Bombing Auschwitz

= Auschwitz I (Main Camp) 08/25/1944, from NA
gas vents at Auschwitz 8/24/44, from Shamash
primary documents on "Bombing Railways and Auschwitz" from PBS

Strategic Bombing Survey described the missions of the 15th Air Force that bombed the Auschwitz-Monowitz industrial complex August 20 -September 13, 1944, and incidentally hit some of the barracks, but did not bomb any concentration camp or the railroads.

Letter November 18, 1944, from John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War, to John W. Pehle, Director, War Refugee Board, explained reasons why the War Department cannot authorize the bombing of Auschwitz. According to Michael Beschloss, FDR was responbsible for the decision to not bomb the concentration camps.


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  • Photos include aerial images taken by USAF August 25,1944, that show Auschwitz Zyklon-B gas vents, reinterpreted by CIA, in its quarterly journal Studies in Intelligence, Winter 1978.