Potsdam Conference

Big 3 at Potsdam, color photo from FDRL
Truman, Churchill, Stalin met in a suburb of Berlin for the Potsdam Conference July 17-Aug. 2

Truman came on the USS Augusta that FDR used for the 1941 Atlantic Conference

no agreement on Poland's western boundary but Lublin government allowed to expel 9 million Germans from eastern Poland

Germany to be administered as single economic unit by Allied Control Council under Lucius Clay, but Stalin sealed all land access to East Germany

Stalin allowed to take 25% of West German industry in exchange for food, coal

Nazi leaders to be tried as war criminals at Nuremberg

Korea to be divided

Potsdam Declaration of August 1 provided:

Stalin was told on July 24 of A-bomb test July 23 at Trinity

Churchill lost British election July 28 to Labor's Clement Attlee

Council of Foreign Ministers would meet to draft final peace treaties, but U.S. would withdraw.

Stalin refused to hold elections in occupied East Europe

"trouble spots" appeared - map from Time 1945/05


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