Pictures from 1944

France-German border - west wall - bulge offensive, Time 12/44 - bg
France-German border - west wall - bulge offensive, Time 12/44
"The Big Push" to the Rhine on the western front, Time 11/26/44 - bg

"Air Tactics" against Bulge, Time 1/45
"Air Tactics" against Bulge, Time 1/45 - bg
"Counterattack Clipped" after Bulge battle, Time 1/8/45 - bg

map of proposed "Partition" of Poland by Russia, Time 12/44
Ike as Man of the Year, Time 1/1/45

Germany and central Europe map, ILN 12/30/44 - bg
Fort Driant, ILN 12/23/44
Strasborg liberated Nov. 23, ILN 11/23/44
Holland terrain map, ILN 11/25/44 - Saar & Strasbourg - Belfort Gap - Colmar

Belfort liberated Nov. 20 - French troops and tank, ILN 12/2/44
Metz liberated - German officer captured, ILN 12/2/44
Metz liberated - German officer captured, ILN 12/2/44

Tiger tank Mark IV wrecked in bomb crater near Hamich, Germany, ILN 12/2/44
"A U.S. Infantry anti-tank crew fires on Nazis who machine-gunned their vehicle, somewhere in Holland." by W. F. Stickle, 11/4/44, from Patch/NA
"Chow is served to American Infantrymen on their way to LaRoche, Belgium. 347th Infantry Regiment. 1/13/45, from Patch/NA

"American soldiers, stripped of all equipment, lie dead, face down in the slush of a crossroads somewhere on the western front." Captured German photograph. Belgium, ca. 12/44, from Patch/NA
"We were getting our second wind now and started flattening out that bulge. We took 50,000 prisoners in December alone." American soldier with captured Germans. ca. 12/44 from Patch/NA
"A lanky GI, with hands clasped behind his head, leads afile of American prisoners marching along a road somewhere on thewestern front. Germans captured these American soldiers during the surprise enemy drive into Allied positions." Captured German photograph, ca. 12/44 from Patch/NA
"A Nazi soldier, heavily armed, carries ammunition boxes forward with companion in territory taken by their counteroffensive in this scene from captured German film. Belgium, 12/44 from Patch/NA

In Germany, Thomas O'Brien of Middleboro, MA has his lunch in the snow," ca. 1944, from NA

U.S. soldiers take cover under fire somewhere in Germany, 1944, from NA

Pvt. 1st Class. Margerum, Philadelphia, PA, walks the road through a peaceful forest in the Bastogne area, as he returns from the front lines. Belgium or Luxembourg., 12/27/1944, from NA - b

US equipped troops of the French First Army advance cautiously into the town of Colmar, France, 2 February 1945, from Berlin Airlift

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