Japan Moves South - 1941 Pacific

Jan. 7 - Yamamoto proposes Operation Z in letter Jan. 20 - FDR's 3rd Inaugural

Jan. 27 - Joseph Grew warns of Japanese plan to attack Pearl

Jan. 31 - "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" - Indochina & Thailand, but not Russia
Click 1941/02/01
Brit Empire in Asia map - cu
from ILN 1941/11/08
Lexington, Ranger, Yorktown, Enterprise from ILN 1941/12/13
Feb. 1 - issue of "Click" magazine prints imaginary story based on rumors

Feb. 5 - Gen. Walter Short arrives in Pearl - Army responsible for defenses

Feb. 14 - Eugene Dooman delivers FDR ultimatum to Foreign Minister Ohashi in Tokyo Feb. 15 - Magic intercepts Ogawa's "shopping list" for spies in Hawaii
Mar. 14 - new consul Kita arrives in Hawaii
Mar. 29 - Anglo-American staff produce ABC-1 plan for Pacific defense with China
Apr. 3 - FDR orders transfer from Pacific to Atlantic of 3 battleships, 1 carrier, 4 cruisers
Apr. 10 - Yamamoto forms First Air Fleet of 4 carriers, 200 planes
Apr. 13 - Matsuoka signs Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact
Apr. 16 - Walsh-Drought Draft Understanding basis of Nomura proposal to Hull
Apr. 29 - Germany learns of Magic and tells Japan but ignored
May 9 - Japan-Thailand Treaty threatens Burma and Malay
June 21 - Hull insists on "public act of contrition" and end of Tripartite Pact
June 22 - Barbarossa begins - Russian troops diverted west
July 2 - Imperial Conference decision to move South
July 4 - FDR warns in radio speech U.S. will "never survive as a happy and fertile oasis of liberty surrounded by a cruel desert of dictatorship."
July 16 - Konoye resigns, reforms his 3rd Cabinet on July 18
July 25 - Japan announces Indochina protectorate
July 26 - July Threshold - FDR takes decisive action: July 30 - U.S. gunboat "Tutiula" damaged by Japan planes near Chungking
Aug. 4 - Stimson shows Hull the Magic intercept of Toyoda's "encirclement" message to Berlin, that Japan and Ger. will encircle enemies of Russia and India
Aug. 7 - Konoye asks FDR for summit meeting
Churchill after Argentia,
from ILN 1941/08/30
B-17E with tail gun, test flight in Seattle, from ILN 1941/09/27
Aug. 17 - FDR encourages idea of Konoye summit - proposes Oct. 15 date
Aug. 20 - Col. William Farthing report emphasizes B-17 defense of Pearl
Aug. 28 - FDR proposes Juneau instead of Hawaii for Konoye summit
Sept. 3 - FDR rejects Konoye summit until major principles agreed on first
Sept. 4 - FDR closes Panama Canal to Japanese shipping
Sept. 4 - Japanese Cabinet's "Minimum Demands" and "Maximum Concessions"
Sept. 11 - FDR's 16th Fireside Chat, wearing black arm band in memory of mother Anna who died
Sept. 24 - Magic intercepts "bomb plot" message to Kita - translated Oct. 9
Oct. 2 - FDR rejects Konoye offer of summit meeting unless China troops withdrawn first
Oct. 8 - Hull demands Japan withdraw troops from China in advance of any diplomatic agreement
Oct. 10 - 30th anniv. of China Republic
Oct. 15 - FDR tells Churchill: "Japan situation definitely worse. I think they are headed north."

FDR 16th Fireside Chat,
from FDRL 1941/09/11
Chiang kai-Shek
from ILN 1941/10/10

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