Sicily, 1943

Sicily map, ILN 1943/05/15 or large map

Sicily liberated, ILN 1943/07/31

Palermo - women hold up babies to U.S. soldiers, ILN 1943/07/31

Comino entered by U.S. 7th Army July 16, ILN 1943/07/31

Militello entered by Brit troops, ILN 1943/07/31

German 88mm gun captured in Sicily, ILN 1943/08/14

German 88mm gun captured in Sicily, ILN 1943/08/14

nurses of U.S. Army on Sicily, ILN 1943/09/04

Randazzo where U.S. and Brit troops meet, ILN 1943/09/04

Sicilian Springboard - map, ILN 1943/09/11

Messina and view of distant Itlay, ILN 1943/09/11

Messina entered by Allied troops, ILN 1943/09/11

Private Roy Humphrey is being given blood plasma by Pfc.Harvey White, after he was wounded by shrapnel, on 9 August 1943 in Sicily, NA 1943/08/09

Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard, CO, 30th Infantry Regiment, a prominent figure in the second daring amphibious landing behind enemy lines on Sicily's north coast, discusses military strategy with Lt. Gen. George S. Patton. Near Brolo, NA 1943/08/09

Images Source: Illustrated London News, and National Archives, Patch Collection.

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