Newsreels 1929 (silent)

1929/07/31 Saratoga Springs Handicap horse race (2) Chicago girls track meet (3) Lake Tahoe speedboats. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-61 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/03 Boys Compete for Edison Scholarship (2) Martinez CA gasoline cowboys annual climbing road race (3) Gardiner's Island NY rare birds. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-62 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/14 Helen Wills Wins Tennis (2) Philadelphia outboard motorboat race (3) Annapolis plane of Navy's Lt. Al Williams (4) Los Angeles bedtime radio for babies (5) Texas City H. B. Williams starts to push hoop for 200o miles (6) Agua Caliente Mexico fashion show (7) Honesdale PA 100th anniversary of 1st locomotive Stourbridge Lion (8) Charleston SC opening of Cooper River Bridge (9) Atlanta local - greet Elk Chief Andrews. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-65 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/17 Wyoming Rodeo (2) German liner Bremen sets record crossing of Atlantic (3) Berlin trolley bus (4) Bridgeport CT jazz gardening (5) Esbrey France fishermen (6) Steamboats on Sacramento River often used in movies (7) Los Angeles circus with elephants (8) Pittsburgh diving star Aileen Riggin (9) Washburn, Wisconsin - Beauregard wins log-rolling championship at Boden's Brownstone Bowl. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-66 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/21 Sun-Tan Bathing Suits in Los Angeles (2) Guernewood CA canoe race on Russian River (3) New York heavyweight boxer Vitorio Campolo from Argentina (4) Pittsburgh crippled daredevil Smiles O'Timmons at annual Firemen's Convention (5) New York building collapsed at 8th Avenue and 23rd Street. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-67 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/24 Germany 10-year Anniversary As Republic (2) Navy dirigible ZMC-2 launched at Detroit, all metal rather than fabric airship (3) Navy football team training (4) San Antonio mechanical trainer for airplane pilots (5) Bryn Athyn PA demonstration of autogiro that Juan de la Cierva flew across English Channel (6) San Francisco local - soldiers use airplane in football practice (7) Hagerstown MD - Elks Convention. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-68 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/28 Martha Norelius wins 10-mile swim in Toronto (2) Sweden King Gustav V and Princess Ingrid cheer victory of grandson Prince Gustaf Adolf in horserace (3) New York City - big Navy ships anchor in Hudson River (4) Helen Wills defeats Phoebe Watson at Forest Hills NY (5) Albuquerque pageant of 12 Indians tribes (6) Ventnor NJ annual 2-mile ocean swim race won by Dolly Dickinson. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-69 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/08/31 Jews fill Madison Square Garden in protest against Arab massacres, scenes of chairman Samuel Untermyer, Mayor Walker, Sen. Borah (2) San Francisco: Graf Zeppelin ends world flight, is first airship to girdle globe, back in America again after trip across Pacific, scenes of Hugo Eckener, from Lakehurst NJ covered 20,000 miles in 21 days (3) Asbury Park NJ annual baby parade of 1200 cradles, seen by 75,000 spectators (4) Lewiston, Maine, jamboree of 50 couples who have been married 50 years (5) San Francisco Harbor Day celebration with Navy ships and visiting Chile sailors (6) Portland, Maine, tests by Army of underwater mines (7) Syracuse NY state fair visited by FDR. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-70 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/04 "Fort Snelling, Minnesota, sham battle thrills - C.M.T.C. Military Tournament, Arthur B. Gort of Eau Claire gets a gold watch for being the best student. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-71 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/07 "Bridgeville PA: Lizzies of long ago make last bow in public. Ash Can Handicap brings out prize assortment of ancient rattlers." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-72 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/11 Claudius Houston elected GOP Chairman of Republican National Committee, congratulated by President Hoover, retiring chairman Hubert Work (2) Westbury Long Island polo match, Hitchcock scores 7 goals for his Sands Point team (3) Hugo Eckener of Graf Zeppeling sails home from New York City (4) San Francisco: Col. Roosevelt returns from scientific expedition to Indochina and Tibet, with Mrs. Roosevelt, has been appointed Governor-General of Puerto Rico (5) San Antonio: sculptor Guzon Borglum makes Woodrow Wilson statue ordered by Poland (6) West Point: French ambassador Paul Claudel reviews cadets on anniversary of Marne Day and Lafayette's birthday (7) Southport, England: 40 tons explosives blast new river bed of the Alt to save Lancashire homes (8) Philadelphia: new 30-passenger giant amphibian seaplane from Germany tested in Navy Yard(9) Roosevelt Field NY: strange tricycle plane invented by George Fernie prepares to fly nonstop to Bucharest, Rumania (10) New York City: 1,250,000 students return to school (11) Newport News VA: cruiser USS Houston launched, with Elizabeth Holcombe, Gov. Byrd of VA (12) Washington DC: Hoover greets White House visitors R. B. Creager, Judge Huggins, Mayor Montieth, Sen. Garrett and Sen. Connolly. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-73 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/14 Two-horse Power Pull in Union City NJ, William Schaeffer of Schaeffer Twins keeps a firm footing, sister Rose nestles her back on a board full of nails (2) Civil War Veterans march at 63rd National Encampment in Portland Maine, with Commander Reese of Nebraska, Gov. Gardiner of Maine (3) Yosemite CA annual Indian Pageant (4) Long Beach CA annual Baby Parade (5) Denveer annual encampment of Spanich-American War veterans, Michigan Gov. Fred W. Green elected Commander. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-74 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/21 Big Bill Tilden sails from New York City, fresh from Forest Hills tennis triumph (2) Rabbi Schnayerson, Jewish Orthodox leader, arrives in New York City from Latvia (3) new home for airship Graf Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is 900 feet long and 150 feet high. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-76 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/25 British Occupation Troops Leave the Rhine (2) Washington DC Senate probe of Geneva Naval Conference "observer" Shearer, with his counsel Daniel F. Cohalan (3) Newagen, Maine, return of Lt-Commander MacMillan from two-year Arctic exploration (4) St. Paul, Minnesota, gives hometown welcome to new amateur golf champion Jimmy Johnston, presented to crowd by Gov. Christianson (5) Berlin mayor Gustave Boess arrives in New York City to repay visit of Mayor Walker to the German capital (6) Long Beach CA men's fashion show (7) Travers Island NY track meet of New York Athletic Club, with shot putter pat McDonald, and steeplechase runners (8) Albion NY convention of bakers makes world's biggest pie, a 4-ton pastry (9) Los Banos CA Thanksgiving turkeys gobble (10) Mexico City marks independence day with parade before President Portes Gil. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-77 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/09/28 Wedding of John Coolidge, son of ex=president, and Florence Trumbull, daughter of Connecticut governor, at Plainville CT (2) Oddities in the News - Escanaba Michigan trapeze daredevils at Fair; Leipzig Germany jiu jitsu training; San Jose CA rodeo. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-78 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/10/05 Louisville convention and march of American Legion; Stockholm, Sweden, girl acrobats and gymnasts. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-80 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/10/09 Czechoslovakia Gymnastic Exhibition, Pres. Masaryk attends in Pilsen (2) Prison Riot at Canon City, Colorado, by 200 convicts at Colorado State Penitentiary, 13 dead, Warden Crawford shot twice (3) Denmark Ruler reviews oldest regiment, the 12th Infantry on its 250th birthday (4) Capitola CA aint-aircraft guns fire in exhibition by 63rd Coast Artillery (5) deep sea tutle race in Costa Rica (6) El Monte CA Mr. and Mrs. Felis Leo present new productions, lions to be roaring success (7) Toledo, Ohio, Boy Hercules, amazing feats of strength by Clarence kehr, Jr., 5 years old, smokes his father's pipe, smooths lawn with 200 pound roller (8) Japan women start prohibition drive when 3000 hold a Winless Day procession, led by Miss Moriya, Temperance Society president, parade held on 6th anniversary of the great earthquake. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-81 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/10/12 Los Angeles Rubber Ball Baby Ramona Carpenter, 15 months old (2) Frankfort, Germany, rocket airplane flown by Fritz von Opel, millionaire daredevil. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-82 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/10/30 Mussolini Reviews Metropolitan Police in Rome (2) Roosevelt Medal is awarded to Owen D. Young for his reparations plan, presented by James Garfield, at Oyster Bay, Boy Scouts make 10th annual pilgrimmage to Roosevelt's grave (3) Chicago convention of Chiropodists Association, cinderellas compete in perfect foot contest, won by Nellie Hayes; Los Angeles feeds 12 babies at one time; Paris waiters hold annual race; Yale beats Army in New Haven CT football, Booth hero for the Bulldogs, scores finl touchdown (4) Washington DC jury led by youthful foreman Thomas Norris finds former Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall guilty of taking $100,000 bribe from Edward L. Doheny; Paris dancer-sisters Eleanor and Carla "G" in New York City for "King of Jazz" roles; Yamoto Japan playground and swimming pool donated. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-87 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/11/02 President Hoover presents gift of $50,000 for Madame Curie to purchase a gram of radium (2) King of Siam Praja Dhipok opens opera season in his Bangkok palace. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-88 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/12/07 Air Mail pickup device tested at Curtiss field NY (2) College boys at Princeton rehearse "The Golden Dog" play (3) Ex-heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney and wife, former Polly Lauder, return from Europe (4) Ice skate champion Maribel Vinson at Cambridge, Mass. (5) Oberammergau, Bavaria, peasants prepare for Passion Play in 1930 (6) Girl messengers in Paris - Midinettes celebrate St. Catherine's Day with dash across city, then get ready for grand ball (7) Spandau, Germany. smokestacks dynamited (8) Hirohito reviews troops in Mito, Japan - "123,000 Cadets and troops take part in great five-day maneuvers and review. Photographed by special permission of the War Department." (9) How Good Is Your News Memory? The most appalling peacetime disaster in US Navy history - Sept. 3, 1923, when 7 destroyers crashed on the rocks in a fog, drowning 22 men at Point Honda CA." (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-98 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/12/11 Big Ships Buck Ice-Choked Rivers in Michigan (2) Leo Diegel is National Golf King, defeats Johnny Farrell in Los Angeles (3) Valencia Spain "Old Age Day" holiday honors the elderly (4) Sweden King Gustaf V dedicates railroad bridge in Stockholm, with Prince Eugen and Princess Ingrid (5) new Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley of Oklahoma succeeds late James W. Good (6) How Good Is Your News Memory? What great dirigible crashed, killing 34 US airmen? The Roma on Feb. 2, 1922, crashed in Norfolk VA after her arrival from Italy (7) Canada local - Staffordshire wins Motorcycle Grand National (8) hurricane hits England coast and Channel ships (9) annual feline National Show for cats in New York City. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-99 National Archives, College Park MD

1929/12/14 Prison riot in Auburn NY kills 9, state policement Capt. McGrath and Lt. Hughes rescued Warden Jennings, ringleaders Perry Johnson and Henry Sullivan shot to death (2) Last Belgian Troops Leave the Rhineland after 10 years occupation in Germany (3) In Camden NJ, Navy commissions light cruiser USS Salt Lake City, one of eight ordered in 1924 (4) Harrison NJ experiment shoots six million volts through baby Walter Church, 2, who is unharmed (5) Seattle Washington shearing at world's largest rabbit farm (6) Westwood NJ toy banks shown in savings drive, helped build modern fortunes since Gay '90's (7) Canton, China, rebels kill merchants and loot city, nationalist Government unable to protect business section of city (8) San Francisco: Pacific's biggest ship here. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 1-100 National Archives, College Park MD

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