Newsreels 1947 pt. 1

1947/01/06 - 80th Congress Convenes (1) "Hears Truman Address - Washington, DC: For the first time in fourteen years, a Republican-dominated congress assembles to hear the presidential message on the state of the Union. He asks for moderate labor legislation and urges speeding of peace settlements." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-02 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/09 - Marshall Succeeds Byrnes (1) Washington, DC: "Because of poor health, State Secretary James Byrnes steps down after the arduous task of fighting for peace. General Marshall, returning from China, is named to succeed him." (2) NY harbor pier fire in Weehawken; Tokyo fire (3) Ike Denies Political Ambitions - Eisenhower speaks (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-03 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/16 - (1) Indochina - "Saigon: In these scenic pictures from Indochina, where Vietnam forces are battling French troops, France's Overseas Minister Moutet arrives by air to speed his nation's defense of its Far Eastern possession." greeted by Gen. LeClerc (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-05 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/20 - Army-Navy Agree On Merger (1) Secretaries Forrestal and Patterson plan merger (2) Greeks Suffer Losses - "Dramatic films from the Greek frontier, where fighting is still raging between Greek troops and rebel units. The Universal cameraman brings back a vivd record of civil strife in action." scenes of fighting on Greek - Bulgaria frontier (3) Byrnes Says Farewell - "goes through with his las official act by signing the first peace treaties of World War II. The pacts are for Italy and three other Axis allies." (4) Governorship Feud - Georgia dispute between Ellis Arnold and Thompson and Herman Talmadge (5) Finery For Small Fry - child fashion show at the Stork Club in clothes by Miss L. Brogan (6) Local: Fashions in Furs - mink fox in Vancouver (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-06 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/01/23 - (1) "War Rages in Indochina - Hanoi scenes of bitter fighting in strife-torn Indo-China. French government forces shell rebel-held towns and then move in for bitter fighting with machine guns and small arms, to mop up the entrenched VietNamese." (2) Georgia governor dispute between Talmadge and Thompson, with students hanging effigy of Talmadge (3) George Marshall sworn in as new secretary of state by Chief Justice Vinson (4) Muddy Maulers wrestle in Lake Worth, Florida (5) ski jump in Fox River Grove, Illinois, includes slow motion of a fall (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-07 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/03 - (1) Palestine martial law (2) Royal family in South Africa, welcomed by PM Smuts in Capetown (3) Hawaii to NY air record set in P-82, 5000 miles non-stop in 14 hours, the longest fighter trip in history, by lt. Ord and Col. Thacker who speaks (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-18 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/06 - (1) Truman in Mexico City, first time for U.S. president (2) Palestine blockade runner ship beached north of Haifa, some wounded, Jewish extremists wage a "reign of terror" and Barclay's bank bombed and British officers club bombed (includes short bomb animation) and British "punishment is swift." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-19 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/10 - (1) John L. Lewis speaks (2) Truman speaks at Waco TX, received honorary degree (3) Personalities: Lewis Douglas, new ambassador to England, shown with Acheson and Harriman (4) Mt. Etna in Sicily lava destroyed homes (5) Japan train wreck (6) Swedish ship fire of the John Ericcson (7) Joan Fontaine and William Dozier in Cuba (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-20 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/13 - (1) Truman speaks to Congress, announced Truman Doctrine and $400 million aid to Greece and Turkey, to help "free peoples of the world." (2) warehouse fire in NYC, Fire Commissioner Pirello (3) Olympic ski tryouts in Sun Valley, Idaho (4) Northampton MA fashion show of early historic bathing suits by Smith College coeds (5) Hollywood men's beauty show, humorous story with Art Linkletter and Peter Lyn Hayes (6) Philadelphia Zoo elephant "Burma" plays with volleyball (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-21 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/17 - (1) Big 4 Foreign Ministers Conference in Moscow of George Marshall, Vishinsky, Bevin, Bidot, scenes of Kremlin and Hotel Moscow (2) Personalities (3) Jack Warner gets medal, with Mrs. Warner (4) Royal family visits ostrich farm in South Africa (5) St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC, including Old 69th Division, Cardinal, Mayor O'Dwyer (6) Sports - table tennis tournament, U.S. lost to Hungary, then Hungary vs Czechoslovakia; curling; lady wrestling "The End" (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-22 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/20 - (1) News Briefs - Greece Hails U. S. Aid "Athens - Huge hrongs parade through the streets in a gesture of thanks for intended help from the U.S. Meanwhile, the United Nations commission completes its task of sifting facts in the internecine border strife. Washington - Pres. Truman's special investigator, Paul Porter, returns from Greece with his report. New York - Ambassador Lincoln McVeigh arrives by plane to give his slant on Greek affairs to the President." (2) Kiddie Corner - NY Boys Club hold Little Sister Beauty Contest (3) Army Turtle Tested (no sound) - "Ft. Belvoir, VA: An inflatable rubber boat, driven by either an electric motor or a gas engine, and capable of carrying four men safely ashore through heavy surf, is demonstrated by Army engineers." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-23 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/24 - (1) Ses No War in Greek Loan, Acheson speaks, Mike Mansfield speaks (2) Martial Law Lifted "Palestine - An uneasy truce reigns in the Holy Land following the end of martial law. Barbed wire is torn down as the populace begins a new freedom, but terrorist attacks still continue. Trains are bombed." (3) "Basutoland - The greatest gathering of South African natives ever seen assembles in the heart of Zulu country for ceremonies hailing the British royal family. Scantily-clad natives give their monarchs a tumultuous welcome." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-24 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/27 - (1) HUAC hearings, J. Edgar Hoover speaks against communism, William Bullitt speaks (2) Centralia Illinois March 25 coal mine blast, worst tragedy in 19 years, killed 111 miners (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-25 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/03/31 - (1) Army Week April 6-12, exhibits of fire fighters, world's largest howitzer, cargo planes that parachute supplies, Ike speaks, montage of "America Strong" (2) HUAC hearings on Hollywood, Eric Johnston speaks, praises newsreels (3) Grand National Steeplechase horse race in England "the toughest race in the world" over 4.5 miles, won by long-shot horse Caughoo from Ireland, scenes include slow-motion of a fall. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-26 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/03 - (1) Prince Paul in Greece (partial sound) (2) Big 4 Foreign Ministers at Moscow ballet (3) News in Brief - Asia conference (4) geese migrating in Iowa (5) floods in Spain (6) Shark boat from P-38 wing tanks (7) Sarasota Florida circus (8) water skiing after dark with flares (8) Irene Dunn trailer for American Cancer Society. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-27 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/07 - (1) Telephone strike (2) Gandhi in New Delhi, India, to meet with new Viceroy Mountbatten (3) John L. Lewis speaks on Centralia coal mine disaster, blames inaction of Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug (4) Easter, women's hats, egg hunt (5) News in Brief - train wreck in Downer's Grove (6) Royal Family in Derbin, South Africa, greeted by tribesmen (7) Sports - horse race in rain and mud (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-28 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/10 - (1) News in Brief - funeral of king of Greece (2) Submarine anniversary, scenes of six World War II subs off New London CT, on 47th anniversary of first sub USS Holland; "The newsreel camera records the tense moments during the submerging and resurfacing."(3) Dionne Quints in Canada for wedding of brother, five sisters were born in 1934 (4) Mule Day in Tenn. (5) Coast Guard icebreaker Northwind returns from Antarctic voyage, with 3 penguins for Seattle zoo (6) Sports - rodeo in Texas, water skiing in Miami Beach (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-29 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/17 - (1) Texas City explosion, "First pictures of the worst American disaster in 30 years," Monsanto Chemical plant destroyed, blast felt 200 mi. away (2) Hirohito at soccer game, cat race (3) arount-the-world flight of A-26 bomber, 20,000 mi. in 78 hrs (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-31 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/21 - (1) Truman speaks on need to reduce prices (2) Texas City disaster aftermath, half city homeless, cost $500 million, 700 dead, 2500 injured (3) Sports - Stanley Cup won by Toronto Maple Leafs (4) table tennis with real egg and new rubber cushion (5) Boston Marathon won by Korean runner (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-32 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/24 - (1) Historic Heligoland fortifications blown up by 3500 tons explosives (2) UN economic parley opens in Geneva in old League of Nations building, chairman Max Sutens (3) Cardinal Spellman visits children's hospital, speaks for Catholic charity drive (4) Royal family - Princess Elizabeth speaks, is 21. (5) Stalingrad Today (6) King Christian of Denmark died, new King Frederick leads crowd in traditional Danish cheers. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-33 National Archives, College Park MD

1947/04/28 - (1) Marshall returns from Moscow Conference of Big 4 Foreign Ministers that lasted 48 days; Truman speaks at airport, Marshall speaks (2) UN meeting in Flushing NY (3) Palestine train blast killed 50 British soldiers (4) Sports - Babe Ruth Day in Yankee Stadium, recent throat operation, CU of Babe Ruth speaking (5) News in Brief - bulletproof vest in Philadelphia (6) experimental coal mine in PA tests explosions for Bureau of Mines. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 20-34 National Archives, College Park MD

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