Pictures from 1945

"American generals: seated left to right are William H.Simpson, George S. Patton, Jr., Carl Spaatz, Dwight D.Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Courtney H. Hodges, and Leonard T.Gerow; standing are Ralph F. Stearley, Hoyt S. Vandenberg, WalterBedell Smith, Otto P. Weyland, and Richard E. Nugent." 1945, from Patch/NA
"Then came the big day when we marched into Germany - right through the Siegfried Line." 1945, from Patch/NA
"A Marine of the 1st Marine Division draws a bead on a Japanese sniper with his tommy-gun as his companion ducks for cover. The division is working to take Wana Ridge before the town of Shuri." S.Sgt. Walter F. Kleine, Okinawa," 1945, from Patch/NA
"Standing in the grassy sod bordering row upon row of white crosses in an American cemetery, two dungaree-clad Coast Guardsmen pay silent homage to the memory of a fellow Coast Guardsman who lost his life in action in the Ryukyu Islands." by Benrud, 1945, from Patch/NA

"USS PENNSYLVANIA and battleship of COLORADO class followed by three cruisers move in line into Lingayen Gulf preceding the landing on Luzon, Philippines." January 1945, from Patch/NA
" Chow is served to American Infantrymen on their way to LaRoche, Belgium. 347th Infantry Regiment." Newhouse, January 13," 1/13/45, from Patch/NA
"Conference of the Big Three at Yalta makes final plans for the defeat of Germany. Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Premier Josef Stalin." 2/45, from Patch/NA

"Across the litter on Iwo Jima's black sands, Marines of the 4th Division shell Jap positions cleverly concealed back from the beaches. Here, a gun pumps a stream of shells into Jap positions inland on the tiny volcanic island." 2/45, from Patch/NA
"Smashed by Jap mortar and shellfire, trapped by Iwo's treacherous black-ash sands, amtracs and other vehicles of warlay knocked out on the black sands of the volcanic fortress." Iwo Jima,, PhoM3c. Robert M. Warren, ca. February/March" 2/45, from Patch/NA
"General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, at his headquarters in the European theater of operations. He wears the five-star cluster of the newly-created rank of General of the Army." by T4c. Messerlin, February 1," 2/1/45, from Patch/NA
"Task Force 58 raid on Japan. 40mm guns firing aboard USS HORNET on 16 February, as the carrier's planes were raidingTokyo." Lt. Comdr. Charles Kerlee, February" 2/16/45, from Patch/NA

"Pilots aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier receive lastminute instructions before taking off to attack industrial, andmilitary installations in Tokyo." February 17," 2/17/45, from Patch/NA
"Marines of the 5th Division inch their way up a slope on Red Beach No. 1 toward Surbachi Yama as the smoke of the battledrifts about them." Dreyfuss, Iwo Jima, February 19," 2/19/45, from Patch/NA
"Flag raising on Iwo Jima." by Joe Rosenthal, Associated Press," 2/23/45, from Patch/NA
"I drew an assault boat to cross in - just my luck. We all tried to crawl under each other because the lead was flying around like hail." Crossing the Rhine under enemy fire at St. Goar. March" 3/45, from Patch/NA

"Pfc Angelo B. Reina, 391st Inf. Regt., guards a lonely Oahu beach position. Kahuku, Oahu." Rosenberg, Hawaii, March" 3/45, from Patch/NA
"U.S. Convoy which operates between Chen-Yi and Kweiyang,China, is ascending the famous twenty-one curves at Annan,China." Pfc. John F. Albert, March 26," 3/26/45, from Patch/NA
"First U.S. Army men and equipment pour across the Remagen Bridge; two knocked out jeeps in foreground." Sgt. William Spangle, Germany, March 11," 3/11/45, from Patch/NA
"Americans of Japanese descent, Infantrymen of the 442nd Regiment, run for cover as a German artillery shell is about to land outside the building." Levine, Italy. April 4," 4/4/45, from Patch/NA

"Canadian Infantry of the Regiment de Maisonneuve, moving through Holten to Rijssen, Netherlands. Lt. D. Guravitch, April 9," 4/9/45, from Patch/NA
"Moving up through Prato, Italy, men of the 370th Infantry Regiment, have yet to climb the mountain which lies ahead." Bull, April 9," 4/9/45, from Patch/NA
"General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, accompanied by Gen. Omar N. Bradley, and Lt. Gen. George S.Patton, Jr., inspects art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany." by Lt. Moore, April 12," 4/12/45, from Patch/NA
"Pfc. Mickey Rooney imitates some Hollywood actors for an audience of Infantrymen of the 44th Division. Rooney is a member of a three-man unit making a jeep tour to entertain the troops." by T5c. Louis Weintraub, Kist, Germany, April 13," 4/13/45, from Patch/NA

"Two anti-tank Infantrymen of the 101st Infantry Regiment, dash past a blazing German gasoline trailer in square of Kronach, Germany." by T4c. W. J. Rothenberger, April 14," 4/14/45, from Patch/NA
"A truck load of bodies of prisoners of the Nazis, in the Buchenwald concentration camp at Weimar, Germany. The bodies were about to be disposed of by burning when the camp was captured by troops of the 3rd U.S. Army." by Pfc. W. Chichersky, April 14," 4/14/45, from Patch/NA
"Bones of anti-Nazi German women still are in the crematoriums in the German concentration camp at Weimar, Germany, taken by the 3rd U.S. Army. Prisoners of all nationalities were tortured and killed." Pfc. W. Chichersky, April 14," 4/14/45, from Patch/NA
" The 90th Division discovered this Reichsbank wealth, SS loot, and Berlin museum paintings that were removed from Berlin to a salt mine in Merkers, Germany." Cpl. Donald R. Ornitz, April 15," 5/15/45, from Patch/NA

"Infantrymen of the 255th Infantry Regiment move down astreet in Waldenburg to hunt out the Hun after a recent raid by 63rd Division." by 2d Lt. Jacob Harris, April 16," 4/16/45, from Patch/NA
"These are slave laborers in the Buchenwald concentration camp near Jena; many had died from malnutrition when U.S. troops of the 80th Division entered the camp." by Pvt. H. Miller, Germany, April 16," 4/16/45, from Patch/NA
"This victim of Nazi inhumanity still rests in the position in which he died, attempting to rise and escape his horrible death. He was one of 150 prisoners savagely burned to death by Nazi SS troops." by Sgt. E. R. Allen, Gardelegen, Germany, April 16," 4/16/45, from Patch/NA
"Veteran Artillery men of the `C' Battery, 90th Field Artillery, lay down a murderous barrage on troublesome Jap artillery positions in Balete Pass, Luzon, Philippine Islands" Morton, April 19," 4/19/45, from Patch/NA

"With torn picture of his feuhrer beside his clenched fist, a dead general of the Volkssturm lies on the floor of city hall, Leipzig, Germany. He committed suicide rather than face U.S. Army troops who captured the city on April 19." by T5c. J. M.Heslop." 4/19/45, from Patch/NA
"Liberty party. Liberty section personnel aboard LCM returning to USS CASABLANCA from Rara Island, off Pitylieu Island, Manus." PhoM1c. R. W. Mowday, Admiralty Islands, April 19," 4/19/45, from Patch/NA
"Choked with debris, a bombed water intake of the Pegnitz River no longer supplies war factories in Nuremberg, vital Reich industrial city and festival center of the Nazi party, which was captured April 20, 1945, by troops of the U.S. Army." 4/20/45, from Patch/NA
"Soldiers of the 55th Armored Infantry Battalion and tank ofthe 22nd Tank Battalion, move through smoke filled street.Wernberg, Germany." by Pvt. Joseph Scrippens, April 22," 4/22/45, from Patch/NA

" Happy 2nd Lt. William Robertson and Lt. Alexander Sylvashko, Russian Army, shown in front of sign [East Meets West] symbolizing the historic meeting of the Russian and American Armies, near Torgau, Germany." Pfc. William E. Poulson, April 25," 4/25/45, from Patch/NA
"Marines unloading Japanese POW from a submarine returned from war patrol." Lt. Comdr. Horace Bristol, ca. May" 5/45, from Patch/NA
"Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel, signing the ratified surrender terms for the German Army at Russian Headquarters in Berlin." by Lt. Moore, Germany, May 7," 5/7/45, from Patch/NA
"Jubilant American soldier hugs motherly English woman and victory smiles light the faces of happy service men and civilians at Piccadilly Circus, London, celebrating Germany's unconditional surrender." by Pfc. Melvin Weiss, England, May 7," 5/7/45, from Patch/NA

"Transfer of wounded from USS BUNKER HILL to USS WILKESBARRE, who were injured during fire aboard carrier following Jap suicide dive bombing attack off Okinawa." PhoM3c. Kenneth E.Roberts, May 11," 5/11/45, from Patch/NA
"USS BUNKER HILL burning after Jap suicide attack." Near Okinawa, May 11, druing kamikaze attack. 5/11/45, from Patch/NA
"USS BUNKER HILL hit by two Kamikazes in 30 seconds on 11 May off Kyushu. Dead-372. Wounded-264." 5/11/45, from Patch/NA
"Starving inmate of Camp Gusen, Austria." by T4c. Sam Gilbert, May 12," 5/12/45, from Patch/NA

"Some of the bodies being removed by German civilians for decent burial at Gusen Concentration Camp, Muhlhausen, near Linz,Austria. Men were worked in nearby stone quarries until too weak for more, then killed." by T4c. Sam Gilbert, May 12," 5/12/45, from Patch/NA
"A German girl is overcome as she walks past the exhumed bodies of some of the 800 slave workers murdered by SS guards near Namering, Germany, and laid here so that townspeople may view the work of their Nazi leaders." by Cpl. Edward Belfer. May 17," 5/17/45, from Patch/NA
"Happy veterans head for harbor of Le Havre, France, the first to be sent home and discharged under the Army's new point system." by Pfc. Stedman, May 25," 5/25/45, from Patch/NA
"Corsair fighter looses its load of rocket projectiles on arun against a Jap stronghold on Okinawa. In the lower backgroundis the smoke of battle as Marine units move in to follow up with a Sunday punch." Lt. David D. Duncan, ca. June" 6/45, from Patch/NA

"With the captured capital of Naha as a background, Marine Maj. Gen. Lemuel Shepherd, commanding general of the 6th Marine Division, relaxes on an Okinawan ridge long enough to consult a map of the terrain." by Pfc. Sam Weiner, ca. June" 6/45, from Patch/NA
"These Jewish children are on their way to Palestine after having been released from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The girl on the left is from Poland, the boy in the center from Latvia, and the girl on right from Hungary." by T4c. J. E. Myers, June 5," 6/5/45, from Patch/NA
"The famous British liner, QUEEN MARY, arrives in New York Harbor, June 20, with thousands of U.S. troops from European battles." 5/45, from Patch/NA
"USS ESSEX based TBMs and SB2Cs dropping bombs on Hokadate,Japan." July" 7/45, from Patch/NA

"The patient's skin is burned in a pattern corresponding to he dark portions of a kimono worn at the time of the explosion."Atomic bomb survivor." 8/45, from Patch/NA
"In the background, a Roman Catholic cathedral on a hill in Nagasaki." 8/45, from Patch/NA
"Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., pilot of the ENOLA GAY, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, waves from his cockpit before the takeoff, 6 August" 8/6/45, from Patch/NA
"A dense column of smoke rises more than 60,000 feet into the air over the Japanese port of Nagasaki, the result of an atomic bomb, the second ever used in warfare, dropped on the industrial center August 8, from a U.S. B-29 Superfortress." 8/8/45, from Patch/NA

"GI's at the Rainbow Corner Red Cross Club in Paris, France, whoop it up after buying the special edition of the Paris Post,which carried the banner headline, 'JAPS QUIT.' " by T3c. G.Lempeotis, August 10," 8/18/45, from Patch/NA
"At the White House, President Truman announces Japan's surrender. Abbie Rowe, Washington, DC, August 14," 8/14/45, from Patch/NA
"New York City celebrating the surrender of Japan. They threw anything and kissed anybody in Times Square." by Lt. Victor Jorgensen, August 14," 8/14/45, from Patch/NA
"Japanese POW's at Guam, with bowed heads after hearing Emperor Hirohito make announcement of Japan's unconditional surrender." August 15," 8/15/45, from Patch/NA

"Gaunt allied prisoners of war at Aomori camp near Yokohama cheer rescuers from U.S. Navy. Waving flags of the United States, Great Britain and Holland." Japan, August 29," 8/29/45, from Patch/NA
"Correspondents interview 'Tokyo Rose.' Iva Toguri, American-born Japanese." September" 9/45, from Patch/NA
"Gen. Douglas MacArthur signs as Supreme Allied Commander during formal surrender ceremonies on the USS MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay. Behind Gen. MacArthur are Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright and Lt. Gen. A. E. Percival." by Lt. C. F. Wheeler, September 2," 9/2/45, from Patch/NA
"F4U's and F6F's fly in formation during surrender ceremonies; Tokyo, Japan. USS MISSOURI left foreground."September 2," 9/2/45, from Patch/NA

"Danny Kaye, well known stage and screen star, entertains 4,000 5th Marine Div. occupation troops at Sasebo, Japan. The crude sign across the front of the stage says: 'Officers keepout! Enlisted men's country.'" by Pfc. H. J. Grimm, October 25," 10/25/45, from Patch/NA
"The Tapel Massacre on 1 July . Picture shows Pedro Cerono, the man who discovered the group of 8 skulls. Tapel, Cagayan Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands." by T5c. Lewis D.Klein, November 23," 11/23/45, from Patch/NA
"German Gen. Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in the Aversa stockade. The General was convicted and sentenced to death by an American military t ribunal. Aversa, Italy." Blomgren, December 1," 12/1/45, from Patch/NA
" 'We Can Do It.' Color poster by J. Howard Miller." 1945, from Patch/NA

"Riveter at Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Burbank, CA." 1945, from Patch/NA

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