German troops in Russia, 1941, from Patch NA
FDR's inauguration parade 1/41, from FDRL
Halifax, new Brit ambassador to US, from ILN 1941/01/04
America First Committee 1940/12 from FDRL
FDR inauguration, in car with Fala, 1941/01/20 from FDRL/FONT>
Willkie visits England - "America's 'Private Citizen No. 1' Arrives in England" from ILN 1941/02/01
B-19 Douglas "superbomber" wheel, from ILN 1941/02/08
Winant, J. G., US ambassador to England, from ILN 1941/02/15
bomber squadron of Czech night raid over Germany, from ILN 1941/03/22
Consair Liberators made in San Diego arrive in England, from ILN 1941/03/29
German sub diagram, from ILN 1941/04/05
Catalina in RAF, designed in US as PBY for Navy, from ILN 1941/04/19
Douglas B-19 under construction in Santa Monica, from ILN 1941/05/10
Hess flies to England, from ILN 1941/05/17
Churchill stands in House of Commons after May 10 bombing, from ILN 1941/05/17
Selassie returns to liberated Abyssinia 5 years after leaving, with Gen. Alan Cunningham, from ILN 1941/06/07
Me109f new version of German fighter plane, from ILN 1941/06/14 - bg
Goering, Keitel, Himmler, Hitler, from ILN 1941/06/28
Auchinleck, from ILN 1941/07/12
Russian tank, from ILN 1941/07/19
Indochina - Vichy surrenders to Japan July 23, from ILN 1941/08/02
B-17C arrives in England July 24, from ILN 1941/08/09
map of Iceland - "The USA in European Waters" from ILN 1941/07/26
Iceland - routes in Atlantic, from ILN 1941/07/26 - bg
German glider in Crete, from ILN 1941/07/26 - bg
map of SW Pacific air and sea lanes, from ILN 1941/07/26 - m - bg
Stirling bomber, 17 ft. longer than B-17, from ILN 1941/08/02
MacArthur takes charge in the Philippines, from ILN 1941/08/02
Vichy Africa - 3 poss routes of Trans-Africa Railroad line as threat to US, from ILN 1941/08/09 - bg
FDR, Churchill at Atlantic Conference, from ILN 1941/08/10
B-17 interior cockpit with RAF pilot - "a triumph of American engineering and workmanship" from ILN 1941/08/16
Russian L-760 6-engine bomber, from ILN 1941/08/16
Atlantic Conference - Churchill gives FDR letter from King George - FDR with son Capt. Elliot Roosevelt, from ILN 1941/08/23
bombs fall on Knapsack in Russia, from ILN 1941/08/23
Iran map, from ILN 1941/09/06 - bg
Iran Shah - young age 21 and old abdicated Sept. 16, from ILN 1941/09/20
Harriman, Averill in London with Beaverbrook, Eden, Maisky, from ILN 1941/09/20
flak from German guns over Holand - flugzeugabwehrkanone, from ILN 1941/10/11
world map - silouette, no country boudaries - of German imports of chrome ore, from ILN 1941/10/18 - bg
bases and defense in Americas, 1941
FDR sits at swearing in of Joseph Kennedy as ambassador to England 1938/02/18, photo from FDRL