Newsreels 1945-49 (silent)

1945/08/02 - Big Three Conference Is Ended (1) "During a recess of the Big Three Parley, President Truman joins Gen. Eisenhower in a review of American troops at Frankfort on main. When Great Britains's new Prime Minister Clement Attlee, returns to Potsdam with his Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, the Conference re-convenes, to reach speedy agreement on all matters concerning the fate of Germany." (2) Petain Tried For Treason - "Paris: In the Palace of Justice, Marshal Petain, 89, head of the Vichy regime, is placed on trial in a highly dramatic setting. Ex-Premiers of France Daladier, Reynaud and Blum, and Former President Lebrun arrive to appear against Petain, one of France's mystery men in World War II." (3) Air Force Marks 38th Anniversary - "Dayton, Ohio: Orville Wright and other dignitaries attend ceremonies commemorating 'Air Force Day.' A captured Junkers 290 transport arrives from abroad for study. P-80 Shooting Star - America's newsest and fastest aircraft is revealed, a jet propelled fighter plane which can better 550 mph. in sustained flights." (4) Wounded Come Home By Plane - "NYC: 60 relatives embrace 20 wounded G.I.'s as they land at La Guardia airport from Europe. Occasion marks the first time such meetings have been permitted." (5) A City That Died - "The Hotel Kaiserhof, the Reichstag and Hitler's Chancellory all lie in ruins. And Hitler's alleged fire tomb is seen, where his charred corpse is supposed to have been found, together with that of Eva Braun, his legalized wife." (6) Nelson Wins All American Golf Title - "Tam O'Shanter, Chicago: Thousands watch Byron Nelson shatter par to win $10,200 first prize in George May's All-American Open Golf Championship." (silent) (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-421 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/08/07 - First Europe GIs Arrive in Pacific (1) "Over 4,000 G.I.'s, veterans of the Italian and African campaigns, are re-deployed directly to the Philippines." (2) 10-Passenger Helicopter - "Philadelphia: U.S. Navy demonstrates the PV-3, world's largest helicopter. With a fuselage as large as a street car and huge rotors at both ends, it is designed for use in air transport." (3) Camouflage Guards Huge Plane Plant - "Seattle, Washington: It is impossible to distinguish Boeing's No. 2 plant from the air, due to the 26-acre camouflage village which covers the property." (4) Dream City of Future - "Toledo, Ohio: A comprehensive scale model of the Toledo of Tomorrow, shows congestion-proof streets, decentralized business districts and streamlinedtravel facilities." (5) High Speed Wire Laying - "C-47 transport planes are equipped to pay out 16 miles of telephone wire over difficult terrain, enabling telephonic communication to tbe established between isolated spots." (6) Sea and Air Power Hits Jap Islands - "Springing from decks of carriers in Task Force 38 a thousand dive bombers, torpedo planes and fighters add to Tokyo's destruction, further cripples Japan's dwindling air forces, and ravages her industrial plants and transportation system. Bombs, rockets and heavy strafing create utter destruction and start terrific fires. While steaming in battle formation, a mere 3,000 yards off the Jap mainland, the giant 14in. and 16in. guns of Admiral Halsey's dreadnoughts open fire on Japanese steel plants and other industrial sites. They continue their heavy bombardment without a shot being returned from shore, nor does a single member of the Jap Imperial Fleet come out to do battle." (7) Penna's Own 28th Arrives in Boston. "Gen. Sola and his famous 28th Division are greeted by Gov. Martin of Penna. and Gov. Tobin of Mass. on their return from ETO." (silent) (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-422 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/08/16 - Nation Celebrates (1) "The instant that newsmen flashed President Truman's statement that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, giant celebrations were set off all over the land. Washington, DC, started the ball rolling with continuous street parties. Chicago went wild, staging one of the largest demonstrations. San Francisco staged a celebration that will never be forgotten. Service men in Seattle led the way in the giant outdoor proceedings there. But Times Square in N.Y.C. staged the celebration to end celebrations. Millions crowded the main stem all day, waiting for the official word. When in finally came, the fun started and went on for three days." scenes include Truman speaking, that Japan has accepted Potsdam Declaration, pictures of people celebrating peace, V-J Day, sailor kissing girl in Times Square, New York. (no sound except Truman) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-425 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/08/16 - Fill 'Er Up (1) - "Motorists go wild as O.P.A. lifts gas restrictions. And gas station emplyees out-do themselves in returning to pre-war efficiency." scenes of car filling up at gas station, crowds celebrating end of gas rationing by Office of Price Administration. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-425 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/10/18 - Victorious U. S. Fleet Comes Home (1) "Swinging out from Diamond Head, Hawaii, numerous units of the U.S. pacific Battle Fleet take to the open sea and home. Thousands of people are waiting at Golden Gate, as Admiral William F. 'Bull' Halsey brings ships of his famed 3rd Fleet into San Francisco. Before negotiating the Panama Canal, men from other fleet units have themselves a roaring time in the Canal Zone. Then it's anchors aweigh, with New York the next stop. The Big E, the famed flattop Enterprise, commanded by Vice Admiral Sherman, leads the big parade into New York harbor past the Statue of Liberty. The ships tie up, and anxious relatives swarm to meet their young heroes, home at last from victory in the Pacific." (2) Laval's Death Trial - "France places Pierre Laval, the arch traitor, on trial for his life. His impassioned pleas during the course of the trial only result in his ejection, and receiving the death sentence." (3) Floating Air Strips - "The British Admiralty demonstrates the 'Lily Pond,' an emergency landing field, constructed of hexangonal segments, which rides the sea swells, and on which 4-ton land planes alight. " (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-443 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/10/29 - Navy Day! (1) "N.Y.C. - Over 5,000,000 New Yorkers take part in the greatest celebration in the City's long history. President Harry S. Truman opens the gala day at New York Navy Yard when he commissions the 45,000-ton super carrier - 'Franklin D. Roosevelt.' Thousands cheer the Nation's Chief Executive as his motorcade rolls through the canyons of Manhattan to City Hall, for patriotic exercises. One million spectators await the President's Navy Day Message at Central Park. He states that America's tremendous naval power and air strength will be used to protect America's sovereign position, and that our foreign policy is based on righteousness and justice. After luncheon on the battleship 'Missouri,' the President boards the destroyer 'Renshaw' and reviews the tremendous fleet which is drawn up in the Hudson River. 1,200 planes, the largest air armada the world has ever seen, roars overhead, in joint salute to the Commander in Chief, and to the mightiest navy in history, the United States Navy." scenes of aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt christened by Truman, Truman addresses crowd of 1 million in Central Park, football. (sound) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-446 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/11/05 - Pres. Opens Management Labor Parley (this newsreel has sound) (1) "Washington, DC: President Truman calls on both management and labor to resolve their differences, pointing out that the Amerian people 'are fed up' with industrial strife. The conference aims to findequitable means to end strikes and Mr. Truman's blunt opening remarks set the pattern for all discussions." scenes of labor-management conference with John L. Lewis, Syndy Hillman, William Green (2) Japan Pays for Defeat - "Tokyo: Jap gold, silver and platinum to the tune of $250,000,000 is seized by the American army to be held by us until it is decided just what's to be done with it." (3) Typhoon Hits Yank Airfield on Japan - "Kyushu: The Japs take a beating from nature, too, as a violent typhoon sweeps over this southernmost island of the homeland." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-448 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/11/15 - Newsreel intro (no sound) (1) Attlee Talks to Congress (silent, incomplete) - "Washington: Talking to a joint session of the House and Senate, the British Prime Minister looks forward to even closer cooperation between the United States and Great Britain through the United Nations organization." (2) Pearl Harbor Probe Opens. "Washington: The long-awaited congressional hearings on Pearl Harbor open in the Senate caucus room. The Joint Investigating Committee of Congress is pledged to fix the blame, or at least reveal the steps which brought the nation into war, and calls the first witnesses to tell their stories of the nation's worst military disaster." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-451 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/11/19 - Newsreel intro (no sound) (1) Surplus Planes Junked (silent, incomplete) - "Walnut Ridge, Arkansas: Billions of dollars worth of airplanes start a last journey to the scrap heap as the government begins the work of salvaging battle weary planes that winged their way to victory." (2) Flattops on Parade (incomplete) - "New York: the 45,000 ton carrier Franklin D, Roosevelt leaves the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where she was built, for further fitting out. The carrier Monterey sails for Europe where she'll pick up reurning G.I.'s." (3) Robot Brain - "Cambridge, Mass.: Technicians at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrate a 100-ton calculating machine developed at the Institute which takes minutes to solve complete problems which would otherwise take months." - scenes of computer and teletype. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-452 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/11/21 - Newsreel intro (no sound) (1) Horrors of Yamashita's Regime Told - "Manila: The war atrocity trial of the Jap General Yamashita unveils more sordid stories as the prosecution calls many additional witnesses. Francisco Lopez tells of the sensational 'German Club Massacre' where Jap soldiers ran wild, slaughtering those who sought protection there." (2) B-29 Sets Non-Stop Record - "Washington: Taking off from Guam, a Superfort flies non-stop to Washington, 8,198 miles in 35 hours and 5 minutes to set a new distance mark. The previous record was held by the British with a 7,158 miles flight from Egypt to Australia." (3) 8th Cavalry Moves Into Jap Barracks - "Tokyo: A thousand native laborers are put to work cleaning the Japanese Imperial Guard barrack before the 8th Cavalry Regiment moves in. Like all Jap buildings they were far from clean. " (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-453 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/12/06 - Big E Joins Magic Carpet (1) "New York: The great carrier Enterprise arrives home from Southhampton with thousands of soldiers aboard. At the English port this war heroine was honored by the Lord Mayor of the city." (silent, incomplete) (2) Leaders of Industry Plan for Future - "New York: As the National Association of Manufacturers convenes, F. C. Crawford, Executive Committee chairman, says management-labor peace and full productivity can prevent inflation and raise living standards." (sound of man speaking) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 18-457 National Archives, College Park MD

1945/12/31 - Pope Creates Four U.S. Cardinals (sound) (1) "Archbishop Francis J. Spellman of New York heads the list of four new Cardinals from the United States who are among the thirty-two named by the Pope. The others are Archbishop John Glennon of Saint Louis, Archbishop Samuel Stritch of Chicago and Archbishop Edward Mooney of Detroit." (Spellman speaks) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-464 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/07 - Marshall To Aid Chinese Unification (1) "Shanghai: President Truman's special envoy arrives to undertake his mission of bringing peace to warring China. He is welcomed by General Wedemeyer and high-ranking Chinese officials. He will act as arbiter between the National government and the Communists." (2) Jap Prisoners - "Wilmington: Very camera shy, 1,162 Japanese prisoners are loaded aboard a transport for return to Japan, via Hawaii. Some of them may be kept in Hawaii to be used in work battalions." (3) Fast Count For GI Joe - "Atlanta: Up pops Sergeant Patterson with a gimmick that has three dials and tells you how ong you've been in, faster than you can say discharge. They're so popular that 150 are being made." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-466 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/03/25 - Japs take A Powder (1) "Yokohama, Japan: In an effort to prevent plague, Army medicos instruct Japs in the use of dusting powder, DDT and typhus innoculations. Special teams comb wide areas of the city and treat many civilians." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-488 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/03/28 - Reds Bolt UNO Meeting (1) "New York: Dramatic scenes unfold in the United Nations Organization Security Council meeting when Russia's delegate, Gromyko, stalks out of the chamber in protest over vote to hear Iranian dispute. After Soviet action, Iran's envoy, Hussein Ala, presents his nation's stand." (2) Valentine in Tokyo - "Tokyo, Japan: New York's former Police Commissioner, Lewis J. Valentine, arrives in Japan to help streamline the Nippon police set-up. He confers with General MacArthur. " (3) Airborne Television Shown - "Anacostia, DC: A closely guarded wartime secret is revealed as the Navy demonstrates the 'flying eye' - amazing airborne television in aircraft, that sank Jap ships. Device transmits photos to receiving sets miles away." - scenes of aerial television loaded into test plane and TV pictures broadcast from plane. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-489 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/01 - Newsreel intro (no sound) (1) Navy's New Rocket Packs Big Wallop (incomplete) - "Iwo Jima: First pictures of a war-time secret! The huge 1200-pound 'Tiny Tim,' world's biggest airborne rocket, was used against Japs. Watch these amazing pictures of rocket's potency." (2) Truman Signs Housing Bill - "Washington, DC: The President signs an important document which will help provide homes for the homeless. His signature makes housing bill a law and speeds authorization of $250,000,000 for emergency homes." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-490 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/04 - U.N. Council Weathers First Big Crisis (1) "New York: The Byrnes resolution, deferring action on the Iranian case until May 6th, is passed by the Security Council, following declaration by Iranian envoy, Hussein Ala, that his country will accept Russia's intentions of removing her troops from Iran." (2) 1st Peacetime Silk Shipment From Japan - "Seattle, Wash.: A million dollars worth of raw silk, 1500 bales of the precious cargo, arrives from Japan and is readied for shipment to Eastern mills. Enough for 2.5 million pairs of stockings!" (3) Personalities in the News - "Rome, Italy: Ex-Pres. Herbert Hoover, chairman of the Emergency Famine Committee, arrives by plane to begin his studies of starvation conditions in European countries. Washington, DC: Congressman Carroll Reece of Tennessee, newly elected chairman of the Republican Nat'l Committee, receives congratulations from his predecessor, Herbert Brownell, and a kiss from his wife. England: Mary Pickford, veteran motion picture actress and star of silent films, arrives by plane and gets a regal welcome from her British fans. London, England: Princess Margaret Rose, 15-year-old daughter of Britain's King and Queen, visits a Children's Club during her first public engagement by herself. She's a big hit with the kiddies." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-491 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/11 - U.N. Resumes with Gromyko (1) "New York: After a 13-day boycott of the United Nations Security Council over the Iranian dispute, Russia's delegate resumes his seat as the council prepares to take up Poland's demand for Franco ouster. " (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-493 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/15 - Roosevelt Home is U.S. Shrine (1) "Hyde Park, New York: During solemn ceremonies, attended by President Truman, on the anniversary of his predecessor's death, the Roosevelt estate is turned over to the public. Mrs. Roosevelt makes the presentation, with Interior Secretary Krug accepting the home on behalf of all Americans." (2) Russia Feeds France - "Marseilles, France: From Soviet Russia, 5000 tons of wheat arrive by freighter and are unloaded for distribution amongst the needy in France. other shipments are expected to follow." (3) Personalities in the News - "Nikolai Novikov is appointed Russian ambassador, replacing Andrei Gromyko who now gives full time to his United Nations work. W. Averill Harriman, former U. S. envoy to Russia, is sworn in as new U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, while State Secretary Byrnes looks on. George S. Messersmith, newly nominated to handle diplomatic affairs in Argentina, confers with Pres. Truman and Secretary Byrnes." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-494 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/18 - MacArthur Asks Nations To Renounce War (1) "Tokyo, Japan: Appearing before the Allied Control Commission, Gen. Douglas MacArthur commends the Jap renunciation of war and urges all nations to follow suit. He reviews his occupation policy and reaffirms his plans for democracy in Japan." (2) Off to Join Dad - "New York: Wives and children of servicement serving overseas go aboard an Army transport, as the vanguard of 30,000 families who will make occupation duties more pleasant for out G.I.'s." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-495 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/22 - Pres. Truman Makes Strong Food Appeal (1) "Washington, DC: Pres. Truman backs UNRRA Director La Guardia and Agriculture Scretary Anderson in issuing an appeal to all Americans to cut down on flour, oil and fats in order to save millions abroad from starvation." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-496 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/25 - Pres. Truman Reviews Our Naval Might (1) "Off Virginia Capes: Pres. Truman goes aboard the carrier 'Franklin D. Roosevelt' to view naval maneuvers of the 8th Fleet, and sees our Navy's planes and guns go into action in thrilling mock battles. High Navy officials accompany the President." (2) Shelter In A Jiffy - "Chicago, Illinois: If you're looking for a readymade summer home in a jiffy, take a look at this Jiffereet Ten-house. Made of canvas, the portable, readily-built shelter is no palace but it'll keep the storms off your head." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-497 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/30 - Wheat for Starving Millions(1) "Climax, Minnesota: Highlighting his appeal to the farmers of America to sell their wheat for immediate shipment to starving nations abroad, Director General La Guardia of UNRRA visits Climax and views wheat shipments." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-498 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/02 - (1) Big Four Meet To Fashion World Peace (2) Philippines Elect Roxas - "Manila: For the first time in their history, Filipinos go to the polls to vote for more than one candidate, and the winner is Manuel Roxas, spirited campaigner who promised full cooperation with the U.S." (3) "Nazi Rocket Backfires - Germany: These amazing films, found in Germany, show V-2 rocket launchings against enemy targets. One of the giant missiles backfires and explodes in the launching site, killing scores." - scenes from captured Nazi films (4) Ammunition Ship Blast - "Leonardo, NJ: Seven men are dead and scores injured following an ammunition blast on board the Destroyer-Escort 'Solar.' The blast shattered the foreward part of the ship, leaving it a twisted hulk." (5) Mussolini's Body Stolen - "Milan, Italy: Stolen from the grave where he was buried after his ignominious end, the body of Italy's strutting ex-dictator has disappeared. Only tattered clothing remains to mark the amazing robbery." (6) Personalities in the News - "Rome, Italy: Admiral Hewitt, commander of the U.S. Naval Force in Europe, meets Pope Pius at a private audience, following reception of a high award from Crown Prince Umberto. London, England: Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose go behind the scene at the first post-war circus and get a royal thrill out of the animal acts and clownish antics." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-499 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/06 - Nazi Bomb Found Unexploded In London (1) "London, England: Bomb-disposal engineers have a ticklish job as they get an unexploded Nazi bomb ready for 'disposal,' the loud way. They blow it up, only a few undred yards away from Buckingham Palace. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-500 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/13 - Truman Urges Education For Future Peace (1) "New York: At Fordham University to receive an honorary degree during the school's centennial, Pres. Truman says that education faces a grave challenge in teaching the world how to live at peace in an atomic age." (2) Raid Chinese Black Market - "Shanghai, China: U.S. and Chinese officials make surprise raids on sampans and small dives in slum areas, rounding up quantities of G.I. merchandise. Black market operations in stolen goods, while thousands starve!" (3) 1st Pictures Nazi Rocket Bomb in U.S. - "New Mexico: Fourteen-ton Nazi rockets, launched by Army technicians in the first phase of our new long-range missile program, soar 75 miles into the ionosphere and attain phenomenal speeds. Amazing slow motion camera record shows spectacular event." - scenes of V-2 rocket raised to launch position and fired (4) Tojo Goes On Trial - "Tokyo, Japan: Japan's Number One war criminal, Hideki Tojo, Nip war chief at the time of Pearl Harbor, goes on trial for his life before an international tribunal. Many others face the death sentence for war crimes." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-502 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/11/21 - Coal Strike Threatens U.S. Economy (1) "Miners Out Despite U. S. Injunction - Soft coal miners of John L. Lewis' UMW leave the pits in many states as the dead-line for a new contract passes, and the Mine Chief ignores proceedings brought against him by Att'y. Gen. Clark in Washington. A serious threat to the national economy is in the making, as Uncle Sam and John L. Lewis come to a show-down." scenes of John L. Lewis, coal mines. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-557 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/11/28 - Lewis Cited For Contempt In Mine Strike (1) "Washington, DC: Turned down by Judge Goldsborough in his request for a trial postponement, John L. Lewis and his United Mine Workers are ordered to appear and face charges arising out of the Government's contempt action for calling the soft-coal strike. The nation faces a serious threat to its reconversion economy." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-558 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/07/08 - Allied Aerial Shuttle Answer To Red Blockade (1) "Berlin: In blockaded Berlin, food and fuel are short, but the Allies are determined to stay despite all Russian counter-measures. Hundreds of British and American transport planes fly daily to and from the beleaguered city, bringing food and other necessary supplies. The world watches the great struggle between East and West." scenes of Berlin airlift. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-159 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/08/16 - Babe Ruth Mourned (1) "New York: Babe Ruth is dead. The idol of millions passes after a lingering throat ailment that cost him his life. The beloved 'Bambino' is shown in happier days, when, as the Home-Run King, he endeared himself to all Americans, young and old alike." (some sound) (2) Young America - "Washington: Commemorating the first issue of a 'Salute to Youth' stamp, Pres. Truman plays host to a large gathering on the White House lawn. The ceremony is a colorful prelude to the nation's Youth Month." scenes of Truman with stamp and kids with Boy's Clubs on shirts (3) Palestine News - "Palestine: While Irgun forces hail return of Menachem Beigin [Begin], underground chief who eluded the British, United Nations truce team accompanies Haganah group in negotiating return of Jewish dead from no-man's land." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-170 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/08/19 - Babe Ruth Laid To Rest (1) "New York: While thousands stand in reverent silence outside St. patrick's Cathedral, last rites are held for Babe Ruth, the King of Swat. Baseball's greatest hero is laid to rest following the high mass celebrated at the cathedral. Thousands filed past his bier at Yankee Stadium." - scenes of funeral. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-171 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/10/18 - Truman Story (1) "A film presentation of Harry S. Truman. Highlights of the picture story of the Missouri man who rose through the political ranks to be President of the United States, and whose strenuous campaign for re-election will be decided at the polls. Harry Truman, as small businessman, as Senator, as Vice-President and as Chief Executive, is shown in the round-up on your screen." (mostly silent, some sound) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-188 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/11/03 - Truman Wins (1) "USA: In a startling upset, Pres. Harry S. Truman wins re-election. Highlights of the dramatic vote which saw Gov. Dewey go down to defeat, after predictions made him a sure favorite. Pres. Truman also wins majorities in both the House and Senate, as the Republicans are snowed under all across the nation. Scenes of the major candidates at the polls and Mr. Truman's stirring plea for national unity." (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-193 National Archives, College Park MD

1948/11/15 - Tojo To Hang For War Crimes (1) "Tokyo: Death by hanging is the verdict for Hideki Tojo, Nippon war leader, and six other Jap military chiefs. Dramatic scenes are shown of the International Military Tribunal, when Tojo and his accomplices are sentenced for atrocities in World War II." (2) News In Brief - Truman Florida Vacation - "Key West: Resting after his strenuous campaign for re-election, Pres. Truman enjoys a Florida vacation. Among his visitors is Vice-Pres.-elect Alben Barkley, and American Legion officials who present Mr. Truman with a medal." (3) New York Port Strike - "New York: A wildcat strike by longshoremen, spreading to other East Coast ports, ties up New York and cripples our Marshall Plan aid to Europe. Passengers arriving on liners are forced to carry their own luggage ashore." (4) England - Eleanor Roosevelt honored. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 21-196 National Archives, College Park MD

1949/01/27 - Strato-Jet (1) XB-47 jet bomber takes off with JATO assist, lands with help of parachute. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 22-217 National Archives, College Park MD

1949/07/01 - Guilty. Judy Coplon Faces Ten Years For Espionage (1) Judith Coplon arrested as spy. (poor picture quality) (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 22-262 National Archives, College Park MD

1949/09/29 - Navy Demonstrates Power To Defense Secretary (1) Navy Secretary arrives on carrier from helicopter, jets take off, antiaircraft guns fire. (silent) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 22-287 National Archives, College Park MD

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