Defeat of Germany - 1945

Tiger tank Mark IV wrecked in bomb crater near Hamich, Germany, from ILN 1944/12/02

Eisenhower, from NA
"Punch & Pressure" from western and eastern fronts, from Time 1/45
Audie Murphy, from foundation
"Reach to the Reich" - Eastern Front, from Time 2/45
Yalta Conference 2/45, from Patch/NA
Attack on Cologne
from Time, 1945/03
Crossing the Rhine under enemy fire at St. Goar." 3/45, from Patch/NA
Remagen bridgehead , from Time 3/45
concentration camp victims, by Bourke-White in Life 1945
American generals in 1945: seated left to right are William H.Simpson, George S. Patton, Jr., Carl Spaatz, Dwight D.Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Courtney H. Hodges, and Leonard T.Gerow; standing are Ralph F. Stearley, Hoyt S. Vandenberg, WalterBedell Smith, Otto P. Weyland, and Richard E. Nugent, from NA - bg
Patton, from Life 1/15/45
"The Floods Come"
from Time, 1945/04/09
Ike, Bradley, Patton inspect art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany, from NA 1945/04/12 - bg
2nd Lt. William Robertson and Lt. Alexander Sylvashko, Russian Army, shown in front of sign [East Meets West] symbolizing the historic meeting of the Russian and American Armies, near Torgau, Germany, from NA 4/25/45

After Bulge - push to the Rhine in Jan & Feb.

3 Armies

  1. Monty in north - with 400,000 from Nijmegen, but bogged down in marshes
  2. Devers in south - eliminated Colmar pocket by early Feb., moved toward Strasbourg
  3. Bradley in center - to Cologne and the Ruhr.

Jan. 7 - Battle of Wingen-sur-Moder in Alsace Lorraine

Jan. 12 - Russian offensive on broad front

Jan. 15 - Russians reached the Oder

Jan. 26 - Audie Murphy won Medal of Honor at Colmar; he saved his platoon by firing a machine gun from a damaged tank, killing 240 Germans. - map - film To Hell and Back

Feb. 13 - Strategic bombing of Dresden

Feb. 20 - tanks sometimes outran artillery support - 419th in the "Triangle"

Mar. 3 - Rhine reached

Mar. 7 - Remagen

Mar. 14-24 - Patton's Palatinate campaign

Other Losses by Canadian author James Bacque

U.S. POW camps much better according to Stark Decency by Allen Koop (1988) - Camp Aliceville in Alabama - Camp Stark in New Hampshire provided contract labor for Brown Company paper mill in Berlin, NH - also Clinton, Miss. and

CO camps worse - civilian public service camps for 12,000 COs, e.g. Camp Simon Story by Gordon Zahn (1979)

German concentration camps liberated

Invasion and Liberation of Germany

Mar. 22 - Patton crossed Rhine

Mar. 23 - Monty crossed Rhine

Mar. 24 - Bradley crossed Rhine

Mar. 28 - Ike cable to Stalin - will halt at Elbe

Mar. 29 Stalin cable to FDR - opposed separate Italian surrender

End of German resistance

Apr. 16 - Russian offensive began from the Oder

Apr. 22 - Patton into Czech - but not to Prague

Apr. 22 - Devers took Stuttgart, into Austria

Apr. 25 - US & USSR armies met at Elbe and next day at Torgau

Apr. 30 - Hitler suicide - cover illustration from Time 1945/05/07

May 7 - German surrender

May 8 - VE Day

Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel, signing the ratified surrender terms for the German Army at Russian Headquarters in Berlin, from Patch/NA 5/07/45
VE Day newsreel
On May 7, a jubilant American soldier hugs motherly English woman and victory smiles light the faces of happy service men and civilians at Piccadilly Circus, London, celebrating Germany’s unconditional surrender, from Patch/NA 5/07/45



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