With the Marines at Tarawa

The Tarawa landings starting Nov. 20, 1943, were the first to be covered by photographers. Capt. Louis Haward and his 2nd Photographic Division Marine Corps won an Academy Award for the Tarawa films. Photo divisions were formed after the heroic Marine defense of Wake Island showed the public relations value of such films. Norman Hatch became one of the foremost Marine photographers at Tarawa, waded 400 yards when his LCVP went aground, used a 3-lens Eyemo to shoot 2000 ft. film, including the rare shot of 2 Marines firing at Japanese in the same frame.

map from Time 1943/09 - big
Central Pacific Strategy
"Target for Tomorrow?" was Truk, from Time 1943/11

captured Japanese with hands raised on Tarawa, from ILN 1943/12/18
dead Japanese on Tarawa, from ILN 1943/12/11
Tarawa destruction & dead Japanese, from ILN 1943/12/11

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