Maj. Gen. William J. Donovan, photo from Special Operations
The Office of the Coordinator of Information (OCOI) was established with the appointment of William J. Donovan as COI, by Presidential order, July 11, 1941. "Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and making available to the President and to government agencies selected by the President, information bearing upon the national security; and conducting particular intelligence-gathering operations by request of the President. Performed intelligence functions through Research and Analysis (R&A), Foreign Nationalities (FN), and Visual Presentation (VP) Branches, and Oral Intelligence (OI) Division. Performed propaganda functions through Foreign Information Service (FIS) Branch. Simultaneous with transfer of FIS Branch to newly established Office of War Information by EO 9182, June 13, 1942, remaining OCOI units redesignated OSS, and COI redesignated DSS, by Presidential military order, June 13, 1942." (quote from Records of the Office of Strategic Services [OSS], National Archives)


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