Newsreels 1951 pt. 2

1951/04/09 - Korean War (1) "Latest news film from the fighting front, where Gen. MacArthur's UN forces stab ahead, trying to keep the Reds off balance and stall the expected spring offensive. During a lull in the fighting, GIs stage their own show and provide a barrage of laughs for their buddies." (2) News In Brief - "Indochina: Strengthened by arrival of US planes aboard American carrier, French and natives hurl back communist horde attacks. Navy fighters and bombers bomb and strafe Red positions." (3) Italy school for firemen at villa in Tuscany (4) Canada rivers choked with ice, homes demolished between Montreal and Quebec. (5) Nickel Coin wins the Grand National Steeplechase in Aintree, England. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-446 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/11 - MacArthur Relieved of Command! (1) "A storm of international controversy is unleashed as General MacArthur, Supreme High Commander of the Far East for the United Nations and the United States is ousted by President Truman. General Ridgway takes over. He is succeeded by General Van Fleet, en route to the Korean Front. High political officials state their views pro and con. President Truman outlines his policy." (2) Sports - whitewater rapids on the McKenzie in Oregon; air boat races in Florida Everglades. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-447 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/17 - MacArthur's Farewell to Japan (1) "Tokyo: Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the man who came as a conqueror, leaves as a friend. Dismissed from his Far East commands by Pres. Truman, the General flies home to the US for the first time in 14 years. Millions line the streets to bid him farewell." (2) "Washington: Speaking at the annual Jackson-Jefferson Day $100-a-plate dinner, the President issues a blunt warning to Moscow and asks the American people to put national interest above personal interest. Mr. Truman tells Kremlin we will not appease." (3) Korean War - "The UN drive continues under a new commander. General Ridgway arrives to turn his command over to Gen. Van Fleet, new commander in Korea. Tanks and troops drive north of the 38th Parallel, to keep the Reds off balance. Dramatic ceremony at UN cemetery pictures flags of many nations fighting under UN banner." (4) Midget Maulers - children of Navy personnel box at the Annapolis Naval Academy. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-448 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/23 - Cow Quadruplets (1) "Fallon, Nevada: Four of a kind is a full stall at the farm of Dana Coffee. A proud mama cow shows off her four offspring, two bulls and two heifers. It's one in a million." (2) Canadians Sail for Korea - "Seattle: Part of 6000 reinforcements for the Korean battlefront set sail from Seattle, after training at Fort Lewis. The volunteers go aboard ship with spirits high." (3) Toronto meeting of hair stylists shows shorter hair-dos for women. (4) Sports - Wood Memorial horserace in Jamaica NY won by Repetoire; Toronto Maple Leafs win Stanley Cup in hockey. (5) Korean War - "Late films from the fighting front, where the Chinese communists have launched their long-awaited Spring offensive. The United Nations forces now serving under General Matthew Ridgway are braced for the new thrust, which comes at a time of rain and mud." (6) News In Brief - Caterpillar plane tested in Italy. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-450 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/26 - Korean War (1) "Latest film from the fighting front in Korea, where the long-heralded Chinese Red offensive is underway. United Nations forces under Gen. Van Fleet blunted the new thrust at most points, but ground has been lost to the Reds. We have traded real estate for blood! Also shown in this war-front round-up are scenes of war waifs receiving new clothes from Marines." (2) News In Brief - British sub HMS Affray lost in English Channel (3) United Cerebral Palsy May campaign with Mrs. Truman and three poster children. (4) National Cotton Jersey queen is crowned after parade in New York. (5) Ottawa Canada suffers rampaging flood waters (6) Rome tourist police help visitors. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-451 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/30 - Loyalty Day Parade (1) "New York: The VFW's stirring Loyalty Day parade, backed by thousands of patriotic New Yorkers and seen by thousands of spectators, is reviewed by Gen. Douglas MacArthur and other leaders. Massed flags in a salute to patriotism. (2) News In Brief - Powder plant explosion in Italy (3) Holland school for baby sitters (4) Rome Italy school for firemen (5) Sports - All-Girl Rodeo in Ft. Stockton, Texas; "Alexandiria VA: All-American Girl Baseball League greets the spring with a preseason game between the 'Daisies' and the 'Belles'" (7) Defense bonds trailer with Ray Milland. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-452 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/05/04 - Vogeler Home (1) "New York: Robert Vogeler, US businessman held in Hungarian prison for 15 months on trumped-up Red charges, arrives on home soil. With his wife at his side, the shattered man tries to tell of his ordeal." (2) "New York: David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of the 3-year-old Republic in Palestine, arrives for a visit to the US during which he will enlist American aid in Israel bond drive." (3) "Korea: Capt. James Jahara of Kansas, ranking American jet pilot in the Korean theatre of operations, returns to his home base after his latest battle with Russian MIGs over the Yalu River." (4) "Atlanta GA: Dick Powell, Piper Laurie, Tony Curtis, and 'Francis' the talking mule, take part in Defense Bond drive kick-off in Georgia. The Hollywood film personalities congratulate first bond purchaser." (5) "Annapolis: Second Class Midshipmen at the navel Academy launch their flight training with a jarring descent into a pool in 'Dilbert Dunker,' a ditching device that makes its victims swim for health." (6) Gen. MacArthur Testifies - "Washington: World interest centers on the Senate as Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrives to begin his momentous testimony on the Pacific crisis. The session is held behind closed doors, after cameramen have completed their pictures of the historic proceedings." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-453 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/05/07 - Korean Troops Home (1) "Seattle: The city goes all out in its welcome to 1,500 GIs returning after rugged service on the Korean front. They are the first army troops to be returned under the newly adopted rotation system, and the Army Transport General Leroy Eltinge gets a royal harbor welcome." (2) "Indochina: Having halted the Communist advance on Saigon, French colonial troops take the initiative and deal a crushing blow as they drive the Reds from fortified villages after a land and aerial bombardment. 1200 troops are killed or wounded in 12 days of blazing battle." (3) Kentucky Derby horserace won by Count Turf. (4) "Winchester VA: Miss Guri Lie, daughter of UN secretary general Trygve Lie is crowned Queen of the 24th Shenandoah Apple Festival. Secretary of Defense Marshall officiates at the coronation, which opens one of the nation's most colorful yearly pageants." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-454 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/05/10 - Truman Defends Policies (1) "Washington: The President tells the Civil Defense Conference that the Korea war must be confined or we face the threat of a major atomic war. Mr. Truman defends administration policy actions in face of MacArthur criticism." (2) "Los Angeles: The American Association for the United nations hears Dr. Ralph Bunche, UN Mediator, outline the policy of the world organization on war." (3) "New York: David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of the infant Republic in Palestine, receives a warm welcome from millions of New Yorkers during parade and ceremony at City Hall." (4) New Jersey forest fires (5) "Stars of the silent screen, including William Barnum and Francis X. Bushman, take part in colorful preview ceremonies for U-I's film epic about Hollywood, title 'The Hollywood Story'." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-455 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/05/24 - Big Blast in the Desert (1) "Utah: Spectacular scenes of Army's explosion of 320,000 pounds of TNT in a test to determine how underground fortifications withstand direct hits. Intricate series of cables lead away from blast site to measure the forces of destruction." (2) Washington: A heroic size statue of the famed flag-raising on Iwo Jima in 1945 by six Marine heroes, three of whom were later killed in action, is being carved for location in Washington as a shrine to immortals." (3) "New York: The 'Queen Elizabeth' brings J. Arthur Rank and Mrs. Rank for a visit in this country. The British film executive was delayed 12 hours by fog." (4) David Ben-Gurion of Israel arrives in Los Angeles (5) Chimps at St. Louis Zoo, giraffe in Hamburg, Germany. (6) National Pee Wee golf tournament in Orlando, Florida. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-459 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/05/29 - Korean War (1) "Late news film from the fighting front in Korea, where the United Nations allies have broken the back of the latest Red offensive and are now chasing the disorganized communists back across the 38th parallel. Our big guns have taken a heavy toll, along with fighters and bombers that strafe the Reds in their positions." (2) News In Brief - Margaret Truman sails on SS America for vacation in Europe; centrifugal Midway ride in England; Dads compete in San Francisco for baby Diaper King of 1951. (3) Sports - Morris & Essex dog show in Madison NJ; white-water kayaks race on Vezere River at Treignac in France; frog jumping contest at Angel Camp CA. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-460 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/06/01 - Planes for Thailand (1) "Bangkok: The aircraft carrier Cape Esperance takes the first consignment of navy and air force planes to Thailand, under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. Members of the crew are initiated into the oriental mysteries of the Thailand capital." (2) "Annapolis: Beautiful Fredda Coupland officiates as the 75th color girl in Naval Academy's history as she presents the standards to Midshipmean Winnefeld, captain of the winning company." (3) News In Brief - Korean War scenes of strafing and bombing and rockets by jet planes; Capt. Charles F. Blair lands in New York after crossing the North Pole from Norway to Alaska to New York; Capt, James Jahara shot down 6 Russian jets, arrives at Travis AFB, welcomed by wife and General Kelly; magic show in New York. (4) Sports - Cleveland Indians baseball team signs 17-year old rookie Billy Joe Davidson; Indianapolis 500 auto race won by Lee Wallard. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-461 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/06/05 - Acheson at MacArthur Hearing (1) "Washington: The 7th witness before the Senate delving into the ouster of Gen. MacArthur is State Secretary Dean Acheson, who testified that our policy in Korea must be to keep the war from spreading. He also said our allies were disturbed by MacArthur proposals." (2) News In Brief - Truman at art exhibition by kids for Savings Bond campaign; Gen. Omar Bradley arrives in Paris to confer with Eisenhower; canned milk pasturized by new process. (3) Midshipmen graduate at Annapolis naval Academy (4) Italian army and fast-stepping Bersaglieri parade in Rome on anniversary of the Italy republic. (5) Highway safety fence demonstrated in Denmark. (6) Sports - chariot race in Marble Stadium in Rome Italy; Stunt men perform in Hollywood. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-462 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/06/08 - West Point Graduation (1) "Colorful scenes of the final parade and graduation exercises of 475 First Year Men at the Military Academy. Defense Secretary Marshall and other officials are present for the spectacular June Week ceremonies. (2) News In Brief - margaret Truman in London; funeral in Philadelphia of Archbishop Dennis Dougherty; Pope Pius XII leads pilgrims in Rome at St. Peter's Basilica. (3) New world record of 100 hours on a teeter-board set in Stockton CA. (4) Water skiers on Lake Washington in Seattle. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-463 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/06/23 - Universal Military Training (1) "Washington: Pres. Truman signs into law a new bill lowering the draft age to 18 1/2 and establishing the basis for UMT. Defense Secretary marshall praises the new law as strengthening America's hand in the fight for peace." (2) Red Roundup - "New York: Close on heels of sentencing of other communist leaders, the FBI moves quickly and seizes 17 Red leaders for arraignment under the Smith Act outlowing advocacy of overthrow of US. Women party leaders are in group." scenes include Frederick Vanderbilt Field, Eugene Dennis. (3) News In Brief - Chief Justice Vinson heads bipartisan commission to celebrate 175th anniversary of Declaration of Independence; Eisenhower meets with NATO staff in Paris; President Galla Plaza Lasso of Ecuador meets his friend President Truman for Washington visit; "Los Angeles: Francis the talking mule drops in from Hollywood to receive an honorary degree, 'Doctor of Muleosophy' from Goodwill Industries. The film star finds a carrot in the diploma." (4) Sports - National Weight-Lifting championships followed by the Mr. America contest; white wate race on Arkansas River. (5) "Inflation and You" trailer narrated by Robert Montgomery; OPA's Michael DiSalle speaks. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-467 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/06/25 - Red Peace Bid (1) "Russia's Jacob Malik, in a surprise speech, says that the conflict in Korea can be settled and asks for cease-fire negotiations among the belligerents. he expresses confidence that a settlement can be reached, with both sides withdrawing from 38th parallel." (2) "Tullahoma TN: Speaking at a dedication ceremony for the new Air Force Research Center, named for the late General Arnold, President Truman challenges the Kremlin to drop its plan of world conquest and join in a real settlement. He thus leaves the door open in reply to Russia's peace feelers, in Korea." (3) News In Brief - Mrs. Tom Connally christens the world's longest ocean liner, the 'United States,' at Newport News VA; Gen. Omar Bradley awards Medal of Honor to families of soldiers who died in Korea; kidergarten graduation in Munich (4) The 36th annual California rodeo at Salinas. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-468 National Archives, College Park MD

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