Newsreels 1947 pt. 3

1947/10/09 - (1) Jet Fighters Roar - "Fort Dix, NJ: Sleek 600 mph P-80 fighters of the 344th Squadron roar down on the target range and blast away with amazing precision. One after another, the jet fighters dip down at low altitude." (2) Tornado Rips City - Jacksonville, Florida: "Close on the heels of high tides and raging seas, a freak twister strikes another part of the city, uprooting trees, ripping homes and causing extensive damage in a trailer camp." (3) China Orphans Saved - "Shanghai: An errand of mercy. A member of a mission rides into the city, his bicycle weighted down with bamboo baskets filled with tiny orphans, who receive shelter and food and a chance for survival." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-81 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/13 - (1) Palestine partition supported by U.S. "Herschel Johnson announces our stand in a speech to the United Nations, calling for a volunteer police force under U.N. auspices." (2) First War Dead Come Home - "San Francisco: The first of America's war dead come home. A hushed throng of 5,000 stands in silence as the steamer Honda Knot arrives with the bodies of 3,028 men who died in the Pacific. Impressive rites are held at City Hall." (3) News in Brief from Japan - "Yokohama: Sgt. Joseph Ferguson greets his family, largest occupation family to arrive." U.S. dependents arrive in Japan. Mrs. MacArthur honored by Girl Scouts. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-82 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/16 - (1) Ike Gets Dutch Sword - "Washington: A Jewel-encrusted gold sword, which took over a year to build at Utrecht and which represented the thanks of all Holland for Ike's war efforts, is presented to Gen. Eisenhower by Ambassador Van Kleffens." (2) Yanks Train China Cadets - "Tsingtao: Officers and men of the Chinese Naval Training Center stage a full dress parade, prior to gunnery training under American supervision on board small gunboats. U. S. aid to the beleaguered Chinese!" (3) News in Brief - GIs to live in Australia "Sydney: Twenty-one ex-Servicemen, 12 wives and 12 children, the vanguard of more hundreds expected to make their homes 'Down Under', arrive on the 'Marine Phoenix' and are greeted by Immigration Minister Calwell. (4) Germany (German narration) "Severe summer drought brings new hardships to the hard-pressed Germans. Trains and factories are idle due to the electricity shortage, while the shortage of fuel forces many to scavenge for coal pumped up from the bottom of rivers." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-83 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/20 - Hollywood 'Red' Probe Begins (1) "Washington: Hearings begin before the House Un-American Activities Committee, on charges of communist infiltration in Hollywood, Chairman Thomas outlines the scope of the probe; while Eric Johnston, head of the M.P.A., denies the threat of communist influence and states that the Reds will never succeed in Hollywood." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10,Thomas speaks, Eric Johnston speaks (2) Sky Queen survivors picked up by Coast Guard off Newfoundland - "Boston: The 69 survivors of the ill-fated 'Bermuda Sky Queen,' saved from death by the Coast Guard cutter 'Bibb' in mid-Atlantic, step onto dry land. Thousands jam the shore as the lucky survivors, with their rescuers, come ashore." (partial newsreel, opening logo) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-84 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/10/23 - U.S. Films Fight Reds (1) "Washington, DC: "An all-star cast, including actors Robert Montgomery, Adolph Menjou, and Producer Sam Wood, take the stand to tell the House Un-American Activities Committee that Hollywood is fighting to keep communism out of motion pictures." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10 (2) U.S. Marks Navy Day - "The Navy reveals new methods of warfare, as the U.S. celebrates Navy Day. Film roundup shows out 'first line of defense' girding to carry on historic function. Scenes of firing V-2 rockets from carrier Midway, and other thrills." (3) Novel Glider Tow Tried - "Dayton, Ohio: The Army Air Forces demonstrate a new method of towing gliders. A tow-bar is used in place of the longer cable, with greater control and safety for flight in all kinds of weather." (4) Jet Flying Wing Flown - "Hawthorne, CA: The AAF's huge boomerang-shaped YB-49 flying-wing bomber takes to the air on a spectacular maiden flight. The mammoth craft climbs quickly, smoke pouring from its eight jet engines." (partial newsreel). SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-85 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/03 - (1) Hughes Flies Mammoth Plane - "Long Beach: Howard Hughes takes his 400,000-lb. plywood goliath aloft in a surprise mile flight. Subject of Senatorial investigation, Mr. Hughes is alone in the $25,000,000 craft which flies successfully after only two taxi tests." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-88 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/06 - (1) News in Brief - "London: Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, leader of the anti-communist Polish Peasant party, arrives in England after his dramatic escape from Warsaw. He speaks for the newsreel camera while his son looks on." (2) Festival in India - "Jaipur: Not all is strife in India! In the princely State of Jaipur, the Maharajah officiates over ancient ceremonies full of pomp and exotic splendor. Rich trappings in an Oriental setting." (3) Sports - "New York: The U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team, comprising Eileen Seigh, Bob Swenning, Yvonne Sherman, Gretchen Merrill, perfect their techniques at Rockefeller Plaza. The artistry of these youngsters is breathtaking." (4) "Athens: On the anniversary of the war with Italy, Greece, led by its royal family and Premier Sophoulis, pays tribute to its fallen heroes. Evzones join the colorful parade." (5) "Portland, Oregon: America successfully defends its right to the Ryder Cup by defeating the British team, 11 points to one. In a devastating rout, the U.S. team, led by Ben Hogan, golfs to victory." (6) "Philadelphia - A private aerial trapeze, set up in a backyard, provides thrills for the amateur acrobats, and chills for local spectators. The homespun aerialists offer many nerve-wracking moments." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-89 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/10 - (1) Friendship Train - "California: Laden with vital food parcels for Europe's starving, and picking up more cars as it rolls eastward, the 'Friendship Train' picks up speed. Americans from coast to coast will have the opportunity to contribute their share as the train stops enroute." (2) "Washington: State Secretary Marshall, appearing before a Joint House and Senate group debating foreign aid, calls for a speedy appropriation of more than half-a-billion dollars to tide over the people of Italy, France and Austria. He says that nations wishing to obstruct our aid program wish to see Europe in chaos." (no narration, Marshall speaks) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-90 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/13 - (1) Hughes Probe Continues - "Washington: Dramatic stories of war-time favoritism and intrigue, along with charges and countercharges, enliven the hearings of the investigation of Howard Hughes' warplane contracts. Senator Ferguson heads the Senate group, which hears Mr. Hughes, former General Meyers, and other key figures." (2) "Aboard the Friendship Train - Reno, Salt Lake, Laramie and other places flash by as the Friendship Train rolls towards its goal on the East Coast. Laden with food for starving Europeans, and growing bigger at each stop, the humanitarian freight picks up speed as it rolls across America." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-91 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/21 - (1) Friendship train carries food for Europe, arrives in New York (2) Eric Johnston speaks on movies and communism (3) football - Princeton def. Yale 17-0, fans tear down goal posts (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-93 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/25 - (1) Royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at Westminster Abbey. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-94 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/11/28 - (1) Consolidated in San Diego flies the XC-99, world's largest cargo plane (2) "Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia - Battling alligators, poisonous snakes and other jungle creatures, Ross Allen and his 'advance party' of Indians fight their war into the hitherto unexplored swamp." (3) ski fashions in Seattle. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-95 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/02 - (1) Eric Johnston, head of MPA, speaks on movies and communism (correct release date was 11/28) (2) Christmas season - "Hollywood: With Christmas just around the corner, film and radio bigwigs look their best in the Santa Claus Parade. There are 'stars' in Santa's eyes. Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love opens its doors and hearts to Saint Nick, who leads a spectacular parade of amazing floats in the Toyland Parade." (3) Army Beats Navy 21-0 in a football game in Philadelphia before 101,500 fans including President Truman (4) Command Performance in London as celebrities including Robert Montgomery meet the royal family. )partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-96 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/05 - (1) "New York: A high-speed camera films the secret of the fly's flight. Demonstrated at the American Museum and at the Sperry Co. plant, the amazing camera reveals the 'gyroscope' which helps control the fly's flight." scenes include slow-motion camera. (2) plane crash in Seattle kills 8 (3) 4H Club Congress in Chicago (4) cat frolic in Brooklyn (5) Anzio cemetery in Italy. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-97 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/09 - (1) Friendship Food Sails - "Philadelphia & New York: Loaded with 8,000,000 pounds of food for France, the freighter 'American Leader' embarks for LeHavre after taking on cargo at two ports. Pre-sailing ceremonies are attended by U.S. and French officials." (2) Strike Grips France - "Plagued by waves of communist-inspired strikes and facing serious shortages, France fights for survival. Newsreel films show strikers and police at the height of the disorders in Paris and Lyons." (3) News in Brief - "Germany: A queue here is called a snake, the reptile of cities. Its bones are people, its scales the bundles they carry as they stand in line and wait for food and other necessities." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-98 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/12 - (1) Global Fliers Back- "Teterboro, NJ: 123 days after taking off on a round-the-world flight in two 100-hp flivver planes, George Truman and Clifford Evans, Jr., return home. They are met by their wives and a cheering throng. The two aerial 'tourists' flew 25,000 miles." (2) News in Brief - "Chicago - Moving swiftly, Secret Service agents break up a bogus money ring and seize more than half-a-million in counterfeit money in a Chicago garage. The money and the printing press are confiscated at the Post Office." (3) War Orphans - "New York: Five war orphan children, adopted by motion picture and radio stars, arrive by plane from Europe. The arrival of the children launches a drive for the adoption of 75,000 more." (4) Christmas Preview - Holland: Feast of St. Nicholas with Queen, Princess Juliana, her children and husband, Prince Bernhard. New York: Babe Ruth plays Santa Claus at Hotel Astor, sing "Jingle Bells" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-99 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/16 - (1) Hirohito at Hiroshima (2) News in Brief - gunboats to Greeks (3) Admiral Chester Nimitz gets DSM medal, succeeded by Admiral Denfield as Chief of Naval Operations (4) Tenn. air crash kills 21 Army personnel near Memphis (5) Labrador Survivors Home - "Washington: Four survivors of the disastrous ATC transport crash in Labrador arrive at Bolling Field on an ambulance plane. The injured were flown from the crash scene by helicopter. 23 others perished." (6) Cardinal Spellman and kids at New York Foundling Hospital. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-100 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/19 - (1) Yanks Quit Italy - "Leghorn, Italy: The last 1,364 officers and men of a U.S. Army that once exceeded 500,000 sail for home on board the transport Admiral Sims. The lowering of the American flag signals the official end of our occupation in Italy." (2) Xmas Cheer - "Washington: Forty-five youngsters from as many lands, children of foreign diplomats stationed in Washington, take part in a special Christmas broadcast to the children of America." (3) Blizzards Made-To-Order - "Fort Monmouth, NJ: Engineers of the Army Signal Corps, providing year-round blizzards to test men and Arctic equipment, demonstrate the newly-perfected technique in special chambers." (4) Sports - "Montreal, Que. - Male beauty on parade! Rippling-muscled athletes make with the brawn. They strike poses while competing for titles of 'Most Perfect Physique' and others. Oh, girls!" (5) "Washington - With Primo Carnera, former boxing contender, appearing at Turner's Arena, the sports fans get plenty of action and plenty of noise. 'Da Preem' makes short work of his opponent." (6) Trailer - Alan Ladd "makes a dramatic plea for Americans to stop wasting food, to save meat and wheat. This will help prevent starvation amongst the children of Europe." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-101 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/23 - (1) George Marshall - "Washington: Shortly after his return by plane from the ill-starred Foreign Ministers meeting in London, Secretary of State Marshall reports to the American People. He says that Russian hostility and opposition made progress impossible." (2) Japan vagrants in Tokyo's Ueno train station (3) "Seattle - The amazing Boeing XB-47 jet bomber, the 'new look' in aviation, lifts its swept-back wings into the air and exceeds all expectations on its initial flight." (4) Sports - "Lakewood, NJ: The old argument over which is faster, basketball or hockey, is complicated with a new twist. Basketball on ice. It's fast and furious, combining the thrilling features of both." (5) Golden Gloves boxing (6) Canada Gov. General extends holiday greetings (7) Jimmy Stewart trailer (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-102 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/26 - (1) Low-cost helicopter tested in Philadelphia (2) "Trenton: A new assault-cargo glider, capable of carrying thirty-five men, tries its wings. The sturdy craft has tricycle landing gear, as well as other war-tested safety improvements." (3) News in Brief - German schools (4) "Washington: Pres. Truman presents the Collier Trophy for air safety to Lewis Rodert, aeronautics engineer, for his work in developing a heat method of protecting airplanes from ice." (5) Paris "curiosities" as holiday gifts (6) Opoe Herfast in Holland is 106 years old (7) Sports - Knicks defeat Celtics in Madison Square Garden basketball (8) "Washington: There's a new feller in the White House, name of 'Feller.' The 5-weeks-old cocker puppy meets the newsreel cameramen upon his arrival from Missouri, gift of an old friend of Pres. Truman." (9) "New York: Here's real excitement on ice! Tempers flare during the game between the Providence Scarlets and the N.Y. Metropolitans. Then the fists fly, and even the referee gets into the act." scenes of hockey game. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-103 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/29 - (1) Great Blizzard of 1947 - "The worst blizzard since 1888 roars in on New York and other East Coast cities, blanketing everything under a record-breaking 25.8-inch mantle of white. The death toll is low, but thousands are stranded when trains and autos stall, and food supplies run low in some areas. Thousands of workers and vehicles are pressed into service to dig New York out from under." (2) "Washington: Questions fly thick and fast when Margaret Truman meets the ladies of the press. She answers questions from everything to the 'new look' to whether Dad would prefer a prima donna to grandchildren."(3) New Navy Jet - "Farmingdale, Long Island: The Navy takes the wraps off its newest carrier-based jet fighter plane, the Grumman XF9F 'Panther." The sleek 600 mph craft has the cameramen dizzy during a spectacular test flight." (4) Sports - Tennis veteran Bobby Riggs defeats Jack Kramer 6-2, 10-8, 4-6, 6-4 in the professional tennis debut of Kramer before 15,000 in Madison Square Garden. (5) Football - Chicago Cardinals defeat Philadelphia Eagles for NFL title. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-104 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/12/30 - (1) Tojo Awaits Trial - "Tokyo: Twenty-five of Japan's top leaders who plunged their country into disastrous defeat are shown awaiting trial for their crimes. Former Premier Tojo, Shigemitsu, Minami, and others seem unpeturbed about their impending fate." (2) Maharajah's Jubilee - "India: Scenes of Oriental splendor and pomp unfold as the fabulously wealthy Maharajah of Jaipur holds a Silver Jubilee 'Durbar,' replete with procession and ceremonials." (3) Midget Shopping Car - made in San Diego (4) Bernard Montgomery's son (5) 12 Doberman puppies in record litter (6) New Look fashions from Spain (7) Sports - basketball UCLA defeats Long Island 66-64 in overtime. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-105 National Archives, College Park MD

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