English Patient DVD Notes:

Chapter 1 - opens with airplane fleeing across desert with man Almasy and woman Katharine aboard, is shot down by Germans, man is badly burned and rescued by Arab camel caravan. Then scenes of nurse Hana with patients in "Italy 1944" and she learns her lover has been killed from an injured Canadian boy, then truck column hits land mine, boy is killed, nurse walks on road to get his bracelet, then decides to stay in castle with the English patient. Flashback to Almasy scientific exped in the North African desert earlier, woman and husband join expedition, "contact" and 2 planes fly over desert, searching for montain like shape of woman's shoulder. In Italy, English patient likes Herodotus; nurse Hana found books in the castle. Caravaggio arrives, steals the opium, has had thumbs cut off.

Chapter 13 - sandstorm after scientific exped has accident in desert. Geoffrey has gone back to Cairo to make photos for aerial maps for British government.

Chapter 18 - mid is "Tobruk June 1942" and German parachute landing, Brit general asks Caravaggio to stay in Cairo, complains that Germans have been using Geographical Society maps, Caravaggio is captured, interrogated by Major Muller. Flashback to "Cairo March 1939" with Almasy and Madox and maps, and message from Brit govt aborting all scientific expeditions by May 1939. "What do you call this hollow below a woman's neck?" Katharine watching outdoor newsreel of Chamberlain "Is It Peace"

Chapter 23 - Kip cuts fuse and disarms bomb under bridge as tanks rumble over because war is over "jerry has surrendered"

Chapter 27 - airplane crash flashback after Caravaggio accused Almasy in Italy castle of spying for Germans; Geoffrey flying plane with Katharine aboard and tries to aim plane to hit Almasy but crashes, Geoffrey dead, Katharine wounded, Almasy takes her into mountains. Katharine wearing thimble that he gave her after ripping off her dress in his hotel room where they first made love.

Chapter 30 - Almasy flew Madox plane back to Katharine in desert after giving maps to Germans.

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