Produced by Bold Films and released by MGM Nov. 1, 2006, color 35mm negative, 2.35:1 screen ratio, digital sound, 120 mins.

Bobby trailer




This ensemble film is base on the night Robert Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles June 5, 1968. It includes references to MGM's 1932 film Grand Hotel, the prototype ensemble film narrative with "more stars than in the heavens" in the MGM studio, when Anthony Hopkins as the retired doorman remembers his favorite film, The waitress Susan played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is planning to audtion for a new job at Schwab's Drugstore on Sunset Blvd "where lana Turner was discovered." Freddie Rodroguez as the busboy Jose has 2 tickets to the Dodgers game that nght, at $4.50 each, to see Don Drysdale break the all-time record for pitching 6 consecutive no-hit games. Elija Wood as William plans to marry Lindsay Lohan as Diane sp he would be sent by the Army to Germany rather than to Vietnam. The exteriors were filmed at the real Ambassador Hotel just days before it was demolished in January 2006. In the montage of black and white photos during the end credits, there a plenty of images showing Bobby Kennedy's love of family and kids and the common man, but none showing his Dad's bootlegging business during prohibition that became the foundation of the family's future wealth. A few photos show him working on McClellan's anti-racketeering committee, but not his participation on Joseph McCarthy's witch-hunting congressional committee. Some photos show him at the side of jack during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but not his obsession with Operation Mongoose to overthrow Castro.


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