Malta map 2007 - med
1814 - Malta became a colony of the British Empire.

1940 - Axis siege began after the fall of France in May.

1942 - In January, Hitler established a Luftwaffe force on Sicily and began the second siege of Malta. In March, British aircraft carriers began the delivery of Spitfires to malta. More arrived in April and May from the USS Wasp. The convoys "Vigourous" and "harpoon" in June failed to deliver badly needed fuel and ammunition. In August, the convoy "Pedestal" with the oil tanker Ohio managed to get some ships through. The air attacks on Malta declined as Hitler shifted the Luftwaffe to Rommel in North Africa

1947 - Self-government allowed.

1959 - British control re-established.

1964 - Full independence with government by pro-Western Nationalist Party.

1971 - Dom Mintoff and Malta Labour Party declared non-alignment, sought friendship with Libya and Communist states.

1974 - Malta became a republic.

1979 - British military base closed.

1984 - Carmelo Mifsud-Bonnici became prime minister.

1987 - Eddie Fenech Adami of Nationalist Party became prime minister.

1989 - Malta hosted first summit between Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush.

1990 - Malta applied for membership in the European Union (EU).

1995 April - Malta joined NATO Partnership for Peace.

1996 - Alfred Sant and the Labour Party opposed EU membership, withdrew from NATO and declared neutrality.

1998 - Adami's Nationalist Party won election, sought EU membership.

2001 - In May, Pope John Paul II visited Malta and its 98% Catholic population.

2003 - Adami's ruling Nationalist Party won election.

2004 - Malta joined the EU.


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