Pictures from 1938

map of the Anschluss,
from Life, 3/1938
Hitler accepts the ovation of the Reichstag after announcing the `peacefulŐ acquisition of Austria, 1938/03, from Patch-NA
Edward R. Murrow
Louis-Schmeling fight

Joe Louis with wife and mother
The tragedy of this Sudeten woman, unable to conceal her misery as she dutifully salutes the triumphant Hitler, 1938/09, from Patch-NA
fake radio war headlines,
NY Daily News 1938/10/31

FDR 13th Fireside Chat 1938/06/24, from FDRL
Year in China map 1938/07, from Time

Hitler speech in Berlin 1938/09/26 (pub'd in ILN on Mar. 25, 1939)
Chamberlain & Hitler at Munich conference 1938/09/29, from FDRL
Chamberlain shakes hands with Hitler at Munich 1938/09/29, from FDRL
PBY Catalina

Kaltenborn in radio studio, 1938/09
FDR at Hyde Park Hilltop Cottage with Nathan Strauss, William Bullitt, Arthur Murray 1938/10/21, from FDRL
FDR at Warm Springs in Ford 1938/10/21, from FDRL
Prisoners in the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, Germany, 12/19/38, from Patch-NA

tents in migrant camp 1938, from FSA
Grapes of Wrath billboard 1938/03, from FSA
trailer park 1938 from FSA

tents in migrant camp 1938, from FSA
Yuba City, Sutter Co., CA 1938 from FSA
FDR cu of face from magazine cover 1938, from FDRL

FDR and Marvin McIntyre in auto at Hyde Park, FDR with cigarette in mouth, smiling, with white hat, 1938/08/12 from FDRL
FDR in auto in parade in Los Angeles before crowd of 1 million, 1938/07/16 from FDRL

FDR speaking with mic in hand in Los Angeles 1938/07/16, from FDRL
FDR reviewing Fleet in San Francisco under barrel of big naval gun on return from his world tour, 1938/07/14 from FDRL

FDR sits at swearing in of Joseph Kennedy as ambassador to England 1938/02/18, from FDRL

FDR reviewing fleet, on USS Houston, with Adm. Claude Block, 1938/07/14 from FDRL
FDR fishing on USS Houston in Pacific, 1938/07/14 from FDRL

Austria after WWI : "The Empire that was Austria" in Literary Digest, 1919/08/02
Rhineland perspective map, in L'Illustration, 1921/03/12

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