Tank Destroyer' Tested - "Washington, DC: A novel new vehicle is put through its paces before Army officials. 'Bigley's Buster,' designed to mount a '75' and speed along at 60 mph, is a deadly foe of tanks." - Soldier's Life is 'Apple Pie' - "Spokane, WA: The world's biggest apple pie is dished out to air base troops by a bevy of pretty local lassies. Weighing a ton, the huge pie is a meal in itself, and the boys 'eat it up'! - Screen Salutes the Air Corps (exclusive) - "Detroit, Michigan: Air Force officials and Hollywood stars mingle at the premiere of the new Abbott and Costello 'hit,' 'Keep 'Em Flying.' The poice have their hands full keeping the spectators in line." - 'Big City' Has 'Balloon Barrage' - "New York. NY: On a mission of peace, helium-filled 'hobgoblins' delight thousands of spectators, young and old, during the annual Macy parade, a salute to Santa Claus and his merry company." (2) Army Shows How Air Infantry And Chutists Cooperate - Maxton, NC: parachutists land, planes land troops; Randolph Field TX: soldiers march; Fort Jay, NY: gas masks tested in gas chamber by women. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-35 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/12/10 - America Goes To War (1) "From coast to coast, American and American cities show the effects of all-out war. New recruits by the thousands rush to enlist! Air raid alarms are sounded on both coasts, and cities are blacked out!" scenes of neon sign that reads Japanese attack, scenes on Wake Island, fleet sails, plane takes off from battleship, overhead view of battleship, volunteers enlist. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 14-40 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/02/02 - Convoy Routs Axis Raiders (1) "Mediterranean: Spectacular pictures filmed under fire! Nazi bombers attack a British convoy. Anti-aircraft guns shoot one down, right before your eyes, it crashes into the water in flames!" (2) "Washington, DC: Walter Nash, new Minister from New Zealand, is greeted by U.S. officials and other British envoys. He is advocating a Pacific War Council, with an American in supreme command." (3) Los Angeles: "The American freighter 'Absaroka,' badly damaged when attacked by a jap submarine in the Pacific, is undergoing repairs and soon should be back in action again." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-55 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/03/02 - 41 Missing In U-Boat Attack (1) Off Manaquan, NJ: "Mistaken by the watch on the tanker R. P. Resor for a fishing boat as it approached with lights ablaze, a submarine torpedoes and sets fire to the ship and all are lost but two crew members." (2) R.A.F. Blasts Continent - "Somewhere in Europe: Intrepid Royal Air Force pilots take off from secret bases in England to do some amazing bombing and strafing on the continent. Actual pictures show the heartening results." (3) In the Northwest, Airmen Learn To Be 'Alert' - "Pacific Northwest: Crack fliers in the strategic defense areas of the pacific coast have extensive daily maneuvers to prepare them for any eventuality. If the Japs come, the reception will be warm." (4) Local: Pacific Coast Ack-Acks Are Ready, crews practice anti-aircraft guns. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-63 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/03/25 - Scrap The Jap Drive Is Held (Exclusive) (1) Dayton, Ohio: "The city's third 'Scrap the Jap" campaign starts, with Scouts and others rounding up tons of the precious scrap metal." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-70 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/04/08 - Last Civilian Radio Made (1) Camden NJ: "The last phonograph-radio set comes off the RCA Victor line and is given a fitting send-off. The plant is now all-out for war work." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-74 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/06/29 - FBI Nabs Nazi Saboteurs (1) "FBI agents round up eight submarine-borne saboteurs who land off Long Island shores and the Florida coast. Their seizure is expected to bring about several additional arrests of aides and associates, as attempt to sabotage the war effort is nipped in the bud." - J. Edgar Hoover of FBI, submarine, Nazi saboteurs pictured; (2) Churchill Sees Our War Might - "Ft. Jackson, SC, Winston Churchill inspects America's armed might in a surprise visit to Fort Jackson, where he sees members of the U. S. Parachute Force in maneuvers. After reviewing the ground forces, the British Prime Minister gives a talk to the soldiers." - Churchill reviews parade of troops, airplanes and parachutists; (3) FDR And War Council Meet - "Washington, DC, The Pacific War Council holds a meeting to determine the grand strategy of the war, with FDR for a second time playing host to Britain's Churchill." - FDR and Churchill and staff pose for pictures; (4) Last Pictures of Lexington - "Final pictures of the gallant carrier, ablaze form stem to stern and listing badly after 'abandon ship' has been carried out." - aircraft carrier on fire, listing; sailors return; (5) Navy Convoys Coastal Ships - convoys and dirigible at sea; (6) They Call 'Em Bush Masters - Uncle Sam's Jungle Troops - Panama, C. Z., Some of the Army's deadliest fighting units, called 'Bushmasters' slither through impenetrable jungle. Camouflaged, trained in jui jitsu and machete fighting, they can strike like panthers." - soldiers disguised with bushes in jungle, wade across river; (7) Here's The Men Who "Dood" It - Tokyo Raiders Get D.F.C. - Washington, DC, Lt. Gen. Arnold, Army Air Force commander, decorates 25 of Gen. Dolittle's Pacific Eagles who bombed the Japs. Wives of heroes attend the ceremonies at Bolling Field." (8) World Of Sports - Acqueduct, NY horse race; (9) Local: West Hails War Heroes - Parade in city for war heroes; another parade in large stadium; another parade in rain in a city; war heroes pose under bomber wing; another parade in city; (10) Local: Rotary Int'l In 33rd Meeting - parade in front of Maple Leaf Gardens. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-97 National Archives, College Park MD

1942/07/15 - Coast Convoy Repels Subs (1) "East Coast Port: U. S. Coast Guard puts Axis subs to flight after latter have partially penetrated an escort of medium cutters and small sub-busters. Actual scenes of freighters burning, after being torpedoed; and Coast Guard going into action." scenes of ships at sea, dirigible, depth charges explode; people in city; men aboard ships arrive a dock, disembark, newsreel cameraman, fighter planes emerge from camoflage, parade, foreign troops march, airplanes fly overhead; (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 15-102 National Archives, College Park MD

1943/05/06 - Axis Doomed in Africa (1) "Tunesia: First pictures showing the action leading to the capture and passing of the Mareth Line, followed by the junction of British and American forces, and finally climaxed by a joint advance into town after town, as the fleeing Rommel retreats further into the narrow Tunis-Bizerte area." scenes of troops and tanks and trucks and fighter planes in North Africa, Ike shakes hands with soldier, night artillery barrage, British and U.S. troops exchange cigarettess and helmets, shake hands. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-187, National Archives, College Park MD

1943/05/10 - Africa Victory Complete (1) "Tunesia: As news of the Axis debacle in North Africa highlights the invasion of Europe as an any-day possibility now, fresh pictures arrive that point up the incidents leading to Rommel's collapse." scenes of Montgomery, tanks, troops marching in North Africa, Ike saluting, Free French - Tunisia (2) Yanks Occupy Amchitka - "In the Aleutians: Graphic pictures of the grim Aleutian country, as a Yank task force under Gen. Jones effects a landing on Amchitka Island, only 73 miles from Kiska, and rushes to completion an air-field that the Japs thought was impossible, right at Hirohito's back door." scenes of US troops climbing into landing craft, wade ashore (3) Uncle Sam's New Killer - "Aberdeen, MD: One of Uncle Sam's weapons that applied the hotfoot to Marshall Rommel in his quick get-away from Tunesia, and mounted on a medium tank it seems able to get around and do a heap of damage in a hurry." scenes of tank killer artillery gun on half track, test-fired (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-188, National Archives, College Park MD

1943/06/18 - Round the Clock - Round the World (1) "American bombers are shown carefully selecting their targets on the mainland and the nearby islands of Italy. And 'flak-torn' bombers make miraculous landings with 'all hands safe. The submarine base a Vegesack, Germany, gets a baptism of bombs from successive waves of American bombers. The global breadth of Yankee bombing activities is strikingly brought to attention in scenes from New Guinea, where practise bombings of abandoned Japanese shipping attest to American accuracy from the skies." scenes of 4-engine bombers drop bombs, survive flak; crash land at base; (2) "Memphis Belle" In From Wars - "After 25 successful raids over Nazi Europe, the Flying Fortress known as 'Memphis Belle' flies the Atlantic for a rendezvous at Washington, DC. The original crew of ten, and their mascot, will reluctantly leave the de-commissioned ship." scenes of Memphis Belle B-17 bomber and crew arrive in England, pose for pictures; (3) Salt Water Drinkable - "Duck" Gets Feet Wet - "Adding to the American magic, which is befuddling our unsuspecting foes are the new 2 and 1/2 ton U.S. Army trucks known as 'ducks.' With a large pay load, they cruise the roads. On approaching water, they merely nose in, and swim for it. They do everything but fly." scenes of formation of amphibious Duck craft entering water, returns to beach; (4) Leaders in North Africa - "In Algiers, Generals De Gaulle, Giraud and Catroux hold open conclave, outlining their policies to the legislative body of this French territory. Meantime, Prime Minister Churchill with party, drops in on the Allied Command in conquered Tunisia and goes over final plans for the 'Big Push,' now developing." scenes of Churchill with Ike and Marshall, Churchill and troops. South African Commandoes - "The spirited 'African Rifles' go through vigorous final training as they race the obstacle course, leap over yawning trenches, and walk tenuous cable bridges with gusto. And for a finale, they worm their way through treacherous barbed wire entanglements." Blast River For Big Inch - Big Inch pipeline under construction. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 16-199 National Archives, College Park MD

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