Newsreels 1941 March-June (silent)

1941/03/18 - Dedicate New Powder Plant (1) Radford, VA: "Three months ahead of schedule, Army and Government officials dedicate the $44,000,000 smokeless powder plant, first of 40 munitions factories that will soon make this country the 'Arsenal of Democracies.'" (2) Fort Belvoir, VA: "Storming 'enemy' emplacements with had grenades is just the job for the Fifth Regiment Engineers, who cross a river on 'assault' boats and set the pillboxes afire with well-directed shots." scenes of tank tested in war games. (3) Northfield, VT: "Colorful scenes of Norwich University ROTC cadets on mid-Winter maneuvers, on horseback! Down dangerous hillside trails, and across ice-covered stream! And when they spill! Wow!" scenes of cavalry in snow. (4) New Orleans, LA: "Spectacular scenes of the city's worst dockside fire in 20 years, as flames sweep a block-square warehouse filled with food and other materials. Fifteen fight the $3,000,000 blaze for hours!" (5) Sumner, Wash., Daffodil Army Invades Coast In Spring Drive - "Spring has come to fertile Puyallup Valley in the Washington Northwest. Proof? Well, look at the lovely lassies in swanky play-suits, picking the equally lovely daffodils. Ah, Spring!" (6) 75,000 March In Irish Parade - New York, NY: "Sure 'n it's a great day for the Irish, St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan, with thousands of troops, police, civic and other groups 'swinging' up Fifth Avenue before high church and city officials." (7) World Of Sports (8) Ashland, Ky., New $5,000,000 Steel Plant is Dedicated At Gala Ceremony (9) baseball spring training (10) Ottawa, Ont., Scientists Helping To Win The War By Aviation Research. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-963 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/20 - 'Mercy' Ship Sails For France (exclusive) (1) Jersey City, NJ: Blockade Relaxed As Red Cross Ship Sails For France - "With a $1,250,000 cargo of food, clothing and other supplies for Unoccupied France, the SS Exmouth sails shortly after Britain relaxes its stringent ban on supplies for the ill-fated nation." (2) Washington, DC: National Gallery Of Art Dedicated By President Roosevelt - "A distinguished gathering that includeds Chief Justice Hughes sees President Roosevelt dedicate the new $15,000,000 National Art Gallery, which houses priceless treasures from the Mellon and Kress collections." (3) National Defense - "Maxwell Field, Alabama: The biggest class yet graduated from Uncle Sam's new training center, 155 'Flying Cadets,' receive their 'wings' at colorful ceremonies. Soon they'll be full-fledged 'war birds.' Pontiac, Michigan: Vanguard of a fleet of thousands of trucks for Uncle Sam's 'Blitz' Army rolls off General Motors assembly lines. You'll be amazed to see how the vehicles can 'take it' even in thick mud! Camp Edwards, MA: You'd think it was the 'Fourth of July' to see troops at practice 'downing' enemy planes. They use Roman Candles, and the targets are miniature planes. Boston, MA: Two additions to the Fleet slide down the ways at the Navy Yard here. The 'Humboldt' and the 'Matagorda,' tenders for seaplanes. Floating advance bases for our long-range flying boats! Ft. Oglethorpe, GA: It looks like real warfare, when 'invading' forces try to attack positions held by units of the Sixth (Mechanized) Cavalry, equipped with horse-carrying trucks, scout cars and other vehicles. Enumclaw, Washington: A great tent, big enough to cover a football field, is being built across the White River chasm to keep the new 'Mud Mountain Dam' dry, Engineers say it's necessary to keep rain off special dirt fill." scenes of soldiers commissioned, trucks made in Detroit, anti-aircraft practice, ship launched in Boston, artillery practice and cavalry in Georgia, jeeps perform, horse tows jeep. (4) World of Sports - bowling, basketball, baseball spring training; "Talk of the World" newsreel ending. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-964 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/25 - First Power From Huge Dam Rushed As Defense Move (1) "Grand Coulee, Washington: The world's greatest structure, the $125,000,000 Grand Coulee Dam, has impressive opening day, as government and state officials operate switches, starting the first power from the immense project." (2) "San Francisco, CA: Seventeen tons of books, magazines and papers extolling virtues of Totalitarianism and aggression are tossed into furnace, before its poison can spread into peaceful American homes." (3) Montreal, Quebec: "Worst fire in years follows explosion in fur-dyeing plant, where two persons met death and scores were injured. Zero weather hampers firemen in desperate battle against the flames!" (4) Aviation In The News - "Randolph Field, Texas: 20,000 thrilled spectators look at the 'West Point of the Air,' as massed hundreds of planes take part in formation in a spectacular demonstration of aerial might. San Diego, California: The Navy's biggest bomber, the Consolidated PB2Y-2, undergoes spectacular try-out flights. The 30-ton monster, equipped with power-driven gun turrets, should play vital role in U.S. defense. Seattle, Washington: First of 22 long-range 'Flying Fortresses' for England is tuned up and takes off for war service. The powerful war planes will help the RAF carry the war to Germany." scenes of San Diego test of PBY seaplane, Boeing unveils B-17 bomber. (5) Los Angeles, CA: Destry Rides Again As Mr. Smith Goes To Fort MacArthur - Jimmy Stuart gives up his $13,000-a-month job and joins military. (6) World of Sports - dogs, model airplanes, girls gymnastics, track and field; (7) Local - Canadian troops in training. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-965 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/27 - Labor Crisis (1) "Bethlehem, PA: Violence flares up in walkout of steel workers as State Police are called clear mill gates. Millions in defense orders are jeopardized. Chicago, IL: Police and strikers also clash at the International Harvester plant, where C.I.O. workers try to keep non-strikers from entering factory. Thousands of police have hard job keeping order. Washington, DC: President Roosevelt's new Mediation Board, headed by former draft chief, Clarence Dykstra, meets for organization, as new strikes threaten national defense construction." (2) National Defense - "Flint, Michigan: Production is being speeded at four General Motors plants, to turn out 400 machine guns a day by the end of 1941. 10,000 workers will be needed, and already the guns are rolling! Fort Monmouth, NJ: Uncle Sam's 'Warbirds,' many of whom won honors in the World War, are models for thousands of younger carrier pigeons now being trained by the Signal Corps for wartime messenger service. Quantico, VA: Intensive training in modern warfare is no soft job for future Marine officers, as young cadets find during a three-month course. Later, they'll be full-fledged 'Leatherneck Looies.' Seattle, Wash., Three of six new Boeing Clippers, completed ahead of schedule, are groomed for war service with the British. The giant, long-range craft will be welcome overseas." (3) Easter Fashions - "New York, NY: Spring is in full bloom at the Botanical Gardens, where lovely models mingle with the blossoms, to show Milady the latest creations for Easter designed by Anthony Blotta. Ah, Spring!" (4) Lend-Toy Library Presented to City by Variety Club. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-966 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/01 - U. S. Seizes Axis Ships (1) "World-wide repercussions follow seizure of 69 Italian, Nazi and Danish vessels in American waters. Old 1917 law, forbidding sabotage of ships in American ports, is evoked in latest 'all-out' move against aggressor nations. Crews are taken into custody, but not before many ships are disabled." includes interior scenes of seized ships (2) Port Everglades, Florida: "The 'fait accompli' of seized alien ships, plus growing demands to control spreading strikes, faces President Roosevelt as he returns from his vacation in West Indian waters." scenes of FDR posing with group; (3) Long Beach, CA: "Another recruit for Uncle Sam's growing Merchant Marine slides down the ways. The $2,000,000 SS Agwipriure will soon take its place in out expanding trade fleet!" scenes of ship launched (4) The Strike Situation - "Bethlehem, PA: Work on millions in defense orders is resumed at the big steel plant here, as workers hail their victory following a serious tie-up. Richmond, Indiana: Police and pickets clash again at the Harvester plant, but cooler heads finally prevail, and all four company factories are again working." scenes of workers picketing, fight with police in Richmond, Ind., (5) Yugoslavia Defies Nazis - "Belgrade: The Axis 'time-table' is upset! Only hours after the tripartite pact is signed in Vienna, the Balkan nation throws out its pro-Nazi leaders and installs young King Peter. The next move is up to Hitler!" (6) Glasgow, Scotland: "The Scottish industrial center shows the world it can 'take it' and keep going. Despite the severe damage wrought by Nazi bombs, the city 'digs out' and keeps 'thumbs up.'" (9) Canada Local: Salvation Army Opens Canteen for Army Units. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-967 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/03 - Strike Riots Flare Again (1) Milwaukee, Wisconsin: "Serious trouble breaks out again at the Allis-Chalmers factory, ordered re-opened, but now the scene of bitter fighting between police and CIO pickets. Governor Heil calls for outside help and the plant is closed as rioting continues." (2) National Defense - "Camp Jackson, SC: Enroute home from his vacation cruise, President Roosevelt inspects troops and installations at this huge encampment for selectees and regular army units. Washington DC: First of a fleet of temporary 'trailer' homes for families working on defense projects are tried out enroute to North Carolina. Similar 'homes' are planned elsewhere. Fort Knox, KY: Uncle Sam's First Armored Division shows its striking power in impressive cross-country maneuvers, with tanks and planes leading the assault over land and water." - "New York, NY: On Easter morn, if Milady follows fashion hints, she'll be bedecked in stylish new millinery, such as these lovely creations by Delle Donne, alluringly displayed by pretty models." - "New Brunswick, NJ: 150,000 baby chickens a week are hatched at the enormous incubator here, thousands of which are crated every day for Easter shipments. Take one look, and you'll wish you were young again!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-968 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/08 - Army Day Celebrated (1) Washington, DC: "Secretary of War Stimson, General George Marshall and other high Army officials review a display of military might by troops and mechanized units through the Capital. New York, NY: Rain fails to dampen the spirits of 15,000 soldiers and 40,000 spectators during an impressive parade and review. Veterans and youngsters of the new 'draft' march in the colorful display." (2) National Defense - "Aberdeen, MD: The most powerful tank of its type, the Army's new 'M-3,' undergoes impressive tryouts at the Proving Grounds. It carries seven men, one '75,' one '37,' four machine guns, and can hit 28 MPH! Alaska Airport 'Chain' Begun - British Columbia: One of the first new airfields to stretch from the U.S. to Alaska takes shape, as men and supplies are brought through the wilderness to turn the post into a 'stepping stone' for warplanes. Ensign Roosevelt On Duty - Boston, MA: The president's son, F. D., Jr., reports for active duty with the fleet. He goes aboard the USS Mayrant to do his bit for national defense, after a session wiht the cameramen. Air-Base pact Is Signed - London, England: Historic scenes as Prime Minister Churchill and U.S. Ambassador Winant sign the epochal treaty leasing air and naval bases to the United States, in return for the 50 destroyers. Downey, CA: One of Hitler's best fighter planes, the Messerschmidt 110, gets a thorough inspection at the Vultee plant. It's well-made and well-armed, but no match for the new U.S. models." scenes of the ME-110 airplane. (3) The Strike Situation, Dearborn, Michigan: The huge auto empire slows down as striking CIO workers picket the plant, rioting and forcing a shut-down. Several non-strikers are hurt as they try to enter the factory." (4) Washington, DC: "The 76-day-old tie-up at the Allis-Chalmers plant, working on defense orders, is finally brought to an end, as labor and management come to terms with the new Mediation Board." (5) Vero Beach, CA: "Sixteen persons miraculously escape death when a luxury airliner lands in a jungle swamp during a storm, settling in 3 feet of water. The pilot and several others are badly hurt, however." (6) Cape Disappointment, Washington: "Dramatic scenes of the rescue of crew members from the Russian freighter, Vazlav Vorofsky, hard aground. Coast guardsmen remove the seamen after a hard battle against the waves." (7) New York, NY: "Spring comes to Manhattan's West Side tenement section, and oh, boy! That means baseball for the cute little tenement tots. And when they swing into action, it's a 'natural'!" scenes of sandlot baseball in Hell's Kitchen. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-969 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/10 - U.S. Warships Are Wildly Welcomed On South Seas Visit (1) Sydney, Australia: "2,500 sailors from a squadron of two cruisers and five destroyers on the South Pacific 'duty,' get a triumphal welcome as they parade through the city. Tons of confetti are thrown on the 'gobs' in a dramatic gesture of good-will." (2) Chic New Easter Shoes Shown (exclusive) - New York, NY: "Here's just the thing for ladies and lassies with a desire for the 'ultra' in footwear. Swanky new creations by Delman will give your 'tootsies' the right touch for Spring." (3) World of Sports - fishing, chess in Havana, Cuba, skiing (4) New Orleans: "Prize livestock vie for laurels in colorful show." (5) Gen. Pershing Sees New Army Units In Stirring Parade, in San Antonio, Texas (6) National Defense - "Brooklyn, NY: Big defense news is the commissioning of the first U.S. battleship in 18 years. The 35,000-ton dreadnaught, complete three months ahead of schedule, goes into service at impressive ceremonies, attended by Secretary of Navy Knox and others. Anderson, IN: Production is being stepped up at several General Motors plants on huge orders for shells and shell-casings for the Army. New processes speed the output for 75 mm and 105 mm guns." - "New York, NY: First of three super-Clippers for England arrives from the Coast via Miami, with British crews aboard to learn the 'feel' of the 43-ton ships. It will soon go into Atlantic war service." - "Rio De Janeiro: Pan-American defense is being fortified by additions to Brazil's big fleet, now consisting of two battleships, 11 cruisers and others. Her mine-layers are in constant training." - "Los Angeles, CA: Effective in fighting fires caused by 'air raids' in this novel trailer, which can be towed by an auto to the scene of action. Special chemicals quickly douse stubborn oil fires." - New York, NY: "Diamond cutters begin the long process of cutting the famed 'President Vargas Diamond,' third largest ever found. It will be broken up into 23 separate stones, valued at $2,000,000." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-970 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/12 - Nation Hails Peace On Easter (1) "Glendale, CA: Impressive religious scenes mark the beautiful Easter Sunrise Service at Forest Lawn. New York, NY: War abroad and threats to our security fail to dampen the enthusiasm of the nation's Easter celebrators. In Manhattan, the churches are jammed and the streets overflowing with gaily-bedecked throngs. Washington, DC: Pretty nancy Strong is crowned 'Queen' of the Capital's colorful Cherry Blossom Festival as the lovely trees burst into bloom along the Tidal Basin." (2) Soviet-Japan Peace Pact - "Tokyo: Foreign Minister Matsuoka concludes his whirlwind tour of foreign capitals by gaining a neutrality accord with the Soviet. it's still too early to see what the accord really means! Meanwhile, the censor relaxes to show us how Japan turns out arms and munitions for war." (3) Canada local: RCAF students learning gunnery at special school (4) Scouts Honor Simon Bolivar (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-971 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/17 - Jimmy Roosevelt Weds Pretty Nurse he Met In Hospital (1) "Beverly Hills, CA: The President's eldest son and his former nurse, Romelle Schneider, are married in simple ceremonies at the home of friends. The First Lady arrives by plane in time for the nuptials." - couple greeted by Eleanor Roosevelt, rice thrown, drive away in car; (2) New York, NY: "William McC. Martin, $49,000-a-year President of the N.Y. Stock Exchange, is inducted into the 'draft' army, along with a former page boy who was earning $16 a week. Both take pay cuts!" scenes of fingerprinting. (3) England: "London stores its debris and masonry from bomb-wrecked buildings in Hyde Park, while intensive drills are staged to acquaint all persons with gas mask technique and procedure. Britain's new mobile defense batteries can be rushed to any danger zone, and speak in a way any Dictator could understand." - Battle of Britain (4) Lakehurst, NJ: "Like a hobgoblin in distress, the Navy's new training blimp, 'L-2,' ends up in a tangled mass of fabric after falling into a swamp during a takeoff. The crew is unhurt, but it's a big job to salvage the wreckage." (5) Barnegat, NJ: "The worst forest fires in years ravage thousands of acres. Wardens and volunteers battle the flames by day and night, as damage runs into the millions of dollars!" (6) Girls Train as Pilots - "Miami, Florida: Preparing for aviation jobs in peace or war, girls and women by the hundreds are learning to fly and doing it fast! At the Embry-Riddle School, they learn from the 'ground up,' and up they go! Mass flying by top-notch girl pilots!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-972 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/20 - Mexican Earthquake - First Dramatic Pictures of Catastrophe That Took Hundreds of Lives and Toppled Entire Cities in Ruins (1) Mexico, 175 Dead In Quake - "Colima, Mexico: Terrible scenes follow in wake of 'quake that centered in this city, now a wasteland of ruined buildings and homeless natives. Hundreds met their death when disaster toppled buildings. Mexico City, too, flet impact of the earthquake." (2) "Lakewood, NJ: A series of woodland blazes, fanned by high winds, ravages the dry 'resort' section, destroying hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of forests. Thousands of troops from Fort Dix help wardens and volunteers to combat the raging flames! Brant Rock, Mass.: In the Boston area, hundreds of homes are lost as ravaging forest fires sweep through many sections. Thousands battle the roaring holocaust in an up-hill fight!" (4) National Defense - "Pascagoula, Miss.: Three new 17,000-ton vessels for the South African 'run' are nearing completion on parallel ways here. Welded, not riveted, the new ships will be the last word afloat. Berwick, PA: Interesting mass production scenes at American Car & Foundry plant, where 12-ton tanks for the Army are rushed in increasing numbers. Officers check the finished tanks, as they are put through intensive tests." (5) "Hollywood, CA: Lovely Deanna Durbin, singing star, and handsome Vaughn Paul, young movie executive, are now 'Mr. and Mrs.' Before hundreds of studio 'pals' and film folk, Deanna appears in her first REAL romantic role!" (6) World of Sports - marathon runners, horse race, children boxing (7) N'West Fetes Apple Blossoms (special) - "Wenatchee, Wash.: 40,000 natives and visitors crowd the colorful apple 'capital' of the Northwest for the gala float parade and crowning of the queen. Lovely lassies in a lovely setting." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-973 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/04/29 - National Defense (1) "Detroit, Michigan: First of a big order of medium tanks rolls off the Chrysler assembly line and undergoes impressive try-out tests. Eddystone, Pa, The first of an order of the same M-3 tanks, equipped with 75 mm guns and a battery of smaller weapons - is also turned out at the Baldwin plant." - testing M-3 tank with side turret; - Henry Ford Inspects Bomber - "Dearborn, Michigan: The auto pioneer examines one of the huge, 4-powered B-24 bombers that the Ford company is going to build parts for. If anybody can turn them out in a hurry - he should be the one." - "San Diego, CA: Sixteen thousand workers at the Consolidated plant hail Air Marshall William Bishop, World War 'Ace of Aces.' The Canadian recruiting chief inspects bomber production and learns how to 'dunk a doughnut'." - "Grayland, Wash.: Troops of the 205th Coast Artillery fire new three-inch anti-aircraft guns in impressive tests along the Pacific. They fire 'live' ammunition!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-975 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/01 - More Bombs Hit London (1) "The Battle of Britain - Terrible scenes of raid destruction, in wake of devastating April attack on London. More buildings wrecked, more homes demolished, and more thousands killed or homeless. British soldiers go through strenuous maneuvers to get them in trim for threatened invasion. Or maybe they're learning invasion tactics themselves! A historic London landmark comes down. The famous Crystal Palace tower is dynamited, and Britain will use the scrap metal to build planes." scenes of building destroyed, people in street get aid, tower demolished, troops train; (2) In Canada - "Eastern Canadian Port: The Commonwealth Air Training Plan swings into high gear as hundreds of Dominion-trained fliers sail for the war zone. At its peak, the program will turn out 30,000 airmen a year!" (3) Fort Barry, CA: "A new thrill for draftees at the fort protecting San Francisco Bay. After three months' training, they fire the 12-in. 'rifles' that hurl shells miles out to sea. And what a noise!" Mt. Shasta, CA: "Spectacular pictures of a squadron of P-40 pursuit planes flying around the third highest peak in the U.S. An impressive demonstration of our growing air strength in a dramatic setting." (4) Four-Eyed Cuties - "Palisades Park, NJ: Tops in the current crop of 'peaches' who wear eye-glasses compete for beauty honors in a novel contest. Walter Thornton is judge, and wait until you see what one lassie does with her classes!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-976 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/05 - F.D.R. Says Nation Is Ready To Fight For Democracy Again (1) "Staunton, Va., President Roosevelt, speaking at the dedication of Woodrow Wilson's birthplace as a national shrine, says that the American people are 'ever ready to fight again' for the existence of democracy." scenes of FDR speaking outdoors on May 4, 1941 (no sound). (2) "Nashville, Tenn., Wendell Willkie dedicates the new Vultee aircraft plant, which is turning out planes for Britain on a 24-hour schedule. The former G.O.P. candidate predicts victory in the 'war of production'." (3) "Galveston, TX: Thrilling scenes as squadrons of Army aircraft take part in realistic maneuvers along the Gulf. Cameramen aboard one plane get spectacular 'shots' as the ships dive down and shoot at sleeve targets." (4) "England: Prime Minister Churchill, accompanied by visiting U.S. military observers, inspects units of Czech forces now preparing for another chance at Naziism. They may not have to wait long." (5) "Mexico, D.F.: One hundred thousand workers, half in military dress, salute May Day with a monster parade and rally before the new president, General Camacho. Most of the marchers are undergoing military training." (6) "New York, NY: Look out! Here come those roaring lions, out into their new 'African' playground at the Bronx Zoo. A moat keeps visitors out of harm's way. Zebras and Springbok, too, have a special waterhole!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-977 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/08 - Troops In Colorful Review (1) Fort Dix, NJ: "The Secretary of War, Frank Knox, with Lieut. Gen. Drum and others, inspects units of our growing armed forces in an impressive review. 16,000 'doughboys' and mechanized units take part." (2) Charleston, SC: "Admirals and other representatives of the American nations, including Argentina, Chile and others, arrive by plane on a good-will tour. They see a parade of naval cadets at the big fleet base." (3) Burbank, CA: "Thrilling scenes of test flight of new P-38 interceptor, a twin-engined craft that tops 400 mph in try-out flights. Called 'Lightning' by the British who have ordered 1,000 of them!" (4) Stratford, CT: "Igor Sikorsky, designer of U.S. fighting planes, hovers in the air an hour and a half to break the helicopter record. His amazing machine should make the birds green with envy." (5) New York, NY: "Prime Minister Robert Menzies, 38-year-old head man 'Down Under,' arrives on the Clipper for a meeting with U.S. officials. He urges quick delivery of war supplies to Britain." (6) "Ethiopia: Emperor Haile Selassie is back on his throne again, after being driven off by the Italians. Interesting scenes show his at the height of his power before his five-year exile." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-978 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/13 - Carol Arrives In New World With Madame Lupescu (1) Hamilton, Bermuda: "The ex-king of Rumania, who fled his country after ruling for ten years, reaches a haven of safety with Madam Lupescu. They are on their way to take up permanent residence in some South American country." scenes of King Carol arriving in Bermuda; (2) War In East and West Enters Critical Stage - "Malta: This tiny island fortress undergoes an intense bombing raid for the 234th time as Hitler seeks to conquer this key to the Mediterranean. Matapan: HMS Warspite puts in for refueling and ammunition after the epic battle in which she sunk or crippled most of the warships of the East Italian fleet." (3) "Eritrea: Driving doggedly through rocky, hilly country British African troops drive the Italians out, capturing Cheren and taking many hundreds of prisoners." (4) England - "London: Back on the British Isles, Prime Minister Churchill receives an ovation from bombed families as he makes an extensive tour of wrecked homes." scenes of Churchill in car (4) "New York: Sixty Italians, formerly employed at the Italian pavilion at the New York World's Fair, are arrested for violating the immigration laws. They are taken to Ellis Island until they have a hearing." scenes included ferry to Ellis Island. (5) "Fort Story, VA: A radio-controlled boat is used as a target for 3-inch gun crews. Guided by wireless from the shore it is said to mark a new era in target practice maneuvers." (6) Youth on Alskan Highway - "Local: Youth blazes trail by foot for 1600 mile Alaskan Highway." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-979 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/15 - Hess Flees From Reich (1) "Interesting scenes showing Rudolf Hess, Hitler's close lieutenant, who has astounded the world by his secret flight from Germany which ended in a parachute leap over Scotland. The dramatic sensation of the year." scenes of Hess flight path shown on map, crashed in Glasgow (2) England: "During a visit to Army units at Camberley, the King tries out his skill with a 'Tommy' gun. While the Queen looks on, his majesty delights the troops by peppering his target." scenes of King and Queen review soldiers, fire machine gun (3) National Defense - "Ft. Lewis, Wash.: The greatest demonstration of our fighting forces finds thousands of troops and 4,000 vehicles of the IX Army Corps passing in review before Army officials. Portsmouth, NH: Another welcome addition to Uncle Sam's fleet, this time a big underseas craft with great striking power and great range. It's christened the 'USS Drum.' Dayton, Ohio: Four 30-cal. guns and two 50's, on a P-40 Pursuit, are fired at targets. The plane remains on the ground during the tests, for which tracer bullets are used." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-980 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/20 - Blame Sabotage In Lumber Fire (1) "Philadelphia, PA: The city's worst fire in decades destroys millions in 'defense' lumber and menaces the nearby Cramp Shipyard. Firemen battle the raging inferno for hours, as gutted buildings crash into the street." (2) U.S. Guards French Ships - "New York, NY: With relations between Vichy and the U.S. at the breaking point, Coast Guardsmen go aboard the 'Normandie' and other French vessels in U.S. ports to prevent sabotage." - passenger liner in New York harbor (3) Huge Transport Plane Tested - "La Guardia Field, NY: The new twin-engined Curtiss Wright transport for the Army can accomodate 50 soldiers and carry them swiftly to danger zones. A fleet of 300 of the sub-stratosphere giants is planned." (4) Carnival Salutes King Cotton - "Memphis, Tenn.: Dixie fetes its staple crop, cotton! Glittering night parades, with lovely Southern belles on hand, provides plenty of lustre for the 11th Cotton Carnival." (5) ?? IS THIS STORY #5 OR FIRE?? Open Sun-Tan Service Station - "Del Monte, CA: Science marches on! Two ingenious fellows invent a spray-gun for sun-tan addicts, including a bevy of lovely lassies. Their eyes covered with walnut shells, the mermaids get sprayed from head to foot." - and fire (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-981 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/22 - (1) Aberdeen, MD: "Cadets who soon will complete their Academy course get a preview of what's to come by inspecting and firing the Army's newest weapons, big AA guns, rapid-fire guns and others." (2) "San Diego, CA: Visiting naval chiefs from our sister American Republics are guests of honor at a monster review staged by 15,000 Leathernecks at the training base." (3) [correct date for stories #3,4,5 is 5/27/41] "Washington, DC: Modern 'Rough Riders' are Senators Reynolds, Pepper and others, who ride up the Capitol steps in one of the Army's new Bantam cars. The Army likes 'em, but for the Solons, it's a shakedown!" scenes of jeep (4) "England: Looking towards the day when the offensive can be taken from the enemy, Britain rushes training of thousands of airmen from overseas. Hudson bomber, presented by American workers, takes off on dangerous mission." scenes of plaque, 2-engine plane takes off (5) "Miami, FL: Pretty bathing lassies show the latest in bonnets, a 'Good Neighbor' importation from South America. Colorful straws that should go far towards helping Pan-American good-will." scenes of fashion show. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-982 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/05/29 - H.M.S. Hood Avenged (1) "A dramatic epic of the sea comes to an end! The British battle-cruiser, HMS Hood, sunk off Greenland by the Nazi battleship, Bismarck, is avenged when English warships and planes cripple the marauding Bismarck after a four-day chase, and send it to its doom." scenes of plane drops torpedo and battleship rolls over. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-984 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/06/02 - $25,000,000 Jersey Fire (1) "Fire Razes Arms Stores - Jersey City: Spectacular waterfront fire guts granaries, warehouses, piers and other vital property in city's worst fire. Millions in valuable stores for Britain and the U. S. go up in smoke. Sabotage is not the answer, officials claim!" (2) On The War Front - "Battle of the Mediterranean - Britain's position in the Mediterranean and Africa is jeopardized by the fall of Crete. War-weary troops, evacuated from former Allied territory, arrive in Egypt. They can still smile! A happier note is struck by the Royal Navy. But not so happy for Italians in Tripoli. These thrilling scenes show night bombardment of the Libyan port." (3) "LaGuardia Field, NY: Uncle Sam's envoy to England, John G. Winant, returns on the Yankee Clipper for important talks with the President on this war. He makes no statement on arrival but hurries to Washington." (4) "Bangkok, Thailand: The nation and its small army hails the recent conclusion of hostilities with French Indo-China by staging a monster parade of troops, tanks and planes. War-like omen in the Far East!" (5) New York, NY: "Another passenger liner goes into service with the fleet. The SS America, largest U.S. liner, will be the fastest troop transport in the world. A pleasure cruise is cut short to speed ship's induction." (6) San Francisco, CA: "Another cargo vessel for out expanding merchant marine slides down the ways. It's a 'sideways' launching for the SS American Packer, after christening by Mrs. Angelo Rossi." (6) Fort Benning, GA: "Uncle Sam's output of 'chute troops is being rapidly expanded by use of special towers, from which novices take their first jumps before graduating to real 'bailing out' technique." scenes of parachute training tower. (7) New York, NY: "America pauses in the midst of preparing for defense and pays tribute to its veterans. Thousands line Riverside Drive on Memorial Day to cheer the thinning ranks of Civil War 'Vets,' as well as heroes of later wars." (8) "North Bay, Ontario: The 'Famous Five' now getting to be quite grown-up, observe their seventh birthday by attending special church services, and by donating an ambulance to the Red Cross. And of course, a cake!" - 7th birthday of Dionne Quints, Red Cross truck, gas mask. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-985 National Archives, College Park MD

This DVD40 includes 2 hours of Universal Newsreels reproduced from reference cassettes at the National Archives, College Park MD, and is available from the University of San Diego Bookstore.
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