Newsreels 1954 pt. 2

1954/05/06 - Dulles Tells Ike of Geneva Conference Impasse and Indochina Crisis; Canada Governor General Vincent Massey addresses Congress (2) News In Brief - secret balloon launching site in Germany for Crusade for Liberty leaflets for Czechoslovakia; France crushed Morocco uprising against French-sponsored Sultan; North Korean pilot Noh Kum Sok arrives in U.S., last year received $100,000 for piloting Russian MIG to U.S. airfield (3) Miss Berlin contest winner is Kaethe Holz; giraffes at fashion show for tall girls (4) Sports - Seattle motorcycle club Jolly Rogers climb hill; yacht regatta on Lake Washington in Seattle. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-567 National Archives, College Park MD

1954/05/20 - Indochina wounded evacuated from Dienbienphu (2) News In Brief - Ike at Charlotte NC Freedom Day commemoration of Mecklenburg County signing of its early Declaration of Independence in 1775; Mamie Eisenhower gets floral replica of Series E Savings Bond from Mrs. George Humphrey; Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson visit to Seoul, Korea (3) Fort Lee NJ commemoration of 50th anniversary of the first permanent motion picture studio (4) Kids In Sports - Daniel Lescovac rides motorcycle in France; annual Junior Rodeo in John Day, Oregon (5) Ike speech for aid to Korean orphans. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-571 National Archives, College Park MD

1954/05/27 - New York Central railroad proxy battle by tycoon Robert R. Young and 2000 shareholders at annual meeting (2) News In Brief - Marie Dionne becomes noviate at Quebec convent; Haile Selassie of Ethiopia arrived for 6-week tour of U.S., the first African monarch to visit America; Ann Bekas rode horse 10,000 miles from Argentina to New York City (3) Pvt. Daniel Reiss gets longest love letter from his fiance in Brooklyn (4)Explosion and fire on aircraft carrier USS Bennington. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-573 National Archives, College Park MD

1954/05/31 - Kidnapper of Kathi Langdon in Burlingame CA is caught (2) News In Brief - Pham Long Tac, "Pope" of Indochina Cao Dai sect, arrives in France; moving conveyor belt for city commuters in Jersey City replaces 227-foot "Cardiac Alley" ramp (3) champion chickens at annual Hen Derby in Fontana CA; block game for students at San Jose Teacher's College in California (4) Men's fashions old and new at McSorley's historic Ale House in New York (5) Sports - annual Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp CA; In San Francisco, Emmett Ashford is first Negro umpire in baseball. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-574 National Archives, College Park MD

1954/06/03 - Pope Pius X made saint in Rome (2) News In Brief - French hospital planes evacuate wounded from Dienbienphu in Indochina, including nurse Genevieve de Galard; Navy uses huge dirigible hanger to test pogo stick plane capable of vertical takeoff; Largest jet formation flight across the Atlantic of 62 Canadian Sabre jets arrives in Scotland to join NATO forces (3) Aleutian Sea Otters at Seattle Zoo are the first of their kind to survive in captivity; June Week at Naval Academy in Annapolis (4) America horse Never Say Die ridden by Lester Piggott wins British Epsom Downs horse race. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-575 National Archives, College Park MD

1954/06/07 - Geneva Conference Impasse (2) Lt. Col. John Stapp rides rocket sled at Holloman AF base in NM at speed of 421 mph to become the fastest man on earth (3) News In Brief - France President Coty and Prime Minister Laniel lead D-Day commemoration; King Paul of Greece greets Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia in Athens; True Vow Keepers Club meets in Kansas City, celebrating couples with golden anniversaries; Defense Secretary Robert Anderson at Annapolis for Naval Academy graduation (4) Sports - Wes Santee set new U.S. record for mile track race; wild horse roundup in Germany. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 27-576 National Archives, College Park MD

1965/12/31 - News Highlights of 1965 (poor quality) - (1) LBJ Inauguration 92) Voting Rights Bill, Winston Churchill and Adlai Stevenson died (3) building collapses due to natural disaster; Pope Paul VI first to visit U.S., speaks to UN (4) American Marines in Vietnam (5) Gemini spaceflights (partial newsreel with some sound) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-1 National Archives, College Park MD

1951/07/23 - Harriman arrives in Iran to seek crisis settlement, meets with young Shah, people rioting in streets (2) News In Brief - Marines demonstrate helicopter tactics at Camp Pendleton; Admiral Forrest Sherman died in Italy shortly after mission to Spain for military liaison meetings with Franco. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 24-476 National Archives, College Park MD

1918/05/21 - Pershing's Crusaders, Signal Corps Misc. film, no. 297, distributed by the Committee for Public Information chaired by George Creel (CPI) on the entry of the U.S. into World War I. (1) Reel 1, Belgian refugees leave rubbled homes and clog roads. Shows a U-boat in the Scheldt River; a Liberty Loan rally on the Mall in Wash., D.C.; draft cards; and new Army barracks. (2) Reel 2 ships are built and launched; naval guns are manufactured; and draftees arrive at a post, hear lectures, eat, march, and do calisthenics (3) Reel 3, Gens. Pershing and Joffre view aerial acrobatics over a French field. Signal panels are laid on the ground. Air Service flyers are inspected. U.S. troops march through a French city. Gen. Edwards reviews the 26th Div. Troops are baptized; trenches and communications are examined. (partial silent film) SOURCE: 111-M-297 National Archives, College Park MD

1918/07/14 - America's Answer, Signal Corps Misc. film, no. 316, distributed by the Committee for Public Information, chaired by George Creel (CPI) on U.S. activities in World War I. (1) Reel 1 shows Wilson and Pershing; a destroyer-escorted convoy; Engineers. dredging a marsh and constructing wharves at Brest, France; and troops debarking. (2) Reel 2, Austro-Hungarian POW's unload supplies. Engineers fell trees and snake logs from a forest. A refrigeration plant is erected and stocked. (3) Reel 3, locomotives are unloaded at Bordeaux. Trucks are loaded with supplies. Bread is baked, French women sew camouflage onto canvas. Lumber is camouflaged with paint. (partial silent film) SOURCE: 111-M-316 National Archives, College Park MD

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