A House Divided

Produced 1999 by Atkinson Way and Avnet/Kerner Productions and Paramount Television, broadcast on cable TV July 30, 2000, by Showtime Networks Inc. , Color, Stereo Sound, 101 mins.

Julia, David, Amanda, Charles




In the aftermath of the terrible Civil War which has devastated the South, Amanda America Dixon (Jennifer Beals) returns home to find she has become the sole heir to a vast cotton plantation. But the dreadful secret which has blighted her life threatens to deprive her of the birthright which her beloved father David (Sam Waterston) had struggled for so long to create. Raised by her father and grandmother to be the perfect white Southern Belle, Amanda's true mother was a black slave Julia (Lisa Gay Hamilton). Confronted with the forces of greed and bigotry, Amanda has to face not only the hatred of a racist world, but the complex truth of a family whose lives have been built on a lie. (Summary written by jbjb)


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