Newsreels 1966 pt. 2

1966/05/05 - Alabama Elections - Gov. George Wallace's wife Lurleen Wallace wins nomination, Democratic primary turned out record number of voters, "many Negroes were voting for the first time in their lives" (2) News In Brief - In Paris, France, De Gaulle meets with U Thant of UN to discuss Vietnam (3) Moscow May Day parade (4) Washington DC celebration of 25th anniversary of US Savings Bonds, honorary co-chairman is actor John Forsythe with co-chairman Lawrence O'Brien, VP Humphrey accepts minuteman flag (5) New London CT: Star III miniature sub for research by Navy, 2 subs launched each for 2-man crews (6) Sports - Say, Hey! Willie Mays new National League baseball home run king, at San Francisco Candlestick Park, #512 cake in Giants clubhouse. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-37 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/05/23 - Vietnam Riots - "Some 10,000 Buddhists, including monks and nuns, hold hunger strikes in Saigon. The resulting riots take on an anti-American tone for the first time. President Ky has restored order in some sections of his nation, but Saigon continues to seeth with violence and unrest." (2) Taiwan Inauguration - President Chiang Kai-Shek starts his 4th six-year term as head of the Republic of China. (3) British Shipping Strike - 600 ships idle, 65,000 seamen on strike, state of national emergency proclaimed (4) Beauty Contest - Miss USA title won by Miss California, Maria Judith Remenyi, at the 15th annual event in Miami Beach (5) Sports - Preakness horserace won by Kentucky Derby winner Kauai King who caught up and passed Stupendous by two lengths. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-42 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/05/26 - Vietnam Unrest - "In both Danang and Saigon some semblance of normal life returns following almost 2 months of violence, riots, and street incidents. Tear gas was used by troops, recently, to quell the disturbances but both sports maintain their state of unrest and resentment toward Ky's military government." (2) Tanzania - "The globe-girdling Davenports of San Diego, father, mother and 10-year-old daughter arrive in Africa on the last leg of their so-far-six-year-old world cruise. They've seen the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, on to the Caribbean and home. Even the family cat loves the trip, and who wouldn't?" scenes of Fred and Virginia Davenport and daughter Cercy (3) Walking Chair - "An 8-legged walking chair for handicapped and crippled children is demonstrated in California. The vehicle, dubbed 'Moonwalker' from the space research from which it evolved, can climb a curbing, turn, walk in sand, mud, rough fields and up slopes, operated by the child, and powered by batteries." scenes of engineer Bill Baldwin (4) Moon Shot Preview - "At Cape Kennedy, a gigantic Saturn rocket is actually rolled toward its launching pad, in a successful demonstration. the 36-story-tall rocket, upright on a special crawler tractor, bigger than a baseball diamond, takes all day to make the one-mile-an-hour, three-mile trip." (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-43 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/05/30 - Vice President's Day - "A typical day in the busy life of VP Hubert Humphrey. In good physical shape at 55, his day often begins at his Washington office, but frequently ends hundreds or thousands of miles away at an evening speaking engagement." scenes of arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, to address Amalgamated Clothing Workers union meeting (2) Fashion Parade - "Beautiful models display the latest thing in designer swim caps in the beautiful setting of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Some of them are cap convertibles with a waterproof lining which when removed, converts the cap into a beach bonnet of straw sun hat." poolside at Jamaica Reef Hotel, designer caps by Playtex (3) German Sing-Along - "150 American college students tour West Germany bringing their own revue, 'Sing out,'66'. The show's message is one of Brotherhood, Freedom and Faith in a Better World in the future. Chancellor Erhard requested the students to perform in West Germany." chorus sings "Up With People" (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-44 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/02 - Surveyor Makes Space History - makes first soft landing on moon by an American spacecraft. "it sends to earth live TV pictures, snapping itself in one, showing a moon rock and pebbles in another." (2) Indianapolis 500 Classic - London driver, Graham Hill, wins the auto race watched by 225,000 fans at the Speedway. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-45 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/06 - Gemini 9's Triumph - "Astronauts Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan complete their successful 3-day Gemini 9 mission with a perfect splashdown. The twice-postponed space flight included Cernan's record space walk for over 2 hours. Their re-entry and landing is the most perfect of any space flight to date." (2) Dominican Republic Elections - "In a surprise victory, Joaquin Balaguer defeats Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic presidential elections. Balaguer polls over 58% of the vote. He was the Reformist Party candidate while Bosch was the leader of the Revolutionary Party." (3) Albuquerque NM premier of film "And Now Miguel" that stars 13-year-old Pat Cardi. (4) Sports - Jim Ryun set new mile track meet record of 3 minutes 53.7 seconds at Los Angeles Coliseum (5) At Belmont Stakes horse race, Amberoid beat Kauai King. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-46 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/09 - Hurricane Alma from the Caribbean hits Florida (2) Experimental AF jet XB-70 collides over California with F-104 chase plane, 2 men killed including Joe Walker, holder of the world's altitude and speed records (3) California Primary Election - Ronald Reagan defeats Edmund Brown (4) Gemini 9 Triumph - Stafford and Cernan return by plane to Cape Kennedy and films of the space voyage are released, including for the 1st time films of the craft's re-entry phase. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-47 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/16 - Hong Kong Disaster - 80 dead in torrential rains and floods and landslides (2) Amsterdam Riots - in the Dutch capital "workers protest a pay reduction and are joined by hoodlums. For the first time in Holland, tear gas is used." (3) Berlin zoo parade of rhinos and hippos and apes (4) "Actors Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, better known as Herman and Grandpa Munster of America's most famous TV family, arrive at New York's Kennedy airport. They're in town for personal appearances promoting their feature-length movie 'Muster, Go Home!'" (5) Sports - England horse race at Ascot opening day with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Queen Mother, guests Prince and Princess Rainier. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-49 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/20 - Toledo Fire - downtown paint company blaze (2) Sports - Yacht race of 167 ships from 9 countries sets sail from Newport to Bermuda in the American Yachting Classic (3) Canada Parachute championships at Winnipeg (4) Washington DC speedboat race President's Cup Regatta marred by triple fatality, Miss Bardahl of Ron Musson explodes, and hydroplanes of Rex Manchester and Don Wilson collide. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-50 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/23 - Big E Homecoming - atom-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise returns to San Francisco after 8-month tour in Vietnam (2) Jet Crash Tragedy - a mother and son are killed when 10 homes leveled due to midair collision of 2 Marine jet bombers over Hampton VA (3) De Gaulle in Russia - Premier Kosygin and President Podgorny greet France President De Gaulle in Moscow for 12-day state visit (4) King Faisal Visit - LBJ greets King Faisal of Saudi Arabia on a 3-day state visit in Washington DC (5) Sports - In the U.S. Open golf championship 18-hole playoff at Olympic Golf Club in San Francisco, Billy Casper defeated Arnold Palmer. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-51 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/27 - Vietnam Heroes - "Operation Hawthorne 40 miles north of Pleiku in Vietnam rescues men of an Army Special Forces camp, under heavy attack by the Vietcong for 3 weeks. Men of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles air lifted to the area turn the tide of battle. meanwhile, at the White House, Lt. Charles Williams receives the Medal of Honor from President Johnson for heroism in a similar operation defending a Green Beret camp." scenes of LBJ, and "films of a real fire-fight are considered to be some of the most outstanding to come from Vietnam." (2) Brooklyn Navy Yard Closes after 165 years, scenes of ship launchings, World War II ship building, 1960 fire aboard USS Constellation, Lady Bird Johnson christens twin transports (3) Sports - AAU outdoor Track and Field championships at Randall's Island Ny, scenes of hammer throw by Ed Burke and Harold Connolly, pole vault of Bob Seagren, high hurdles of Willie Davenport, mile run of Jim Ryun. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-52 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/06/30 - Vietnam Step-Up - "Defense Secretary McNamara at a dramatic press conference reveals the deepest air strikes yet in North Vietnam. Oil dumps outside the cities of Haiphong and Hanoi are destroyed in the bombings. Only military targets were hit, however." (2) Bolivian Ruins - "UNESCO sends archeologists to the ancient Incan ruins of Tiwanaku in Bolivia where articles of a lost civilization perhaps three to nine thousand years old, have already been found. The square mile excavation yields new discoveries daily." (3) Golden Wedding anniversary for Ike and Mamie at their Gettysburg PA home, the first presidential couple to reach the 50 years mark since John Quincy Adams and wife 119 years ago. (4) Dancing elephant Bertha from Sparks, Nevada. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-53 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/07/04 - Churchill Home Open To Public - Earl Mountbatten explain the importance of the Chartwell country home in Kent (2) What's New? - one-man helicopter, unsinkable life-boat. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-54 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/07/07 - Kennedy Memorial built by Israel is located in hills of Judea near Jerusalem, honored guest is Earl Warren (2) Berlin Wall - "A new, slick, prefabricated wall is to replace the old Berlin Wall and construction has already started. The new wall will be higher, more modern, and impossible to climb. The new barrier is a renewal of the cold war, following collapse of scheduled East-West German debates and discussions." (3) Milwaukee Festival - horse drawn circus parade is highlight of Old Milwaukee Days festival (4) Sports Tennis - "Manuel Santana of Spain wins the men's singles title at Wimbledon in straight sets, beating America's Dennis Ralston. America comes back, however, as Mrs. Billie Jean King tops 3-time Wimbledon Women's Singles champ, Maria Bueno of Brazil." (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-55 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/07/11 - Airlines Strike - machinists seek wage increase, Secretary of Labor Wirtz negotiates (2) French A-Bomb Test in Pacific - France has not signed the Test Ban Treaty. (3) Soviet Music Contest - The tough Tschaikovsky competition at the Moscow Conservatory won by New York soprano Jane Marsh, the first American to win since Van Cliburn in 1958 (4) Sports - Canada wins horse trot race. (complete sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-56 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/10/17 - LBJ Departs (2) England radio-controlled aircraft (3) new shuttle tours in Washington DC (complete sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-84 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/10/20 - LBJ arrives in Honolulu and Pago-Pago on 17-day Asian tour (partial sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-85 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/10/24 - LBJ arrives in New Zealand and Australia and greeted by Philippine President Marcos in Manila on 17-day Asian tour (partial sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-86 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/10/27 - LBJ visits Corregidor and Camranh Bay in South Vietnam following end of Manila Conference on 17-day Asian tour (partial sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-87 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/10/31 - LBJ visits Thailandon 17-day Asian tour (partial sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-88 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/11/03 - LBJ returns home to Washington DC after his 17-day Asian tour (2) Southern California brush and forest fires sweep 100-mile area. (partial sound newsreel, poor quality) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-89 National Archives, College Park MD

1966/11/17 - Gemini Finale - "The final flight of the Gemini space program, Gemini 12, caps the project on a note of triumph. Astronauts Lovell and Aldrin return with films showing Aldrin's record-breaking working spacewalk of over 2 hours. Next space step: Apollo program, aimed toward the moon." (partial sound newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 39-93 National Archives, College Park MD

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