July Threshold 1941

According to James M. Burns, the U.S. crossed the threshold from peace to war in July 1941 as the war widened in Europe, the Atlantic lifeline came under attack, the British sought more aid, public opinion changed to favor more intervention, and defense production pulled the U.S. out of the depression.

distances to Iceland or large view,
from ILN 1941/07/26

July 1 - LIFE magazine's Special Defense Issue went on sale

July 7 - 61% approved FDR's public announcement of Marines in Iceland

July 11 - FDR appointed William Donovan as Coordinator of Information, predecessor of the OSS

July 17 - Joe DiMaggio 56-hit streak called "heroic"

July 21 - FDR asked Congress to extend the draft

July 24 - crude oil embargo on Japan

Aug. 9 - Atlantic Conference

Sept. 4 - destroyer USS "Greer" attacked U-652 with help of Brit plane, eludes 2 torpedoes

Sept. 11 - FDR radio speech declared Greer attack was "piracy"


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