Newsreels 1947 pt. 2

1947/05/01 - (1) Mexico President Aleman visits Truman in DC, first visit ever made by Mexican head of state (2) Denmark King Christian funeral, procession includes U.S. Marines, king was leader for 35 years, fought against Nazis (3) News in Brief - Palestine explosion of truck (4) Greece - King Paul replaces deceased King George, mob in street (5) Royal family in Africa (6) platypus at Bronx Zoo (7) Yo-yo "Cheerio" in Texas demonstrated (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-35 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/05/05 - (1) Mexican President Aleman tours U.S. (no sound) (2) Africa (no sound) (3) Kentucky Derby (no sound) (4) Bud and Lou Costello open youth center in LA (5) Hat Cakes created by chef John Zenker of the Congress Hotel in Chicago. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-36 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/05/08 - (1) Radar Aids Safe Flying (no sound) - "Culver City: Terrain avoidance, vital to commercial aviation, is scientifically assured in the perfection of a new radar device by Howard Hughes. The blind-flying guide flashes lights when hidden obstacles lie ahead of the aircraft." (2) Voyage Into History (no sound) - "Lima, Peru: Five Norwegians and one Swede set out in a 40-foot balsa-wood raft for Tahiti and other Pacific islands, to prove a theory that ancient Incans discovered the far-off isles long before Columbus." (3) Natives Dance on Stilts (no sound) - "Conakry, French Guinea: Natives dressed in quaint African costumes dance on stilts during the visit of the French President, Auriol, to Colonial possessions in Africa. Other natives perform strange tribal dances." (4) British Film Awards - "London: The presentation of the National Film Awards to British stars and producers is a colorful event. Margaret Lockwood and J. Arthur Rank are among those honored. (5) Waterproof Hair-Dos - "Los Angeles: Three pretty mermaids go swimming with new hair-dos. Two of them have had their tresses treated with a new miracle solution, and their hair remains perfect. But, Oh, the third!" (6) Porpoise Round-up (Exclusive) - "Florida: Experts from Marineland snare a wily porpoise off the Florida coast. Using a special tail-grabber, the anglers bring back one of the playful mammals and teach him to stand up for his lunch!" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-37 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/05/15 - (1) Royal family returns home to England after 20,000 miles in 14 weeks (2) President Auriol of France in Sudan, hyena jamboree (3) Churchill in Paris (4) movie heads honor J. Arthur Rank in U.S., introduced by Eric Johnston, Rank speaks (5) News in Brief - new ambassador to Poland, speaks (6) South Pole frontier - Admiral Byrd in Antarctic bay raises flag over Little America #4 - "spring at the south pole" (7) Belgium religious pageant in Bruges (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-39 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/02 - 94 Die Airplane Crashes (1) scenes of airplane crashes (2) Memorial to Anzio dead (3) Polish girls to Canada in labor exchange (4) Phalanx wins Belmont horse race (5) Indianapolis 500 auto race won by Mauri Rose at 116 mpg, but veteran driver Shorty Cantlon killed in crash. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-44 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/05 - West Point Graduation (1) "West Point NY: Colorful scenes of graduation exercises for 310 new 'Shavetails,' and full-dress review by the entire Cadet corps. Gen. Eisenhower and other celebrities take part in the commencement program. Grid stalwarts Davis and Blanchard receive degrees." (2) News in Brief - Caterpillar Landing Gear - "Wright Field, Ohio: Tractor-type landing gear, developed by the Army for quick air transport to unpaved fields, is tested. A light bomber, equipped with the endless-belt gear, takes off and lands safely." 37 Dead in Tornado - "Arkansas: Nature's latest rampage takes a toll in human life and property, Scores are dead following the twister which swpt through a wide area, and the damage to homes and farms runs into the millions." (3) WWII Balloon Sites Found - "Japan: A war-time terror device is trailed to its secret lair in Japan. The balloon-launching sites, from whence were sent the bomb-laden balloons over Canada and the U.S., are inspected by Army investigators." (4) Hand-Painted Swim Suits - "Miami Beach: Artist Jimmy Rosen enjoys his job during a display of the latest bathing suit creations. It's his task to paint flowers and fish on the suits, with the pretty wearer inside. Not bad, eh?" (5) Rodeo in Manhattan - "New York: At Yankee Stadium, baseball takes a back seat and the circus stars and rodeo riders hit a home-run with the fans. Ken Maynard and his troupe of bronco busters and thrill stars put on a bang-up jamboree." scenes of rodeo, man who hangs himself (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-45 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/09 - (1) Truman reunion in Kansas City with his 35th Division of World War I, walks, places wreath at memorial, also Ike who speaks (2) News in Brief - Willy Turnesea returns to NYC on Queen Elizabeth after golf victory in England (3) Iowa flood, Ohio tornado (4) Annapolis graduation, midshipmen throw hats in air (5) family crosses U.S. on bicycle over 4000 mi. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-46 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/23 - (1) Truman speaks on his veto of Taft-Hartley anti-labor bill, Sen. Robert Taft speaks (2) News in Brief - Lockheed Shooting Star jet sets speed record of 623 mph (3) Navy demonstrates the Vought XF5U Flying Pancake circular airplane, fastest prop plane in world, at more than 400 mph (4) oil tanker Markay explodes and burns in LA harbor (5) rowing regatta won by Navy (6) Brooklyn Handicap horse race won by Assault, "horse of the year." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-50 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/26 - (1) Warm Springs GA home of FDR given to state of Georgia, deed given to Gov. Melvin Thompson (2) News in Brief - train of tomorrow by GM, with two-level dining car, wood paneled lounge car, radio-telephones, goes 100 mpg (3) wedding in Akron of William Ford and Martha Firestone (4) German model car (5) Three made saints at Vatican City by Pope Pius XII (6) Plum Hollow Golf Course, PGA tournament won by Jim Ferrier (7) Puss Gets the Gate kitten race (8) Canada local (no sound) - bowling (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-51 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/06/30 - (1) Lincoln Day Address, Truman speaks on equality for all Americans (2) News in Brief (new logo) - Townsend Plan supporters march on Congress (3) Paris strikes and demonstrations (4) UMT commission head Carl Compton, speaks in Boston on Universal Military Training (5) Sports (new logo) - rowing regatta won by Harvard; marbles championship in NJ; motorbike stuntman in France. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-52 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/07/02 - (1) Spain Hails Mrs. Peron (narrator in Spanish) - "Spain: Argentina's First lady receives a triumphant welcome during her goodwill visit in Spain. The attractive Ambassadress from the Argentine dazzles countless thousands, during a tour which includes a huge reception by Franco in Madrid." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-53 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/07/07 - (1) Truman Calls for World Cooperation - "Charlottesville: World peace will not be secure until all nations work together for peace, Pres. Truman tells Independence Day throng at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Truman also avers that some nations have taken an erroneous stand on the Marshall aid plan. (no narration, sound only when Truman speaks) (2) Japan war criminals executed (no sound) - "Shanghai, China: Jap war criminals, including the notorious 'Tiger of Kiangyin,' pay the supreme penalty for their atrocities. They are executed, and angry mobs storm police lines to glimpse their bodies." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-54 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/07/10 - (1) Elizabeth Betrothed - "London: Princess Elizabeth, heiress to the throne, is engaged to Lt. Philip Mountbatten, who renounced a princedom of Greece to become a British subject. Newsreel clips show colorful and dramatic scenes from a future Queen's varied career." (partial sound) (2) coal contract signed by John L. Lewis (no sound) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-55 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/07/31 - (1) War Contracts hearings in Senate, Henry Kaiser speaks; Howard Hughes speaks against Sen. Owen Brewster. (partial newsreel, no narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-61 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/04 - (1) Elliot Roosevelt Testifies - "Washington: The Senate group investigating $40,000,000 in warplane contracts to the Howard Hughes firm, hears the son of the late president Roosevelt testify on his role in awarding contracts. Also, John Meyer, Hughes publicity agent, tells his side of lavish wartime party expenditures." Elliott Roosevelt speaks (no appearance in this story of Howard Hughes) (2) U. S. Hails Air Force (no sound) "America's newly independent Air Forces stage a spine tingling 40th anniversary celebration over cities of the U.S. Bombers and speedy fighters flash through cloudless skies as the nation pays homage to the men of the aerial forces. In Washington, seven Superforts arrive from Tokyo." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-62 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/07 - (1)Hughes and Brewster Clash - "Washington: Charges and countercharges fly during the Senate group's investigation of the $40,000,000 warplane contracts. Howard Hughes accuses Senator Brewster of mis-statements; and Brewster takes the stand to refute the charge." Howard Hughes speaks, Sen. Brewster speaks (no narration, partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-63 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/11 - (1) Odom Circles Globe - "Chicago: William P. Odom lands his Reynolds 'Bombshell' bomber after circling the globe in 73 hours, a new record eclipsing Wiley Post's old mark by over 100 hours. The weary flier flew almost 20,000 miles but looks shaved and rested after the harrowing ordeal." (2) Senate calls off probe of Howard Hughes and warplane contracts, Hughes speaks (3) Palestine - Bomb explosions and attacks on British troops continue. Three soldiers die in blast at Labor Dept. headquarters, and the problem of the Holy Land continues. In France, refugee ship returning illegal immigrants awaits world verdict." ship scene in Dubuque France. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-64 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/14 - (1) "Karachi - Partition for India! Members of Moslem congress hear historic announcement of separate Pakistan state by Britain's Lord Mountbatten. Al Jinnah and other leaders debate problems of India's survival beset by strife and rioting." (2) Boy Scouts Jamboree in France (3) Russia timber floats down fast river (4) Sports - Pig Swimming Derby in Kirkland, Washington, based on the famous Bikini pig who swam away from the A-bomb test. "The End" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-65 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/21 - (1) The Rio Conference - delegates at Rio de Janeiro for hemisphere defense and economy (2) A New India - "In Karachi, and in New Delhi, history in the making is shown, as India's long-awaited partition and freedom become reality. Lord Mountbatten notifies leaders of Pakistan and Hindustan of their dominion status, partners in the far-flung British Empire," Nehru shown (3) Sylvanna Zacchini and her fiance Bob Tazzani shot out of canon together at Palisades Park. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-67 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/25 - (1) British Withdraw Troops - "Bombay, India: The first contingent of thousands to leave India since the partition sails on the 'Georgie' for home. Lord and Lady Mountbatten see the Tommies off. All told, 50,000 will leave." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-68 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/08/28 - (1) American Legion convenes at Madison Square Garden, Gov. Thomas Dewey speaks (2) jet sets new air speed record, Commander Turner Caldwell pilots the first jet to 645 mph; Major Karl pilots second jet to 650 mph (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-69 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/09/11 - (1) Truman leaves Rio after parade (no sound) (2) News Flashes - Germany (in German) soldiers return (3) Sports - Scottish Games held (4) Freedom Train rolls (no sound) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-73 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/09/18 - (1) Philadelphia hails Freedom Train (no sound) (2) George Marshall strong UN speech against Russia (no narration, partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-75 National Archives, College Park MD

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