Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin and Eleanor in Scotland 08/31/1905, from FDR Library 57647
FDR, Fala and Ruthie Bie at Hill Top Cottage in Hyde Park, N.Y. 1940. The better of two extant photos of FDR in a wheel chair-Photo by Margaret Suckley , from FDR Library 73113:61
1882 Jan. 30 - Franklin was born at the family home in Hyde Park in Dutchess County, NY, the only child of James and Sara Delano Roosevelt, raised pure patrician in aristocratic surroundings

1896 - entered Groton, one of the top 5 prep schools (St. Marks, St. Pauls, St. George, Middlesex)

1900 - entered Harvard, was bouyantly optimistic, adventurous, competitive, loved attention and company, but avoided commitment and intimacy

1904 - entered Columbia Law School, but no degree, passed bar exam 1907

1905 - married Eleanor, his 5th cousin, niece of TR, honeymooned in Europe, would raise 5 children: Anna 1906, James 1907, Elliott 1910, Jr. 1914, John 1916

1910 - won election to NY state Senate as a Democrat, was ambitious, gregarious

1913 - Assistant Secretary of Navy as reward for supporting Wilson in 1912, trip to Europe, affair with Lucy Mercer, letters discovered by Eleanor 1919

1920 - ran for Vice-President with James M. Cox, but lost to Harding and Coolidge

1921 - polio at Campobello Island

1928 - Governor of NY

1932 - 1st campaign defeated Herbert Hoover

1933 - 100 Days began the New Deal, Fireside Chats

1936 - 2nd campaign defeated Alf Landon

1940 - 3rd campaign defeated Wendell Willkie

1944 - 4th campaign defeated Thomas Dewey

1945 April 12 - died of stroke and buried April 15


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