The Battle of Midway has often been called the turning point of the Pacific War. Before Midway, Japan's vaunted First Air Fleet had attacked Pearl Harbor, domintated the Indian Ocean, and was the strongest air unit in the world.

Midway changed all this, the core of the First Air Fleet was sunk and Japan's offensive capabilities were severly weakened. After Midway, the US would use its industrial might to out-gun the Japanese in all aspects of the war and go on the offensive.

The reasons for Japan's defeat are many and they are discussed in the timeline section of this site. The Order of Battle pages show how large an advantage Japan had at this time in World War II. Questions and comments regarding this site are welcome and can be sent via email to This page was originally created by John Crossen in the Summer of 1995 for a World War II seminar at the University of San Diego. This site was recreated in March of 1999.

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