Mobilization of the Homefront

After Pearl Harbor, the Defense program was replaced by the Victory program. Its three top priorities were planes, tanks, and merchant shipping. The 77th Congress gave FDR the power to reorganize government agencies, establish censorship, seize alien-owned property and award contracts without competitive bidding. The federal government grew faster than during the New Deal era, enlarging the Washington D.C. bureaucracy and its links to private industry. The U.S. war production increased, but consumer production continued. The U.S. never fully mobilized the economy and FDR remained the "broker" president. The military-industrial complex became more powerful and civil liberties suffered. Liberal reforms failed to rise above conservative priorities, waste and poor management. War agencies were regarded as strictly temporary and many things returned to pre-war status after 1945.

War Production Board

OPA and Rationing

OCD and Scrap Drives

WMC and Women

War Labor Board and Lewis

War Food Administration and Farmers

OWI and Propaganda

OSRD and A-bomb

War Shipping Board and Merchant Marine

Henry Kaiser

Reuben Fleet

Pat McCarran

USO and North Platte Canteen

Brinkley on Washington DC

Military bases in San Diego and Moffett Field

Army Navy Screen Magazine - Private Snafu

Negro Soldier

Navajo Code Talkers

FBI and Civil Liberties

Autobiography of a Jeep
Priest 105mm tankbuster Jan. '42
Little Ships That Could
Studebaker truck from
1943 found in Russia 1998.

Mobilization of the American economy produced the Jeep by Willys Overland and Ford, 2.5-ton truck by Yellow and GM, DUKW by GM, FM radio from Edwin Armstrong and RCA, M1 rifle from John Garand in 1936, M1 carbine from David "Carbine" Williams, Liberty ships of Henry Kaiser, prefabricated and welded Destroyer Escorts, walkie-talkie by Al Gross.


Sgt. Housewife
Sgt. Housewife - 1
Rosie the Riveter
Jeremiah O'Brien
Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien



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