Newsreels 1940-41 (silent)

1940/05/01 - Special Release - Norway First War Pictures (1) "Spectacular and gripping scenes of the fighting in Scandinavia! Actual bombing attacks on Norwegian towns! Real pictures of the bitter warfare, on the sea, on land and in the air, now scourging Norway! Sensational, terrific scenes of carnage, right before your eyes!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-872 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/06 - British Blast Way into Narvik (1) The Battle of Narvik - "Norway: Spectacular and dramatic scenes of the Allied-Nazi battle for the important ore port! Launching a desparate attack by destroyers, the British fight their way into the fjord, sinking German transports and other war vessels. The thrill picture of the week!" - scenes of fighting at sea (2) "France: While new tanks, equipped with heavy guns, are tested in exciting maneuvers, patrols advance into 'No Man's Land' and ambush several Nazis. In Paris, the Duchess of Windsor, and Miss Anne Morgan, head of American Auxiliary unit in France, see ambulance units prepare for duty." (3) "Roumania: As war threats and fears invade the Balkans, King Carol bolsters his small but well-trained army. Hundreds of young officers receive their swords during promotion ceremonies. They may see action soon!" (4) Mexico (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-873 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/13 - Nazi Invasion of Low Countries Shocks World (1) "Germany's lightning invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg rocks the entire world. While Lowland defenders heroically attempt to stop the new 'Blitz-krieg,' Allied forces rush to their aid on land, in the sea and on air. The threatened Total War is underway!" (2) "France: Reinforcements by the thousands, troops and tanks, pour into Belgium in steady streams to help stem the Nazi assault!" (3) "England: Thousands of British troops sail from Channel ports to go to the aid of the beleaguered Dutch defenders of Halland. The destroyer 'Cossack,' hero of the Altmark capture and Battle of Narvik, is back in port! (4) "New York, NY: Crowds Flock To Gala Opening Of 1940 World's Fair. Hello folks! The 1940 Fair gets off to a lively start with 176,000 on hand to bask in the new informal atmosphere and see the 'bigger and better' show. Officials welcome the throngs during opening exercizes and parade!" (5) local: Dominion Troops Taught the ABCs of Bayonet Fighting. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-875 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/15 - America Not Secure Against Brute Force Says Cordell Hull (1) "Oslo, Norway: Dramatic first pictures of the German occupation of the Norse capital! Bewildered, fearful citizens flee in panic before the hob-nailed columns of German troops! Namsos, Norway: Nazi bombing planes make a 'hell-hole' of the British debarkation port! The city is turned into a shambles of flames and shell-holes as the natives seek refuge in the forest!" (2) "Paris, France: Thousands of able-bodied men, called home to help stem the Nazi hordes, leave by the train-load with tearful farewells from wives and sweethearts." (3) Baltimore -"Middle River, MD: Impressive tests are made at the Glenn Martin plant on a new self-sealing, fire-resisting gas tank for warplanes. In use in foreign aircraft, the tank will be a boon to American aviators!" (4) "Ft. Belvoir, MD: Due to the controversy over Uncle Sam's new Garand and the Johnson semi-automatic rifles, tests are conducted by the Army for Congress officials, test of far-reaching import for our national defense!" (5) "Buffalo, NY: Uncle Sam's new P-40 pursuit plane, capable of terrific speeds, undergoes trials at the Curtiss-Wright plant. The craft has been released to the Allies, and should help turn the tide if made available in large numbers!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-876 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/20 - Allied Convoy Drives Off Heavy Bombing Attack (1) "Dramatic and gripping scenes in the North Sea, as warships escorting British troops home from Namsos, Norway, fight all attacks of low-flying German bombers. Tense moments as bombs burst close to troop-laden ships, and anti-aircraft guns 'bark' with lethal fury downing several Nazi planes!" (2) Belgium - "Tragic scenes, reminiscent of 1914, as thousands of fearful civilians flee their bomb-shattered homes in a pitiful exodus to safety in France! Women, children, in heading flight, as French tanks and troops arrive in a desparate effort to check the Nazi advance!" (3) Portsmouth, NH: "The ill-fated submarine, reconditioned at a cost of $1,400,000 after sinking during trials last year, is recommissioned as the USS Sailfish. Four survivors of the tragedy will serve aboard the craft again!" (4) New York, NY: "Impressive ceremonies in Central Park mark the induction of thousands of new citizens into the U. S. They gladly pledge allegiance to the American flag, which to all is a symbol of new hope and freedom!" (5) Brawley, CA: "Imperial Valley, rich farm area in Southern California, is threatened with a water shortage as a quake shatters the irrigation canal. Wrecked homes are graphic evidence of the tremor, which caused several deaths." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-877 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/22 - On The War Front (1) French Convoy Raided By Nazis -"Spectacular scenes of a Nazi bombing attack on a French troops convoy entering a Dutch port! One of the attacking planes is shot down, and several boats are damaged by heavy explosives! A gripping chapter in the new 'Total' war!" scenes of ships at sea under air attack (2) "Belgium: Dramatic scenes of Belgium's 'darkest hour' since 1914! Entire cities and towns in ruins in the wake of the methodical air raids by German planes! Thousands of British troops move up to check the Nazi drive, as terror-stricken civilians continue their pitiful exodus to safety!" (3) Launch Two New Destroyers - "Bremerton, Washington: Two fleet greayhounds for Uncle Sam's fleet, two destroyers named after famous naval heroes, are christened at the Puget Sound navy yard, as scene of intense activity as the U.S. speeds its defenses!" scenes of ship launched, woman unable to break bottle in her first tries. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-878 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/05/29 - U. S. Army Stages Biggest War Game In Nation's History (1) Alexandria, LA: "The 'Blitz-krieg' is tried out in America! Preceded by waves of bombing planes. 70,000 Regular Army troops take part in record war games! Troops, tanks and planes, to make the U.S. invulnerable!" Van Nuys, CA: "A novel airplane, made of plywood and special plastics 'baked' in an oven just like cake, takes all for trial flights before civil and military officials. Toughter than metal fabrics, the plastic surface may revolutionize the industry!" Rome, Italy: "The goofiest flying machine since 'Darius Green.' An Italian bartender 'shakes up' his weird craft, operated by pedals. It bounces along but doesn't fly! Inventor says he needs more foot power!" On The War Front - "Belgian Surrender Stuns World. King Leopold's dramatic capitulation to the invading Nazi horde exposes the British 'left flank' to the full fury of the enemy and may mean the destruction of the Allied troops caught in the 'trap.' Canada - "Men from all walks of life enlist to fight the spread of spies and 'Trojan Horse' elements in the Dominion! Posters, signs and stickers on autos warn of the menace, as radical elements are rounded up!" France - "Stunned by the Belgian move, the French war council meets to map plans to continue the war despite the set-back. On the Western Front, Nazi bombing planes continue to make the war zone a 'hell on earth.' Churches are bombed and hospitals destroyed! However, thousands of Nazis are taken prisoners, and many planes are shot down!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-880 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/03 - Memorial Day Rites Give New Meaning To Nat'l Security (1) New York, NY: "Despite the spectre of a new war, hundreds of thousands turn out to see an impressive parade on Riverside Drive honoring U.S. war heroes. Veterans of the Civil War are in line for the colorful review!" (2) "Washington, DC: Pres. Roosevelt greets members of the new civilian defense council at the White house. The group, including William knudsen and others, holds its first meeting to discuss U. S. security." scenes of FDR sitting at desk in his Oval Office with group (3) "Philadelphia: A 35,000-ton super-dreadnaught for Uncle Sam's growing fleet, the USS Washington, is christened and launched. To be completed in 1941, the first warship built in the U.S. in 19 years will cost $80,000,000." (4) Big Coast Defense Gun Tested - New York, NY: "Hold your ears! Uncle Sam gives the huge 16-in. coast guns guarding New York harbor a work-out, the first in several years. A thrilling sight as the big 'rifles' fire at targets at sea!" (5) "Refugees Swarm Into Paris - Tragic scenes as thousands of terror-stricken refugees from Belgium and Flanders arrive by train! Wounded, hungry, they flee the invading raiders as pitiful pawns of Fate! U.S. Ambasador Bullitt narrowly escapes death as a 'dud' shell nearly hits him." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-881 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/05 - America Prepares! "Total War in Europe accelerates Uncle Sam's preparations for defense of the Americas! On land, on sea and in the air, the nation looks to the future with guns, warships and warplanes! More Planes - hear Colonel Jouett, aeronautical official, tell how U.S. air supremacy is to be achieved! More Mechanics - The Nation's growing air fleet needs more mechanics! At Chanute Field, hundreds take course in technical work! More Warships - Brooklyn Navy Yard is beehive of activity as hundreds of men are 'taken on' to speed expansion drive! More Soldiers - New York, NY: U.S. Army recruiting drive is underway to bring the nation's fighting force up to peak strength! Portland, ME: State Senator Sumner Sewall, Maine's World War ace, is host to 15 countries at the 541st (?) Squadron's annual reunion. Capt. 'Eddie' Rickenbacker, and other famous fliers, lead fight for adequate air defense! (5) New York, NY: Latest Schoolgirl Styles Inspired By Little Screen Star - Colorful outfits for the Modern Miss are displayed in a chic preview at the Hotel Plaza. Inspired by Gloria Jean, singing star of the screen, the styles strike a harmonious note in fashions for very young ladies! (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-882 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/10 - Italy Enters War (1) "Europe's 'Total War' takes a drastic and dramatic turn against the Allies as Il Duce throws the full weight of Italy's army, navy and air force into the scales on the side of her Axis partner! Already hard-pressed, the Allies now face tremendous odds!" scenes of Mussolini, Italian soldiers, ships (2) "Egypt: British defense units, including swarthy Indian regiments, are on the alert to forestall any Italian move in North Africa!" scenes of tanks and troops training in desert (3) "France: Tragedy and suffering in the wake of the Nazi invasion! Churches bombed and set afire! Bridges dynamited to delay the invader! Homes razed and terror-stricken refugees machine-gunned from the air!" (4) "England: As wounded pour back across the Channel, Britain's King and Queen pray for victory! And factories work at full blast to turn out arms for war!" (5) "Buffalo, NY: 'Hell Divers' for France and England! Fifty Curtiss Navy planes are turned back to the builder for release to the Allies! Newer models will be received by the Navy to make up for the temporary loss!" (6) "Springfield, ILL.: To learn the latest 'Blitzkrieg' methods of war, the 23rd Reconaissance Squadron of the Illinois National Guard gets new six-ton armored cars. Heavily armed, the cars can hit 75 M.P.H.!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-883 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/12 - Bombing Of Paris (1) "First pictures of the bombing of Paris! With Nazi land forces hammering at the gates of Paris, the threatened aerial 'Blitzkrieg' against the beleaguered capital begins! Spectacular scenes in the wake of the bombing planes that reared over the city, dropping tons of explosives! Hundreds of persons, including many children, are killed as buildings crumple or go up in smoke!" (2) Dearborn, Michigan: Ford Promises 5,000 Planes A Day In U.S. Emergency - "Mass production of high-speed Army planes, maybe up to 5,000 a day, is predicted by the auto pioneer and his son after inspecting a pursuit ship at their plant. Swarms of aerial armadas for U.S. defense!" (3) Festival of Roses - Portland, Oregon: "Hundreds of thousands line the city streets as the annual Rose Festival gets underway with a spectacular parade of flower-covered floats. A pageant of pretty girls and blossoms, with a patriotic flavor!" (4) Manheim, PA: "The Zion Lutheran Church pays its rent in a novel way! Baron Wm. von Stiegel gave the land to the church in 1770, for one red rose! A descendant accepts the floral payment during colorful ceremonies." (5) Sing a Song of Fashions (Exclusive) - New York, NY: "There will be a song in Milady's heart when she wears the striking new 'Songs in Print' dresses designed by Jose Martin! Each represent a modern 'hit' ought to make a hit in any style parade!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-884 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/17 - France Gives Up! (1) "France's 'Darkest Hour' since 1870! With Paris gone, and with most of her industrial cities in ruins, France through her new leader, Marshal Petain, asks for peace terms! A terrible blow for the Allied cause and a disaster that shocks the World!" scenes of refugees and ruins in France - "Amazing Aerial War Pictures - Somewhere in France, remarkable scenes of actual 'dog fights'! British Spitfires, mounting special cameras, record the 'downing' of Nazi warplanes, pictures that will astound and amaze you! Every time the pilot shoots, the camera 'shoots' and the results are terrific!" (2) America Prepares! - "Paterson NJ: An important step in America's program to be 'First' in the air! The Curtis Wright Co. dedicates a huge new engine factory as work is started on the first order for the air corps! Akron, Ohio: America may ride on synthetic rubber tires! A tire company chemist demonstrates his new process for making a rubber-like compound. The new 'rubber' is made from chemicals that the U.S. should never lack! Brooklyn, NY: The 35,000-ton USS North Carolina is christened at the Navy Yard, the second capital ship to be launched in a month. The huge warship, which will mount 16-in. guns, will not be ready for a year. Philadelphia, PA: 'Old Glory' proudly waves above the ranks of thousands of marchers as the nation salutes its symbol of freedom on Flag Day. Tribute to the 163rd birthday of the 'Stars and Stripes' hope for all the Americas!" (3) Film Stars Attend Opening (4) 50,000 Honor Flag (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-885 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/19 - Uncle Sam Girds For Defense - "Fort Lewis, Washington: Graphic proof that Uncle Sam is speeding the mechanization of many military units is seen in a spectacular review of the 3rd Division with tanks, trucks and troops taking part in the impressive display! Philadelphia, PA: Officers and men of the 108th Nat'l Guard Field Artillery practice firing with a .22 cal. rifle! Special control devices give the small-bore practice the effectiveness of the 'real McCoy.' Washington, DC: Adjutant General Adams makes a stirring plea for young Americans to join the Army at a time when the U.S. is planning to double its fighting forces!" scenes of closeup of end of big artillery cannon. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-886 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/06/24 - On The War Front (1) "Rome, Italy: Although rushed to the U.S. by Clipper plane, spectacular scenes of Il Duce's announcement of Italy's declaration of war arrive at the same time as news of France's bitter capitulation, the final signing of Italy's rigid peace terms, ending the fighting on the Continent! Britain: With France crushed, Great Britain speeds her defenses to halt the threatened German invasion. Stalwart Indian regiments arrive to help defend the British Isles! Italians living in London hasten to show their loyalty to Britain after Italy's declaration of war against the Allies!" (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-887 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/07/10 - On The War Front - Egypt: Tank Units Ready For Action Against Italians On Desert (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-892 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/07/15 - Democratic Nat'l Convention Opens To 'Pick' Candidate (1) Chicago: "party leaders and delegates swarm into Chicago for the job of 'picking' a presidential candidate. Wtih FDR's name heading the list, the Democratic vice-residential band-wagon overflows with 'favorite sons.' Postmaster General 'Jim' Farley calls the convention to order! Speaker Bankhead delivers the keynote address." scenes of delegates arriving at Democratic National Convention, Willkie signs, Harry Hopkins. (2) [the correct date for the following stories #2-7 is 7/29/1940] On The War Front - English Channel: "Actual Scenes of Battle At Sea - British Convoy Routs Nazi Bombers - Spectacular scenes of a bombing attack by Nazi 'Stukes' against British ships in the English Channel. Hundreds of deadly missiles are dropped, but no hits are made. Defending planes drive the invaders off after shooting down many in dramatic dog-fights." scenes of Spitfire planes attacking ships; (3) London, England: "The biggest timberyard fire in 20 years destroys thousands of tons of lumber, with flames rising 80 feet in the air. Several firement are overcome as timber and huge derricks crash in flaming wreckage." during Battle of Britain (4) America Prepares - Philadelphia: "Interesting scenes at the Frankford Arsenal, where hundreds of workers rush delivery of casings and shells for field guns and howitzers." scenes of factory production of artillery shells; Springfield, Mass.: "Work is rushed at the Garand Rifle Factory, to increase production of the new semi-automatic firearm to 1,000 a day." (5) New York, NY: "Colorful scenes as Manhattan extends a gala welcome to the new 35,000 ton luxury liner, SS America, largest ever built in U.S. Harbor craft, planes and thousands of people cheer the $70,000,000 ship." (6) Mexico, D.F.: "An 8-foot, 10-ton statue, more than 400 years old, supposed to represent the Goddess of Earth, is dug up by archeologists in an old Aztec temple. The statue was used in ancient rites of human sacrifice!" (7) Salt Lake City: "Thousands of 'Willkie' supporters cheer the GOP candidate as he reviews the colorful Covered Wagon Days parade, a stirring pageant of the old West in the days of the Mormons." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-893 National Archives, College Park MD

1940/11/12 - Tacoma Bridge Tragedy - "Amazing Pictures of the Great Structure's Sensational Collapse! Most Dramatic Pictures Since Hindenburg Disaster! Acoma, Washington: Startling, almost unbelievable pictures of a disaster that might have taken many lives, and didn't! Right before your eyes, the $6,400,000 Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge starts swaying! Then, with a rending crash, Great concrete sections plunge 190 feet into the water below! The picture thrill of the year!" [opening title card: "Universal Newsreel welcomes Telenews to Tacoma and takes pleasure in presenting one of the outstanding newsreel stories of all times." scenes of bridge dedication, collapse, and aftermath. [closing title card: "As always Universal will continue to sevice Telenews with outstanding world wide events." the only film of the bridge collapse 10-11 am on July 1, 1940, was University of Washington physicist, F. B. Farquharson, made with his 16mm camera. He stood on the center line trying to reach a car abandoned by a reporter with a dog inside that slid to the other side of the bridge. The dog was the only casualty of the collapse. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 12-927 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/02/11 - 150 Screen Editors Arrive For Epochal World's Premier (1) Film Stars Aid Greek Relief - "Hollywood, Calif. : A galaxy of motion picture talent attends the special showing at the Chinese Theatre for the Greek Relief Fund drive." scenes of movie stars include Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, Shirley Temple and others. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-953 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/02/13 - Sea Soldiers Try Air War (1) Lakehurst, NJ: "Uncle Sam's 'Devil-Dogs' are feared on land and sea, and now they tackle another element! Parachute jumping! And they go at it with their usual energy, in thrilling leaps!" (2) Del Monte CA: "'Laddie' the heartsick airdale who missed his master so much he nearly died, arrives by plane from Kansas City, and is met by private Everett Scott and troops from Scott's company at Fort Ord." (3) Philadelphia, PA: "Scenes of death and destruction follow in the wake of mysterious gas-main blast that shattered row of houses, killing five persons and injuring scores." (4) Chicago, IL: "Firemen remove four dead and several injured persons from scene of explosion in chemical laboratory making mustard gas, that shattered the exterior walls of the building." (5) Prettiest Model Chosen Queen of British Carnival - New York, NY: "Forty-eight lovely 'eyefuls' models from 48 states display swanky playsuits and beachwear as they compete for the title, Queen of the 'Carnival For Britain.' The winner is gorgeous Ann Scott!" scenes of beauty contest. (6) The World of Sports - New York, NY: "For speed, action and thrills combined, the ancient game of Soccer, played here indoors, has plenty! And when the players get rough, a regular 'free-for-all' ensues, and what a fight it is!" Hot Springs, Ark: "You just know Spring baseball is near, when the champs will do anything to get back in shape! Why, they spend hours in the 'sweat boxes' her and limber up with a little fishing or golf!" scenes of steam sauna. Chicago, IL: "Members of the Edgewater Polar Bear Club limber up for aplunge into icy Lake Michigan. No swimming because of the sharp ice, but these chill-defying screwballs manage to get wet, and cold!" New York, NY: "Prize U.S. show dogs compete in the 65th annual Westminster Kennel Club classic. All shapes and sizes, Mexican 'Hairless,' Great Danes, Afghan Hounds, Bulls, Chihuahuas and all the rest." (7) Columbus, Ohio Boy Scouts meet Ohio Gov. Bricker And Maj. Gen. Beighler; (8) Thrills and Frills Mark Dartmouth's Winter Carnival in Hanover NH, skiiers break thru 1941 sign. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-954 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/02/18 - "Annapolis, MD: The U. S. Naval Academy hits a wartime pace, as hundreds of new reservists are sworn in as part of the fleet speedup program. After a three-month course, they'll be ready for active duty afloat! Buffalo, NY: Employees of Curtiss and Bell factories are special guests of Uncle Sam - to get a glimpse of the fighter planes they're turning out. The first time most of them have seen the finihsed product! Seattle, Wash. : Six 'Flying Fortresses' and 14 smaller bombing planes fly in formation near Mount Rainier. Spectacular scenes of the big war planes amid rugged mountain ranges. Fort Benning, GA: The growing might of Uncle Sam's armored forces is demonstrated in a thrilling review by the 2nd Armored Division - 10,000 men and 2,000 tanks, scout cars, trucks and other vehicles! The World of Sports - Santa Anita horse race. Washington, DC: Henry A. Wallace, new 'second in command,' is almost the most athletic 'V.P.' ever. He spends an hour every day boxing, playing 'paddle ball' and doing other exercises." New York pro basketball; Chicago pool and billiards. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-955 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/02/20 - Emperor Selassie Back In Ethiopia To Fight Italians (1) On The War Front! "Abyssinia: An exiled emperor comes home - to lead his armies against the Italians. Haile Selassie, aboard a British plane, flies to an advanced base inside Ethiopia to command his new forces of revolt." includes Selassie raises flag, reviews troops, airplanes displayed. (2) "Seattle, Wash., British Air Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding, on tour of American aircraft factories, visits the Boeing plant and looks over some of the big Flying Fortresses due to head for England." (3) Tampa, Florida camouflage net covers airplane. (4) "Philadelphia, PA: Uncle Sam's Assay Commission checks up on silver coins turned out during the year at the U. S. Mint here. Headed by Mrs. Nellie Ross, the commissioners inspect and weigh every 200th coin." (5) New York dogs and puppies and baby; (6) Even The Fish Are Goggly-Eyed Over What You See Here, in Rainbow Springs, Florida: "Colorful and unusual scenes, as pretty swimmers dive into the famous underwater gardens to attend a novel school for mermaids. A rare sight for the fishes and for your, too!" (7) Tampa, Florida: "Colorful scenes of Tampa's annual 'capture' by the Gasparilla Pirates. A swashbuckling crew like their prototypes of old, they 'brave in' in their buccaneer ship and presice over a parade of lovely girls and gala floats." pirate ship and parade; (8) The World Of Sports - Havana, Cuba: baseball practice of Brooklyn Dodgers; San Francisco: Joe DiMaggio exercises to get in trim; Humboldt, Iowa: pancakes cooked by Aunt Jemima-type black woman for Charles Sharp, 72, who eats 93 pancakes and 38 cups of coffee; Leavenworth WA ski jump; Thrills Mark City Bowling Tourney At Sunset Center in Hollywood Ca. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-956 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/02/25 - America Prepares (1) Miami, Florida, Mosquito Patrol of Navy's new fleet of torpedo boats and PT boats. New York, NY: "The first of 26, four-motored Consolidated bombing planes for Britain takes off from La Guardia Field for an unnamed Canadian field. The big craft can carry four tons of bombs at 330 M.P.H.! Fort Lewis, Wash.: Uncle Sam tries out a modern defensive weapon that has helped save London from total destruction. A U. S. balloon barrage unit, one of several being organized, goes aloft!" scenes of a large dirigible emerging from hanger. New Orleans, Mardi Gras parade at night. Winter Vacation fashions. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-957 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/04 - 'OPM' Plan Ends Steel Strike (1) Lackawanna, NY: "National defense orders, menaced by a strike of Bethlehem Steel workers, are resumed 39 hours after pickets are thrown around the plant. Strikers and police clash, but a 3-point plan by the Office of Production Management ends the disastrous tie-up!" (2) Fort Sill, Oklahoma: "Thousands of troops and 1,400 trucks take part in a record 'march' to new quarters of the 45th Division at Abilene, Texas. Uncle Sam's new forces can get places, in a hurry!" (3) Morrow, Ga. - plane crash in woods (4) The World of Sports - rollerskates. SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-959 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/06 - Army Tests 'Blitz Buggies' (1) Dearborn, Michigan: "First of 1500 midget reconnaissance trucks for Uncle Sam is driven off the assembly line by Edsel Ford. The tiny 'fighters,' destined to carry men and guns, take a lot of abuse over rough terrain." scenes of jeep-type vehicle tested on rugged terrain. (2) Chester, PA: "Senora Felipe Espil, wife of the Argentine Ambassador, christens the new 17,500 ton 'deluxe' freighter, Rio de la Plata, third of four vessels for the South American 'run.'" (3) Inside England - "British Hold 'Invasion' Maneuvers - Speed and firepower will count if and when Hitler strikes at England, and British machine-gun battalions pack plenty of both. In speedy trucks, they rush to danger zones, and go into live action! On English coast, war-weary members of the coast patrol have extra work these days, but when storms pile a ship on the rocks, they go to the rescue of stranded sailors!" (4) Donate Plane Engines to R.A.F. (exclusive) Paterson, NJ: "Workers of the Wright company, headed by the oldest employee, present two 1600 HP engines to the workers of a British motor factory, to be used in planes fighting the Nazis." (5) Dallas, TX: "Everything from a'dimple machine' to a trick bed are shown at the National Inventors Convention. The 'brainchildren' include an air-conditioned bed and a garter that prevents 'runs.'" (6) Boston Red Sox (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-960 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/11 - City Has 'Black-Out' Test (1) Seattle, Washington: "First big U.S. city to hold wartime 'black-outs'! Volunteers patrol darkened streets and naval vessels are on guard, as nearby Fort Lewis stages impressive searchlight tests over blacked-out city." (2) Akron, Ohio: "Masks for Uncle Sam's armed forces are being turned out in increasing quantities at the Goodyear factory, big auto tire plant. Hundreds of women workers and others are employed in the new arsenal." (3) Washington, DC: "Uncle Sam's appeal for pretty employees to enroll as dance partners for Army camps is met with enthusiasm. Brunettes, Blondes and Redheads 'sign up' and then it's 'On with the dance.'" (4) French Indo-China: "Following signing of truce between Siam and Indo-China, arranged under duress by Japanese military officials, valuable areas of land are ceded by France, and may aid Japan's drive to the South." (5) New York, NY: "The worst storm in years blankets Manhattan under an 11-inch mantle of snow, halting traffic and causing undue hardships for millions. Over-worked plows and trucks struggle to clear the streets." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-961 National Archives, College Park MD

1941/03/13 - F. D. R. Signs War Aid Bill (1) Washington, DC: "History-making scenes that may affect the course of world events! President Roosevelt affixes his signature to the epochal Lease-Lend Bill and speeds 'All Out' aid to nations fighting aggression!" scenes of FDR signing Lend-Lease bill. (2) Baltimore: "Bombers for Uncle Sam and Britain roll off the assembly line at the huge Glenn Martin plant, now being expanded. Interesting scenes of the various production steps, from start to finish of speedy B-26 bombing planes." (3) Washington, DC: "Civilian workers in Washington Navy Yard leave their lathes and don gas masks when 'raid' warning sounds! At Fort Ord, Cal., even the horses have special masks as troops stage maneuvers in clouds of gas and smoke!" (4) Newfoundland: "First pictures of American soldiers at the Newfoundland base acquired from Britain. Troops live on transport that brought them to the vital 'gateway' from Europe." scenes of troops disembarking from ship, ski troops (5) King Welcomes U.S. Ambassador - London, England: "America's new envoy to Britain, John G. Winant, gets a royal welcome upon arrival. King George reciprocates President Roosevelt's reception for Lord Halifax, personally greeting Mr. Winant." (6) Libya: "North Africa spectacular pictures of another British victory! A strategic port falls, following a terrific barrage, and bombardment by R.A.F. planes. The Australian troops march in and 'mop up.' scenes of artillery, tanks, prisoners in desert. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 13-962 National Archives, College Park MD

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