Office of War Information

OWI was the government agency created by Executive Order 9182 June 13, 1942, "consolidating certain war information functions into an Office of War Information." It was established "in recognition of the right of the American people and of all other peoples opposing the Axis aggressors to be truthfully informed about the common war effort." It's duties included: (1)

Elmer Davis reads news
Elmer Davis was appointed the first director of the OWI, and he absorbed four previous agencies: Elmer Davis issued on July 10, 1942, his Regulation No. 1 that pledged a "continuation of the open door policy that has always prevailed in the dealings of the government with the press and radio and other news media, an end to the conflicting statements wich confuse the public mind, and the promise to tell the truth about the nation's war effort. This is a people's war and to win it the people should know as much about it as they can." (2)


Cooperated with Adco and bond drive - Sgt. Housewife


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