Japanese Secret Weapons

The I-401 aircraft submarine was 400 ft. long, 39 ft. high, could dive to 330 ft., with a crew of 144, a range of 37,000 mi., and carried 3 bombers with foldup wings. The I-400 and I-401 sailed for the U. S. West Coast in 1945 in Operation PX to deliver bacteriological bombs, but both were captured at sea before launching any planes. Both were scuttled in 1946.
photo from starbulletin
Japan sent five Type A midget submarines to Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, and were launched by larger subs. The USS Ward sank one midget sub, and another was never found. Three were salvaged, including the Ha-19 immediately after the Dec. 7 attack.
photo from NHC
Kaiten suicide midget submarine, 45 ft. long, 1.55 ton explosive charge on its front, operational after 11/10/44, sank 2 American ships with 162 killed, at loss of 106 kaiten pilots
photo from NHC
Kamikaze planes attacked the U.S. fleet starting Oct. 1944 in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The USS St. Lo was sunk Oct. 25.
photo from USS Essex
Japan launched 9000 balloon bombs after 11/3/44; 1000 reached the U.S. and 285 were sighted; 6 hikers were killed 5/5/45 in Oregon
photo from USAF



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