Malta Story

Produced by British Film Makers Ltd., released 1953 by J. Arthur Rank Organisation, black and white 35mm negative, 1.37:1 screen ratio, mono sound, 97 mins.

Malta Story - 1 2 3
Alec Guinness
Spitfires land in Malta




The archival battle scenes from 1942 used in this 1953 film inspired Sam Moses to write At All Costs: How a Crippled Ship and Two American Merchant Mariners Turned the Tide of World War II, New York: Random, 2006. The film emphasized the heroism and courage of the British soldiers and the people of Malta, but Moses focused on how the sailors in the Pedestal convoy saved the USS Ohio and its valuable cargo of oil. In particular, he focused on merchant seamen Fred Larsen and Lonnie Dales.


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