Newsreels 1930 (silent)

1929/12/18 Stimson meets Japan delegates on way to London naval parley, ex-premier Wakatsuki, Admiral Takerabe (2) San Francisco Christmas toyland homes (3) President Masaryk of Czechoslovakia presents flag to regiment named after St. Venceslav, Bishop Podlaha presides at St. Vitus' Cathedral ceremonies (4) Senate accepts Grundy, veteran lobbyist takes place of William S. Vare (5) Portland, Oregon girl sentenced to take 200,000 volts in experiment has hair-raising experience (6) New York City - Ex-President of Mexico Calles on way home avoids arrest, protected by US from Texas murder complicity charge (7) Mitchel Field NY Guggenheim tests prove wing-slot device best in safety contest that narrows to two planes, England's Handley-Page and American Curtiss-Tanager, not wing-flapping or pedal-pushing devices (8) Greenland: "First pictures of Wegener Expedition to discover climatic influence of ice cap; Professor Wegener and Universal Newsreel Cameraman Dr. George (9) Cleveland local - "no Empty Stocking" Christmas slogan. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-101 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/12/21 Italy King Victor Emmanuel and Queen Helena visit Vatical in Rome to heal 60-year breach (2) New York City survivors land from crash in fog when Bermuda-bound liner Fort Victoria is rammed and sunk by coast steamer Algonquin (3) Wedding in Aix-Les-Bains, France, of Andree Carron, former candy sales girl, and Aga Khan, multi-millionaire East India Sultan (4) Philadelphia public bonfire of obsolete radio sets (5) German flag once more raised over Rhineland, huge torchlight parade (6) Baltimore Carrollton Viaduct 100th anniversary (7) Chicago blizzard paralyzes city (8) Title - Universal Newsreel Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (9) Brooklyn local - Steinbrink is new Republican leader. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-102 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/01/01 William Borah, dry Idaho Senator, tells Congress saloons open everywhere and prohibition enforcement is demoralized; scenes of prohibition agents seize 100 barrels of moonshine in Florida Everglades (2) US prison guards increase vigilance in Bibilid Prison in Manila, Philippines, to avoid riots, convicts must lie prostrate when alarm sounds, scenes of condemned man "executed 20 minutes after these pictures were taken." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-1 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/01/08 Aviation Prize - American plane Curtiss-Tanager won the $100,000 Guggenheim safety prize (2) Washington DC fire threatens Capitol dome (3) Pasadena 41st Tournament of Roses, first prize to "Beverly Hills" (4) San Francisco visiting warships feature Japan wrestlers (5) St. Louis Ohio State Shooting Match won by Arlayne Brown, age 13 (6) Miami auto-coaster is latest fad in South for drivers seeking a thrill (7) Boston water carnival with exhibition by swim stars. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-3 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/01/11 Newport News VA: "Hysterical scenes mark southern baptism" (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-4 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/01/29 Stimson heads delegates to conference in England, greeted at Plymouth by Ambassador Dawes (2) Boston trawler crew nets $378 each as share of record fish haul despite icy stormy seas (3) Tokyo Japan demonstration of old and new fire fighting methods (4) Poland Springs, Maine, dog sled race won by Seppala (6) Frankford PA bonfire of old taxicabs (7) Germantown PA contest by Elks Club for "Perfect 36" chest size won by Ruth Renikoff (8) Culver City CA primates open laundry for zoo clean-up day. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-9 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/01 Five-Power Disarmament Conference meets in London (2) Barjols, France, public barbecue honors famine relief of "Miracle Poet" St. Marcel (3) Oakland CA: last 4-mast sailing ship to round the Horn sails with barley cargo for Ireland brewers (4) Paris: ladies hair fashions (5) Rotorua, New Zealand: " Exclusive Pictures. Dance for War God. Fighting Maoris celebrate feast of Io, their supreme diety." (6) New York City: Exclusive Pictures of Chinese New Year (7) San Francisco: "Engineers demonstrate 4,000,000 volt lightning fatal at 200 miles, invent death ray that could wipe out army." (8) St. Louis: "Begging Bears star at famous de luxe zoo." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-10 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/05 Motorcycle Police - Los Angeles: Highway patrol motor-bike corps makes first bow on coast (2) Jacksonville FL: "Devout negro uses garden for permanent Bible record, carves scriptures on trees" (3) San Francisco: "Japanese sword experts risk serious injury in dangerous drill" (4) Burlington WA: Sportsmen hunters feed wild ducks when heavy snows threaten starvation (5) Seal Beach CA: "First Air Flivver" demonstration of motorcycle-engined glider thrills spectators (6) Schreiberhau, Germany: firemen on skis battle flames with hand pumps dragged over frozen roads (7) Santo Domingo, Haiti: Typhoon wipes out scores of villages. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-11 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/08 Pirates Capture Southern City at Annual Festival - "Tampa FL: Swashbuckling buccaneers under 'King Jose Gasparilla' sail up to city in Spanish galleon and take it by storm, then parade through streets in gorgeous floats to celebrate carnival (2) New York City: Replacing ship model ornaments with replicas of famous coaches is latest society fad, those used by Washington and Napoleon are especially popular (3) Berlin: "Modern Germany holds first huge diplomatic ball" (4) Venice CA: "Photographer startles spectators by making bathing girls' hair stand on end, but it's just a clever stunt." (5) Liverpool, England: girl tries out tiny airplane roadster (6) New York City: "Jim Travers, European giant, 8 1/2 feet tall, here for circus tour (7) Washington DC: Airship flyers led by Capt. William J. Flood battle high winds and land blimp at Lincoln Monument. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-12 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/12 German Cruisers Battle Ice To Aid Imprisoned Ships in Baltic Sea (2) Cottenham, England: Students crash hurdles in horserace (3) East Pittsburgh PA: Science harnesses light beam for new stunt (4) Burbank CA: All metal flying wing in first airplane flight (5) Mexico City: New President Rubio takes oath of office in ceremonies marred by assassin bullets (6) Philadelphia: "Early Spring carnival orders rush work in world's biggest horse factory" (7) Washington DC: "21-gun flashlight salute from photographers speeds President and wife on vacation to Florida 98) Lake Placid Club NY: U. S. team wins first international bob-sled race (9) New York City: 54th Westminster Kennel Show with 2,673 dogs. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-13 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/15 New Passenger Liner Burns at New York City Pier (2) Eibsee, Germany: Daring jockeys use frozen lake for horse sleigh race course in Bavarian Alps (3)Long Key FL: President Hoover fishing trip on millionaire's boat, the "Saunterer" of Jeremiah Millbank (4) News Oddities - Hollywood: boy rope wizard; Cambridge MA: Paul O'Reilly swallows razor blades; Sarasota FL: Wisconsin giant 8 1/2 feet tall weds Texas girl 5 feet 2 inches; Los Angeles: This human sky scraper stays single and referees midget boxing bout (5) Chicago: Exclusive Pictures. Chicago Daily News and Universal Newsreel. "Fire-Nets Catch Girls in 8-Story Leap for Life. Trapped in blazing skyscraper, they risk death by plunging from high windows into nets held by firemen. Fifty are saved in thrilling rescues while thousands look on." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-14 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/19 Stunts by Cabaret Stars - New York City: "Broadway Crowds Gasp At Dance on Skyscrapers." (2) Army Braves Zero Blasts in Winter War Maneuvers - Fort Brady Michigan: "Soldiers on skis hold gun practice and go through drills while comrades make dense smoke screen. Many spills in dangerous race down steep hill during winter sports." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-15 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/02/22 Boy Divers Leap From 108 Foot Cliff Into Icy Pool in Manchester NH. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-16 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/07/30 U. S. Bans Convict-Made Goods From Russia - New York City: "32 other ships on way here face embargo. Amtorg to protest. The first actual blow struck at admission of Soviet products with the holding up of the two vessels at the Port of New York. (2) Whaleboat Contest - "New Bedford MA: Policemen start out in front and hold lead until the Fairhaven harpooners finally pull ahead to victory by 4 lengths, Coast Guard from Woodshole Base and crack rowers from the USS Whitney also ran." (3) Hindenburg Visits Evacuated Regions - "Rhineland, Germany: President makes triumphal tour of the district at the end of a long era of foreign occupation, Greeted by cheers of great crowds at Worms, Mainz and Coblenz, once held by Americans." (4) Newark NJ: Convict ship "Success" arrives to re-enact old prison scenes in famous British felon vessel (5) Chicago: Workers on new Lindbergh Beacon dare death 600 feet in the air (6) Portsmouth, England: Shamrock V sails, Lipton's newest challenger for the America Cup starts ocean trip under own sail (7) Long Beach CA: Fire destroys noted landmark Pirate Galleon used as dance hall. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-62 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/08/04 R-100 Wins Dirigible Record - "Montreal, Canada: Storm-tossed airship arrives after bucking high winds and is moored in 26 minutes. Thousands sleep in autos all night awaiting arrival of big British craft. Commander G. H. Scott and staff welcomed by Mayor Haude and government officials." (2) Tilden Wins Singles Against Borotra but U. S. Loses Davis Cup in Tennis at Paris, France (3) Coast Guard Nabs Rum Ship - "San Francisco: The Ray Roberts, 80-foot smuggling boat, is brought to the dock by the USS Morris, laden with choice whiskeys. Contraband goods from Canada are loaded on trucks and taken to the Customs House." (4) Earthquake - "Melfi, itlay: Soldiers excavate in lava and ashes to find bodies in catastrophe that cost nearly 2,000 lives, injured more than 5,000 and left other thousands homeless." (5) News Paragraphs - Curtiss Field NY: Hawks tries bullet-plane before attempting transcontinental record airplane trip; Llewellyn Park NJ: Arthur O. Williams Jr. from Rhode Island wins Edison Scholarship (6) Rapidan VA: President Hoover at his fishing retreat; Chicago: Girls defeat boys to win playground architecture contest (7) Hair Styles Long for Young Ladies, Short for Old Ladies - New York City: "Maritin, the hairdressing expert, demonstrates the proper styles for the coming season. Sophisticates must wear 'em straight is the decree." (8) Black Billy Sunday Converts 70 Negroes In Annual Baptism at Newport News VA (9) Massed Navy Fliers - San Diego CA: "132 aircraft pass in different mass formations before Admiral Reeves, in charge of the Pacific Air Squadron, and his staff." (complete silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-63 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/08/07 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant - Galveston TX: "Dorothy Dell Goff, 17-year-old high school student, first is crowned as Miss United States and then is chosen as the most beautiful girl in the world by the international contest judges." (2) Harriman Stake Won By Bronx in Opening of Trotter Meeting in Orange County trotting horse races in Goshen NY. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-64 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/08/11 Lindberghs On Trip To Test New Plane - Hicksville NY: "Lone Eagle inspects big ship before take-off. Mrs. Lindbergh's first air journey since birth of son." (2) All-Girl Baseball Teams - Oakland CA: "Niles beats Oakland 27-4 as flapper ball players swat old horse hide." (3) First Elevated Automobile Highway - New York City: "First section of new $14,000,000 west side el roadway expected to be ready in October. Steel highway a product of twentieth century." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-65 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/08/18 Dot Dickinson Wins 2-Mile Swim in New Time 55 Mins. 16 1/2 Secs at Ventnor NJ (2) Unemployed Storm City Bureau As 5000 Battle For 100 Jobs - New York City: desperate men and women fight in wild struggle for employment in depression (3) Emperor Hirohito Reviews Reservists In Annual Ceremony - Shizuoka, Japan: "Nippon ruller who is seldom seen in public attends military parade and crowds bow in reverence before him." (4) News Paragraphs - Washington DC: President Hoover gives medal to Lindbergh; Vienna, Austria: invention of odd gymnastic device rivals perpetual motion; Fulton NY: Women take ice-delivering jobs. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-67 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/11/06 Zepp Fleet Amazes Experts In Unusual Formation Flight - Akron OH: six airships in the clouds at one shot (2) London, England: King George and Queen Mary in royal coach are driven to parliament for the opening of the session with a Labor party majority (3) Western Ranchers Promise Low Prices For Holiday Turkeys - Lancaster CA: thousands face the camera for obituary review (4)Hoover Gives Honor Medal To Noted Ace Capt. Rickenbacker - Washington DC: "Credited with 26 victories, Eddie's citation is for a free lance stunt in which, single-handed, he attacked seven enemy planes and bagged two of them" in the First World War (5) News paragraphs - Northampton PA: Quarry blast of 6000 pounds of dynamite makes explosion unleashing 40,000 tons of rock; Tinos, Greece: solemn rites in Holy Shrine Church for unknown soldier (6) Hollywood CA: "All Quiet on the Western Front" wins award and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science gives trophy to producer Carl Laemmle; Seattle: Police hold jiu-jitsu class of society debutantes (7) DO-X Takes Off On First Leg Of Long Transatlantic Hop - Altenrhein, Swizerland: "World's largest seaplane, carrying 16 passengers, covers 500 miles to Amsterdam, Holland, whence it will fly to England and Portugal, then to the Azores and America, landing in New York about late November." (8) Baltimore: Pimlico Futurity Horserace - "About the precise moment when it is revealed in a New York court that he has inherited two million dollars direct and one fourth of the 200-million-dollar estate of his father, Cornelius (Sonny) Whitney sees his great horse capture $50,360 stake, making Equipoise champion 2-year-old money winner of the year." (complete silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-90 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/11/10 Notre Dame Sinks Pennsylvania in 60-20 Pigskin Rout - Philadelphia: "While 80,000 look on, Rockne's South Bend terrors run wild over Quakers at Franklin Field" in college football (2) Villages Destroyed in Floods - Goerlitz, Germany: city and area damaged by flooding of River Neisse (3) Roy Ammel Makes 2270-Mile Non-Stop Flight To Panama - barren Island NY: "Chicago broker-aviator, flying alone in a low-wing monoplane similar to that now used by Col. Lindbergh, hops to France Field at Balboa, Canal Zone, in 24 hours, 34 minutes, more than half his remarkable feat being over water." (4) Declining market Causes Destruction of $40,000 Timber Yield - Amboy WA: "Wooden pyramid 185 feet high and 250 feet long, containing 190 miles of lumber, is deliberately put to the torch because prices and transportation costs could not be made to balance" in the depression (5) News Paragraphs - San Pablo CA: Portuguese toreadors no so hot in synthetic bull fighting; Chester PA: Cadets fall in latest horseback sport, mounted tug-of-war (6) El Paso TX: First eat-as-you-go streetcar breakfast makes a hit with trolley passengers (7) Rhineland Citizens Greet Hindenburg On Post-Election Visit - Coblenz, Germany: "The Grand Old Man of the Reich is wildly acclaimed as he tours capital of occupied area which was held for years after Armistice by American doughboys." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-91 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/11/13 Girl Sets Record In parachute Leap From Looping Glider - Glendale CA: "Pretty Teddy Hall, 20, hops off Lyman Voelpel's motorless biplane when almost as mile high and rops like a bullet for 1000 feet before her parasol opens. As groundlings gasp in horror, whe floats down 3500 more feet to plump in a tree-top, which she evacuates pronto and scathless" (2) Arlington VA: President Hoover lays wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier (3) Jail Authorities Open Sewing Class For Women Inmates - Brooklyn NY: "Feminine prisoners in Raymond Street prison, awaiting trial, engage in voluntary tasks which serves double purpose of taking their minds off their troubles and providing cheap garments for selves and others who run afoul of law. Success of innovation to bring extension." (4) News Paragraphs - Chicago: "Hoboes colonize in heart of city, elect 'jungle' mayor in real community government" in the depression; Duren, Germany: New engineering triumph is a Three Strap System used to construct triangle bridge (5) Stoughton MA: Wild crow "Old Black Joe" adopts boy and goes places with him; West Point NY: High German officer Lt. Gen. von Blomberg reviews cadets (6) Police Quell Riots As Carnera Fans Mob Giant Pugilist - Rome, Italy: "Home-coming of herculean youth who sprang from bare-footed poverty to financial independence and international fame in less than one year brings emotional outburst which requires force and fists of mammoth fighter to subdue." (7) Coast Guard Saves Doomed Ship's Crew With Breeches Buoy - Pigeon Point CA: "Steamer Tamiahua being hard aground on reef and a hopeless loss, officers and men abandon her to fate, risking own lives in perilous dash above pacific seas to attain safety aboard rescue cutter. End logo. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-92 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/11/17 Needy Wait In Rain As Police Distribute Free Food Packages - New York City: "Apples play important role in providing for temporary jobless relief, even Mrs. Oscar Hammerstein, widow of the opera impresario, taking a stand near City Hall and peddling pippins from a crate. Poor families eagerly accept provisions and fuels paid for by bluecoats" in the depression. (2) Unique Engineering Feat levels 95-Acre Hill In Heart Of City - Seattle WA: "At a cost of $1,125,000, hump 85 feet high is being shoveled away at a rate of 14,000 cubic yards daily, six electric and steam diggers operating. Dirt, which will leave 40 city blocks level, is transported over belts to scows in Elliott Bay, half mile away, and there loaded on self-dumping scows which carry it to sea." (3) Clark Chamberlain of Michigan State Wins 6-Mile Classic - Van Cortlandt Park NY: College junior wins track race (4) Government Salmon Hatchery Produces Record 54,000,000 Roe - Auburn WA: "Largest fish egg plant in world traps spawning pink beauties rushing to maternity grounds and forces them to breed under scientific conditions." (5) News Paragraphs - New York City: pawnshops swamped with war medals and decorations, $2 each; London, England: Hot dough, annual custom attracts crowds in battle for sizzling pence; Budapest, Hungary: Canine widow "Scotty" adopts kitten (6) Iowa Farmer Wins Fourth Conr-Husking Championship Title - Norton KA: "Fred Stanek of Fort Dodge captures crown as King of Huskers in 80 minutes. By skinning 30.34 bushels against strong competition, he takes down more than $1000 in cash prizes." (7) Hockey Ushered In With 1-0 American Win Over Montreal - New York City: "15,000 tense and boistrous fans, probably the wildest of the breed, gather in Madison Square Garden to watch inaugural of ice sport. Rough ice and rougher players combine to given them an inaugural thrill, with Normie Himes, Yankee center, as hero." (complete silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-93 National Archives, College Park MD

1930/11/20 Army Kitchen Feeds Hungry To Start Off Big Job-Giving Drive - New York City: "First fruits of the vast relief organization that is mobilizing millions to aid jobless are plentiful hot meals served to thousands who soon are expected to be placed in wage-earning capacities. Soldiers, civilians and Franciscan monks join in feeding men" in the depression (2) New York City: Ethiopian flier Col. Julian, the 'Harlem Ace' comes home after crashing king's sole plane (3) Washington DC: Hoover Cabinet bids adieu to Secretary of Labor, Hon. James J. Davis, who retires to assume seat as Senator from Pennsylvania (4) New York City: "Golf Show opens with bag of tricks, Joe Kirkwood makes merry" (5) Crowds Hail annual Pageant Featuring Lord Mayor's Show - London, England: Canada and Australia and India and the Dominions are represented in the parade with Lord Mayor of London in his coach making pilgrimage to Westminster Abbey (6) Thousands Wintess Crash At State Fair Auto Race Feature - Phoenix, Arizona: "Speed and spills go together in battle of daredevils for prize money, with Willard Prentiss at the peak of the pace, ripping through fence and sustaining serious though not fatal injury." (7) Garibaldi Loses To Londos In Thrilling Charity Mat Match - New York City: "20,000 acute assault-and-battery fans jam Madison Square Garden to watch Greek champion and Italian challenger exchange such pleasantries as skull-bending, wrist-wrenching, dizzy spells and catapulting into ringsiders' laps. All for benefit of boys' summer camp at Hackettstown NJ" in wrestling sports match. (complete silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 2-94 National Archives, College Park MD

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