Newsreels 1951 pt. 1

1951/01/08 - UN Forces Abandon Seoul (1) "Korea: Seoul, capital of South Korea is a ghost city as thousands flee the doomed city and engineers blast bridges and the frozen Han river. It is a city of flame and destruction as the onrushing Reds enter it. (2) Sports - Bear Mountain, NY: Art Tokle, brother of the famous late Torger, wins the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial trophy over a field of 48. His jumps of 148 and 154 feet top the field by a wide margin. New York City: The annual Golden Gloves fistic fiesta gets off to a slam bang as the amateurs, who fight for glory alone tear into each other with the usual quota of kayoes." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-420 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/01/11 - Truman Honors Korea Heroes (1) "Washington: Pres. Truman awards this nation's highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, to the wives and parents of five American heroes who gave their lives for freedom in Korea. Mrs. Dean, wife of the missing Gen. Dean, is one of those honored by the President. Meanwhile, in Korea itself, UN forces continue to pull back before advancing communist armies. (2) Ike Tours Pact Nations - Paris: Gen. Eisenhower, commander of the Atlantic Pact nations, begins an on-the-spot tour of European countries in the alliance. Starting with the French, the famous U.S. ware hero undertakes to find out the forces available to his anti-Red command. (3) Beauty Goes Bathing & Cycling - Florida: Fashion is again in the swim. At Miami Beach, pretty Dixie belles display the latest in swim styles. While at Boca Raton, the latest creations for bicycle riding that can be quickly adapted for less strenuous wear. (4) Bucking Broncs of the Briny - Cypress Gardens, FL: Something new in sproting thrills. An outboard motor steeple chase! Six daring skippers pilot their trim craft over the jumps and through the trees, with reckless and spectacular abandon. Hold on to your seats, this'll kill you! (5) Maryland Gov. Inaugurated - Annapolis: Twelve years of Democratic control end with the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin, a Republican, as Maryland's new governor." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-421 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/01/15 - UN Forces Fight Delaying Action on Korea Peninsula (1) "Korea: latest pictures from the fighting front in Korea, where desperate delaying actions by hard-pressed United Nations forces are holding back the communists. Cameraman goes close to front lines to bring back thrilling actions scenes of combat. Sabre jet fighters tangle with Russian MIGs, shoot one down in flames. (2) The March of Dimes - Washington: Little Larry McKenzie, the Polio boy of the 1951 campaign, is greeted by Pres. Truman and gets a famous autograph as the annual drive for funds gets under way. All Americans join with the President in helping Larry and all the other sufferers from the dread disease. In New York, Jimmie Durante and other notables help get the campaign rolling. (3) News In Brief - Philadelphia: Heroic stewardess gives own life in saving lives of ten passengers in fatal airliner crash. Plane skidded and crashed into fence on landing. Sunnyvale, CA: Freak twister pounces on little town, ripping off roofs and uprooting trees. More than 200 homes were demolished and hundreds left homeless. Chicago: Flame and smoke towers into sky above Loop as huge warehouse is gutted. Four firemen lose their lives fighting the stubborn blaze. Pontiac, MI: Quadruplets born to stonemason and wife pose for first pictures at hospital. Already six in family, so four in this case makes a full home. (4) Chihuahuas on Parade - Miami: Petite pooches strut their stuff in preview for specialty show. Chihuahuas get dressed up in fancy clothes for cute parade that will tickle all dog lovers." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-422 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/01/19 - Bitter Weather Adds to Miseries of Battle on Central Korea Front (1) "Korea: Snow and frigid winds add to the discomforts of patrol actions along the fluid front in Korea. With Red hordes poised for another all-out attack, Americans and their UN allies dig in during a blizzard. Washington: State Secretary Acheson bars any appeasement of Red China and says this country will press aggressor charges against Peiping. (2) News in Brief - Oakland, CA: A special railroad car donated by Western pacific in memory of the lines' first employee casualty of the Korean war goes into service to speed vital blood for out Korea wounded. (3) Bremerton, WA: Two carriers, the 'Essex' and the 'Bon Homme Richard' are taken out of mothballs and refitted for active duty. The 'Essex ' will be able to handle atom-bomb carrying planes. (4) Chile: The land of volcanoes develops a logging paradise. A new industrial program is launched in hitherto untapped forest areas where giant trees fall before the woodman's saw and axe. (5) Civil Defense - U.S. Girds for Atomic Defense. New York, and other big cities, gird for atomic bomb attack. Protected by anti-aircraft guns and fighter planes, New York begins recruiting civilian volunteers to help man its defense set-up. In central defense headquarters, an entire city can be alerted and controlled, with firefighters and rescue crews despatched to the scene of danger." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-423 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/01/23 - Truman Attacks Stalin (1) "Washington: Pres. Truman, who once said 'I Like Old Joe,' tells the Society of Business Magazine Editors that the Russian leader is a dictator, just like other dictators of history. Says Stalin also believes in the enslavement of the individual." (2) Korean War - "UN forces under General Ridgeway probe at the Red lines to keep the communist hordes off balance. Air and land bombardments harass enemy lines along the central front. Spotter planes fly over the lines directing artillery fire, and patrols probe weak spots in the lines." (3) Aviation in the News - "Fort Worth, Texas: Six B-36 bombers land at Carswell Base after non-stop flight from England. Big atom-bomb carriers were in air over thirty hours, after historic first trip to England. Burbank, CA: New contracts boost production of speedy radar-equipped F-94 jet interceptors for continental defense. As planes roll off assembly line, they are given test flights." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-424 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/01/25 - Korean War (1) "The strange inactivity along the central front, where American patrols have struck deep into Communist lines, puzzles the world capitals. Is it another Chinese build-up? observers wonder, as United Nations forces continue control of Wonju and other vital frontline towns." (2) Diamond Smugglers - "New York: Nearly a million dollars worth of illicit diamonds, concealed in the shoes of air travelers, have been seized by customs inspectors. Well heeled, two criminals are brought to heel by alert inspectors." (3) News In Brief - "Washington: An amazing counting machine that works electronically is tested at the Treasury Dept. The device counts unfit currency heading for the fiery furnace, replaces workers and saves money." (4) Nehru Visits Paris - "France: Enroute home after the Commonwealth Ministers meeting in London, the Indian leader is met by Premier Pleven and goes to the Elysee Palace to meet President Auriol." (5) "Washington: Women workers go back to work at the Naval Gun Factory, reviving the popular 'Gun Factory Gertie' phrase of World War Two. Old and young, they're doing a job to help national defense." (6) "Washington: Eric Johnston, on leave as head of the Motion Picture Association, is sworn in by Chief Justice Vinson as our new boss of wages and prices. Mr. Johnston replaces Dr. Alan Valentine." (7) Carnival Time - "Holland and Italy: Pre-Lenten festivals bring fun and frolic to two towns in Europe. Dutch artisans put finishing touches on carnival masks, while in Viareggio, Italian craftsmanship takes the spotlight." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-425 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/07 - Korean War (1) "Allied counter-thrusts press within 12 miles of Seoul following the capture of Suwon. Superior fire power and tank attacks spearhead the advance." (2) News In Brief - "Three Rivers, Quebec: Four die as a railroad bridge over the Saint Maurice River suddenly collapses under the weight of a train. Charges of Red sabotage are made in the provincial legislature." (3) "New York: The aircraft carrier Tarawa, named for one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific, goes back into service at Brooklyn navy yard, as part of the general mobilization program." (4) "Philadelphia: The Chapel of the Four Chaplains is dedication by President Truman to the memory of four clergymen, representing three faiths, who gave their lives for soldiers on the transport Dorchester during World War Two." (5) Sports - Great Circle wins Maturity horse race at Santa Anita (6) "New York: Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Tris Speaker and George Sisler gather, among many others, as Mayor Impellitteri unveils a plaque commemorating the 75th anniversary of the National League" in baseball history. "Seattle: Lovely 16 year old Sonya Klopfer becomes America's new figure skating queen, while Dick Button displays his superb artistry in retaining his crown." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-428 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/12 - Korean War (1) "General Ridgway's hard-driving 8th Army continues its relentless surge on Seoul, the South Korean capital. As tanks and infantry units press forward, airpower in the guise of speedy F-86 Sabre jets makes the advance easier for UN forces by blasting communists entrenched along the fluid front." (2) "Brotherhood Week is celebrated by all free men everywhere. The Christian ideals of brotherhood and humanity to man come into sharp focus in a world torn by military strife and split by alien ideologies. Americans look to their democratic ideals, and to the new world ideal expressed by the United Nations, and pledge themselves to brotherhood regardless of race or color or creed." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-430 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/16 - Korean War (1) "Late newsreel films from the fighting front in Korea show the tremendous concentrations of tanks and guns that helped slow down the latest Red attack in the central sector. Dramatic scenes of Allied forces in actions, and pictures of troops aiding pitiful refugees." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-431 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/20 - Korean War (1) " Late films from the fighting front in Korea, where the latest Communist offensive has been checked by Americans and their United Nations allies, now poised on the banks of the Han River opposite Seoul. C-19 Flying Boxcars bring arms and supplies to fighting units in the critical sector." (2) "Aberdeen, MD: Pres. Truman arrives in a rainstorm to see the Army's latest guns, tanks and other weapons hitherto on the secret list." scenes of Patton tank and rockets firing. (3) News In Brief - hurricane lashes Spain, high waves break sea wall in San Sebastian. "Youngest Soldier Home - Aberdeen MD: 13-year-old George Raymundo falsified his birth certificate to get in the Army, but now he's on his way home again. His mother traced him to Aberdeen and the Army let him go, reluctantly." Bonzo in New York - "Bonzo, Hollywood's chimpanzee star of 'Bedtime for Bonzo," gets a typical Big Town welcome as he arrives for a week visit." scenes of greeting by George Williams, president of the Bonzo fan club. (4) Sports - Soccer training device, the "football tactician," is demonstrated in Holland. "Grossingers NY: The first barrel-jumping championship since 1926 brings out a big field of pretenders to the title, settles a lot of scores, and provides plenty of action and spills." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-432 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/23 - Re-Armament (1) "Rock Island, IL: Guns and reconditioned tanks roll off the line as the nation's biggest arsenal swings into high gear. Arms for the United Nations and America's allies in the Atlantic Pact flow in a steady stream." scenes of T-66 rocket launchers, M-1 Garrand rifle. (2) News In Brief - Tokyo blizzard drops 17 inches snow in Japan. (3) "Puerto Rico: A million and a half dollar textile mill marks the 100th industry under the island's 'Operation Bootstrap' a program of economic development. (4) Stack parking of cars in Spokane, Washington, at Pigeon Hole Parking elevator. (5) Sports - Golden Gloves boxing at Madison Square Garden in New York; (6) Germany bob-sled run; (7) cliff divers in Bahamas (8) Red Cross trailer with Spencer Tracy. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-433 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/02/26 - Korean War (1) "Latest films from the fighting front in Korea, where the United Nations allies drive steadily forward toward the 38th parallel. General MacArthur flies to the front lines to view the fighting with Gen. Ridgway and top UN commander. Tanks and guns open up on Red positions as the ground forces slog forward." scenes of Operation Killer, battle for Wonju (2) News In Brief - "Washington: Britain's twin-jet Canberra bomber, which set a new mark flying East to West across the Atlantic, arrives at Andrews Field, where Air Force officials will examine it for possible US construction." scenes of Squadron Leader Kellard (3) "Hollywood: Jimmie Stewart, star of U-I's great hit 'Harvey,' receives the Look Award for outstanding film work. Bob Hope presents the award also to Bette Davis for her great screen characterizations." (4) President Truman looks at prize-winning photos at White House News Photographers association exhibit, top prized to Wellner Streets of Times Herald (5) Sports - Olympic divers at Deauville Pool in Miami Beach, slo-mo scenes. (6) Olympic snow ski jumping at iron Mountain MI, first place to Art Tokle (7) Lady Wrestling - "Nell Stewart of Texas versus Gloria Baratina of Maryland in a grunt-and-groan match at Turner's Arena. Blonde Nell is an old hand at modified mayhem but Gorgeous Gloria, ex-opera singer, crashes through to a fall." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-434 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/03/08 - Korean War Operation Mud - (1) "In a sea of mud the Allies slog ahead, towing mired vehicles from ooze that is hub deep, while over head the United Nations planes strafe everything in the path of the advancing troops. San Francisco rolls out the carpet for 1,000 returning Marines of the First Division, repatriated under the newly adopted rotation system." scenes of jets firing rockets and dropping jellied gasoline napalm bombs, transport ship Breckinridge (2) News In Brief - "Paris: Deputies of the 4 big powers, France, England, Russia and the US meet to map an agenda for a future meeting by the foreign ministers." scenes of Andrei Gromyko, Phillip Jessup, French Alesander Paradip (3) Japanese police train in snows of Hokkaido island. (4) Animal Oscars - "Los Angeles: Outstanding animal actors get their 'Patsies' awarded by the American Humane Society. Top Honors go to Francis, U-I's talking mule star." scenes of stand-in chimpanzee for Bonzo who recently died. (5) Olympic snow ski trials at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana. (6) Dodgers in spring training at Vero Beach, Florida. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-437 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/03/12 - Korean War - (1) "United Nations cross the Han River under an enemy barrage. A pontoon bridge is thrown across under fire and a hill is captured under small arms fire at close range. Prisoners in GI uniforms infiltrate the lines and are captured." scenes of snow rubbed on hot machine gun barrels (2) News In Brief - "Washington: One of the oldest arsenals in the nation, established in 1799 is again rolling naval ordnance off the line at a record clip." scenes of the Ordnance Works manufacturing heavy guns, firing off coast in Korea. (3) beauty contest by Mississippi press photographers (4) Dachshund dogs and camels in Central Park, baby polar bears in Nuremberg Germany. (5) Pan-American Games at Buenos Aires. scenes of Mr. and Mrs. Peron. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-438 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/03/16 - Crime Probe (1) "New York: Key figures take the stand as Senator Estes Kefauver's committee delves into the New York phase of underworld activities. Virginia Hill, in whose home Bugsey Siegel, west coast racketeer was slain, leads a procession which includes Frank Costello, alleged czar of the bookmaking empire." scenes of bookmaker Frank Erickson (2) Korean War - "With big guns blasting a path, United Nations forces continue their cautious but steady advance on the 38th parallel, taking a terrific toll of the enemy. America's first dead start the final journey to their homeland from Japan." scenes of Gen. Ridgway and Gen Bradley, Operation Killer, Mrs. MacArthur at Yokohama pier pay tribute (3) Junior League basketball in Scranton PA, boys age 8-11. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-439 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/03/20 - Crime Hearing (1) "New York: Former Mayor O'Dwyer and present Ambassador to Mexico faces New Hampshire's Senator Tobey in angry exchanges on the subjects of the ambassador's conduct of cases while District Attorney and compaign contributions." (2) News In Brief - Volcano Explodes "Japan: Mount Mihara on the island of Oshima erupts and sends the island into a panic as it sends three streams of lava into the bordering villages. Rocks are thrown a thousand feet into the air." (3) Korean War - "Spring thaws and torrential rains slow the advance of UN forces toward the 38th parallel. Both vehicles and men bog down as the terrain turns inot a veritable quagmire." (4) realistic combat training by Sixth Infantry Division in model village built at Fort Ord in California. (5) Sports - College Basketball - National Invitation Tournament won by Brigham Young Cougars with Minson named most valuable player. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-440 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/03/23 - Boxing (1) Golden Gloves in Madison Square Garden (2) Army twins at Fort Lewis, Washington. (3) Crime Hearings - "New York: Completing its hearings into the alleged tie-in between Frank Costello and New York politics, Senator Kefauver's Crime Investigating Committee hears ex-Fireman John P. Crane testify that he handed over $10,000 in cash to ex-Mayor O'Dwyer. Mister O'Dwyer, now US Ambassador to Mexico, denies the accusation. Alleged gambler Costello is also on the stand for the last time and when asked what he has done for his adopted country, replies, 'I paid my taxes.' In a searching summation of the New York hearings, Spruille Braden of the Citizen Crime Commission says that the tie-up between crime and politics is undermining the moral fiber of America." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-441 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/04/05 - Death for Atom Spies! (1) New York: It's a verdict of death in the electric chair for Julius Rosenberg and his wife Ethel, convicted of betraying their country by giving atom-bomb secrets to the enemy. Spy drama comes to grim climax as Judge Irving Kaufman passes sentence on the Rosenbergs, with accomplice Morton Sobell getting 30 years." (2) "Paris: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, supremem commander of the Atlantic Treaty forces, assumes formal command at his new headquarters in the Hotel Astoria, He signs his firs order and explains his duties." (3) News In Brief - "New York: The Big Town gives its most lavish welcome to Pres. Auriol of France, winding up his visit in the US. 75,000 cheer him as he drives up Broadway to ceremony at City Hall." (4) Gen. Omar Bradley gives Medal of Honor to 4 Korean War soldiers who gave their lives. (5) Puerto Rico army training. (6) sea turtles in Key West, Florida (7) Big Top charity circus in Madison Square Garden to raise money for Heart Fund. scenes of Ringling Bros clown Emmett Bailey, Jimmy Durante, Ed Wynn, Celeste Holme, Lily Paws with cat. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-445 National Archives, College Park MD

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