The Era of the Pirate

1724 by Daniel Defoe
16th cent "official" piracy = privateers 1603 - end of Anglo-Spanish War - Brit no longer issued letters of marque & reprisal 17th cent. "buccaneers" Henry Morgan 1692-1722 - "Golden Age: of Piracy - caused by war with France & privateers Thomas Tew Henry Every American officials helped pirates Edward Randolph King Wm decides to take action 1695 Whig Junto William Kidd Kidd was guilty of murder & piracy but was not a pirate Bellomont acts ag. pirates in NY Va. Gov. Francis Nicholson also acts ag. pirates War of Spanish Succession 1701-13 new generation of pirates emerged from war Woodes Rogers 1718-21 Blackbeard (Ed. Teach)


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